Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Maggie Day

Magnolia's mama dropped her off this morning about nine-thirty and we had a splendid time, that girl and I. She did everything. And she brought her dog.
(Sidenote: Jack does not like dogs. Especially in his house.)
The first thing she did when she got here was ask, "Do you have any toys?"
She immediately went and got her baby and the new carriage and wheeled her around for a bit and then put the baby's blanket on Sammy whom she claimed was cold. Sammy was walking around when he was covered and the blanket did not stay on very long.
After her mama left she played a little piano, talked on the phone, took care of her business obligations. I love that sometimes when she is having these pretend conversations with pretend people she sounds annoyed. Like Hank said, as if she's saying, "Look Karen. I don't have time for this shit. Okay?"
She wanted to play with the cocktail glass mermaids and monkeys and other assorted animals and so I made her a beach with a bath towel and bowls of water and everyone went swimming. This is something that Gibson still loves to do. So much to pretend about there.

We went and let the chickens out and gathered eggs and she wanted me to cook her one and so I did. She ate all of it and a piece of toast. And grape juice. She loves grape juice.
Then it was on to the Glen Den where we decided to make a button necklace. This turned out to be a really fun project. I threaded a big needle for her with pink embroidery thread and she carefully sewed in and out of the buttonholes to hold the buttons in place. I was most impressed with her diligence and focus and she did not poke her finger once.

After the necklace was finished she played with toys. 

She had a few conversations with Hank on the Fisher Price phone and informed me that he wanted her to come to his house. 
"That's nice," I said. She nodded somberly. 
Then she wanted to go out and swing on the porch. So we went out and sat on the swing but she decided that she wanted to go sit on the other porch. Why not?

We chatted about spiders and spider plants. I offered to give her one of the baby spider plants in a pot but she graciously declined. 
"No, please," is what she says. I love that. 

By this time it was lunch time and I heated up some eggplant parmesan and spaghetti and she ate a little of that. Then she wanted a fruit popsicle and we sat on the back steps and she ate it while we watched the chickens eat the rest of the eggplant that we couldn't finish and then we gave them some cornbread. 
"I like cornbread too," she told me. 
"So do I," I said. 
So do chickens but then again, they like everything. 

Despite having just eaten lunch, Maggie decided that a tea party was in order. And so we got out the tea set and had water-tea with pretend cream and sugar, and our cookies were honey-nut cheerios. 

And THEN, we decided to play a little matching game and that was fun. She won the first round and by the time we were halfway through the second round her mama came to get her. She was very happy to see her mother although after some hugs and kisses she said that she could leave again. Sammy was even happier to see Lily. She is his human. You can tell that he's not had a permanent home for his entire life but that he's pinned his hopes on Lily. He jumps up and barks and wants her to pick him up and cuddle him which she does, of course. He's polite around everyone else but it's Lily that he loves. 
Before they left I got the girl to pose with her new necklace on. I think it is very fetching. 

She wanted me to take one with her holding her baby. And so I did.

It was truly a fun day and Maggie was most amenable. Of course, I did everything she asked me to do and she had my full attention which is not always the case. She told me she loved me several times and that filled my heart so sweetly. 

Tomorrow I'm going to go watch her first dance class and then we're meeting up with Rachel and Hank at Maria, Maria for lunch and I am looking forward to that. 
And to top everything off, Jessie called and they are coming back Saturday. 
Be still my heart. 
Just in time for the hurricane! Which is probably not going to hit us directly but may hit my beloved Roseland or, it may miss Florida entirely and curve up the coast of the US. I am so damn glad that Puerto Rico didn't get it. 
I Facebook Messaged my friend whom we rent the magical pool house on the Sebastian River from and told him I was thinking about him and to be safe. He responded with, "Ugh."
It cannot be just my imagination that these yearly storms are getting more frequent and stronger. 
They just are. 
And the worst of hurricane season has only truly just begun and does not end until November 30. 

Well. What can one do? 
Have tea parties and make button necklaces and play with mermaids and baby dolls, I guess. 

By the way- our chanterelles were delicious and we did not die. 

Can't ask for more than that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's a relief to learn the first picture is not vegetables and chicken noodle soup, a la the floor. Thumbnails are so deceiving.
    When I go to the thrift store for an egg separator, I will look for some grandma's button bottle! Yes, I will tackle that shirt again, and this time I'll win. Before I go back to towels.

  2. That sounds like a really, really fun day. Maggie is so precious.

  3. Oh what a fun day you and Maggie shared! It took me back to when my granddaughter was her age and we had so many tea parties and craft sessions. Maggie is such a doll!

  4. What a sweet day!You are right about storm season. I hope this blows right on by.

  5. She is adorable! What fun the two of you had...precious memories.

  6. I'm glad the chanterelles didn't kill you!

    "No, please" -- that's awesome. I think I'll start saying that.

    Love the button necklace, too!

  7. That Maggie is such a beautiful child! She glows! I think she may have a future as a jewelry designer. Love the necklace! Also, no please is the best thing I've heard all day. XXOO

  8. a day full of love and fun and happiness. what a treat.

  9. That is the most fun I have had since...well, since little folk used to play here! Such a good time. A girl and her pooch is a bond difficult to break , so glad that they have each other. Dogs are important. Looks like you might get big wind but no hurricane taking out your garden , the chooks and trees, looks like, but who can ever tell until it is over.

  10. That button necklace is a piece of fine art. And of course, Maggie wears it well. I love “No, please.” She is full able to express her wishes but cares to do it considerately. What a joy she is.

  11. I am so far behind. No internet for a few days so I am trying to catch up and I just started with this post and found so much JOY I have been missing.
    Maggie is such a beautiful, bright and fun child. Oh to be her age again where everything is magical and new and fun.
    Oh and there is the necklace and tea party, mermaids and just all around a fun and great day for the two of you and little Sammy too.

    I hope the hurricane passes you by and that all is well and it just blows on out to sea. Yes they are getting stronger and more frequent. It is not your imagination.
    Mary it is so humid here and combined with the heat it is impossible to get out and walk across the street to the little grocery store, let alone for a real walk.

    Take care and have an awesome day.

  12. Checking in to see if you are okay ♥️

  13. I was checking in to see if you are okay and have been totally entertained and literally enchanted by your day with Magnolia. I wish I were Magnolia.

  14. Her sewing buttons, be still my heart, perfection! And i just love love her dress :)


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