Monday, April 3, 2017


And, quick as I posted that last little post, Bob's your uncle and the power came back on.

I was prepared for a long, solitary lonely night of reading with my oh-so-chic! headlamp on.
Which would have been fine, you know, but it's nicer to have electricity and lights and wifi, etc.

I had a lovely time in Apalachicola with my husband at the beautiful Consulate Suites overlooking the river. We've stayed there many times and it's always a treat. I keep telling my husband that instead of building me a big house on our property, he should just build me a house about the size of one of these suites because they have everything you need and feel plenty spacious and light and airy.

They are a perfect mix of old and new and are built within the brick walls of a sponge market, I think. Some sort of market. Apalach has a rich and colorful history and I truly do respect the folks who have incorporated that history into new ventures. The Gibson hotel, shops, restaurants, accommodations, a new brewery, and so forth. 

Anyway, we had yet another sweet tiny honeymoon and were silly and loving and had some good meals too. You can't beat that. Last night before our supper we walked down by the river across from where we were staying and looked at a few boats anchored. 
Here's one view of a real, live shrimp boat. If you eat wild, Florida, Gulf-caught shrimp, the Donna B may have been the ship they were caught from.

There must have been some sort of installation or something at the little river park because some of the pilings had things written on them. 

There were also hope, and love, and caring, and so forth and people would stand on the dock by their favorites and have their pictures taken. 
Pretty darn cool.

I left today around midmorning and stopped in Crawfordville, Florida to visit the Ace Home Center where Jessie had seen some fancy chicks a few weeks ago. I love Ace Home Centers. You just can't beat them and I actually bought a few succulents to go into my hen planter as well as four baby Ameraucana chicks, so soft and new and little that my heart just says Aw every time I look at them. 
I brought them home in a box and fixed up the bathtub again for babies and they're there now. 

I've only named the one in the top picture with the reddish brown head which is more velvety than velvet. I shall call it "Little Bear." 

So here I am and we've had one storm already and now it's raining and pouring and thundering and lightening again and Lord knows the power could go out again at any moment. May saw hail at her house and Lily reports that a large tree is down on her dirt road. Mr. Moon's sister's plane was delayed in New Orleans to let the storm pass before she could fly into Panama City to join him in Apalachicola. 

All ten of the teen chicks are fine. I took them some lettuce and some fruit and they rushed me like ladies of the night rush sailors on leave. 

Last night when we ate dinner, our table had a paper tablecloth on it and I got out my favorite pen and we drew a picture as we waited for our food. I started, drawing a baby chick and then Mr. Moon took the pen and drew a toe. 

We are slightly obsessed. 

The thunder is cracking loud and close, the rain is blessing the earth with great and good urgency. I live in a place where there is much green and I am, well, grateful.

That's what my front porch looked like a few hours ago. 
The garden and grass and bamboo will leap to attention tomorrow and it is springtime in North Florida and tonight I will sleep with the window open above my head and the sound of the rain will lull and soothe and maybe the electricity will stay on and maybe it won't but whatever happens, baby chicks will peep and grow in the bath tub and soon there will be peas to eat from the garden and then green beans and maybe eventually cucumbers and tomatoes, depending on so many factors I can't begin to list them. 

I'm home. I miss my husband but I'm home which is the sweetest place to be, especially when the rain falls and the thunder rumbles. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am so glad that you are getting chickens. Your heart is so tender and it breaks when you lose one. But like our relationships with people, we will take a single day with those we love and risk our hearts splitting wide open. And our hearts do split wide open. Over and over.

    1. You are so right, Birdie! And having so many chickens makes me feel as rich as having a garden full of greens. It's primal and I can't deny it.

  2. It has been blowing here (in Arizona) like crazy for the past hour and we've had a spit of rain but with this wind it should move through pretty fast. At least we don't have those terrible high winds and tornadoes.

  3. can't wait to hear more about the new chicks!


  4. Adorable chicks! I've never heard of an Americauna. Can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up! And I know I say this all the time, but I miss those Florida downpours.

  5. Those babies hit the chicken jackpot! All of your chickens have. I'm kind of obsessed with your beautiful porch.


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