Friday, April 21, 2017

Life And So Forth

I finally made it to one of Owen's baseball games. That's him, being a catcher.
Of course, after hitting two home runs in the last two games, he struck out three times today.
He did not seem overly concerned about it, saying only, "I didn't practice this week, Mom."
I was relieved he wasn't too upset because I certainly wasn't.

God. I am the worst at watching my grandkids play sports. I wasn't any damn good at it when my own kids were playing, either. I try. I try to focus and keep up but it all simply dissolves for me and I'm lucky if I know what color shirt "our" team is wearing by the end of the game. I mostly sit and watch Maggie who is quite amusing and who makes me laugh and I talk to Lily and to Jason's mom if she's there and I clap for everyone and wonder how much longer this is going to take.
To be honest.

But I feel like I need to go at least sometimes because, well...guilt if I don't.

But it's not an unpleasant way to spend one hour and fifteen minutes (but who's counting?) if we're not either freezing or baking.

So here it is Friday night and they are ROCKING at the church next door and there's a dog barking somewhere and I think I've pissed off my husband by telling him that he cannot use my office to put his pool table in and it's non-negotiable, even though no, I don't use it much (or at all) anymore. He has no idea of the concept of a room of one's own although if I tried to get him to let me use some space in either the Garage Mahal or the shed where he keeps stuff he'd be appalled. And no, it's not logical and I don't care. I do not care at all.

I just feel pissy tonight and there is no reason, no reason at all. I've had a fine day with another good walk and a quick trip to town and a nap too and then sitting at the ball field and laughing at my granddaughter.

But it is what it is and I am who I am and we just went out to put the chickens up and damn if the teens haven't suddenly figured out to go to bed in the hen house with the other chickens.
I'm so proud.
I feel like my babies have just graduated from high school or something.
You have no idea how thrilled I was to see them roosting in there. I'm not even kidding.
Can you imagine how I'm going to feel when they start laying eggs? You'd think I'd never done this before. It's not unlike the delight I feel when each grandchild does the things that children all normally do. I don't care how normal it all is, I find genius in each and every new step and new word, each new ability to understand and respond.

Here's August on skates today.

Genius, pure genius. 
Just like my chickens. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, Mary. My daughter still dances Highland. Her competitions lasted ALL DAY. Oh, my god. ALL DAY.
    I loved watching her dance. I would cry every time. But bagpipes for 9 hours is just torture. I hated going. What can you do? You go. Agh. Now my daughter talks about having her own kids and putting them in Highland dancing. 😫

  2. Oh, I love this. And I so relate to the sport-watching. While I've never missed a game of either of my sons' of a variety of the sports they've played, I generally know nothing about the sport and don't care to learn.

  3. none of my grandkids did any team sports. well, except Robin and she only played softball one year and we were already living out here so didn't feel compelled to go to any of the games. yay. I don't much care for watching sports of any age.

  4. August's face! What joy. And how wise Owen is to not get upset by the ups and downs of sports. I hate to tell you this, but I see many more game days in your future.

  5. August is ridiculously skilled looking there!

  6. I understand the chicken thing, I think. It's exciting when our projects mature under our care. I feel the same way when I pull a plant through a rough patch and it blooms! As for sports, I'm not sure it matters that you follow the game very closely. Just being present is the important thing. Don't you think?


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