Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reasons To Leave Home

I spent almost all day yesterday outside, working and sweating and weeding and mulching and trimming and hauling. I did laundry and hung it all on the line and then folded it and put it away. I cleaned the hen house, I laid down fresh new hay.
That is what I did.
And then I took a shower and then I laid down on the bed and I read for awhile and took a small nap and got up and did more stuff and played some cards with my husband and made our supper and then went to bed and slept again.
All day I listened to a good book which I downloaded from One Click Digital (free books to listen to- do you hear me?) which is Fingersmith by Sarah Waters about whom Wikipedia says, "She is best known for her novels set in Victorian society and featuring lesbian protagonists..." and the writing is silky and funny and good.
I have ant bites all over my left arm and today I have to go to town. We are out of milk and I want pinto beans to cook with Easter's ham bone.
My favorite meal in the world.
And I need to see some babies, real babies, not the chicken babies I have been tending, although they are lovely, these chicks and I especially love the way their warm bodies feel, their smooth, smooth feathers, their dense weight as I pick them up and put them in the roost house at night to continue their sleep with the big chickens. Sometimes they fuss and I hold them close to my chest and whisper, "Ssshhh, ssshhh, ssshhh," and they settle down immediately.

This is my life and it is a good life and even Maurice came and slept with me last night and I realized once, when I woke up, that she was gently holding my hand with her paws. You can believe that or not, but it is true.

But yes, I need to go to town and not just for milk and pinto beans but also because I need to speak to humans other than my husband and remember that I am part of the human race, we strange creatures who make it up who walk on two legs, who do not have wings except perhaps metaphorically, who use speech and have opposable thumbs and who are supposed to interact with others like us. Hello, hello, how are you? Have a good day. Can I help you? Come here and give Mer a hug. Thank-you. Excuse me. I'm sorry. Did you find everything you were looking for? How you been? Yes, it is a beautiful day. Doing okay, and you? I love you, I love you, I love you. 
Don't forget that. Not ever. 
I do.


  1. How do you manage to write so beautifully about even the most mundane of subjects? Your posts go straight to my heart, every damn day.

    Thank you. Your blog is a gift.

  2. we are pack creatures however much we despise in general the entire pack.

  3. Yes, there are days when we need to get out and be in the world among other humans, to remind ourselves that we are connected, every one of us, like drops of water in a great sea. It is wise of you to know when to follow the call. I wish we lived close by.

  4. The work, the mothering, the love. So beautiful.


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