Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Got Peas?

Well, as always in the garden, it's pretty much either feast or famine. Right now it's a feast of peas and we've already eaten them steamed with potatoes and a light cream sauce, cooked very lightly in soup, and raw in salads. And out of hand. I am making another noodle soup tonight, this time with leftover chicken, and peas will be involved again as is kale. And carrots.

It's been an okay day. I just accepted that it wasn't going to be one of the best days and dealt with it. I asked Jessie if she wanted to go to Monticello with me. Lily had plans already. And so Jessie and August came out and we went to see the chickens and he spat his pea onto the ground when we gave him one to try.
Well, you can't please everyone.
We drove to Monticello and did a tiny bit of shopping but August is not so good at shopping these days. He not only wants to name everything he sees, he wants to hold and explore everything. I find this completely reasonable and I didn't care if we shopped or not. We did get lunch.
"You want to get food, August?"
"Food?" he says. "Food!"
We had good food and August ate about as much as we did.

He had french fries, shrimp, mahi-mahi, asparagus, fried green tomatoes and part of a Clementine. I watched in disbelief. I mean- how big can his tummy be? The size of a golf ball? Maybe? 
I'm trying to get in as much Jessie and August time as I can because they're leaving in a few short weeks to go and stay in Asheville for the summer. I don't even need to talk about how I know without a doubt this is the very best and most wonderful thing for everyone involved. August will get to hang out with his Asheville cousins and his Asheville grandma and grandpa and his aunt and uncle and they will get to hang out with him. Not to mention the fact that Jessie and Vergil have friends that they love and will get to spend time with them. 
It's ALL good. 
But even though I know that to my bones and to my toenails, it doesn't help. I think about them leaving and I am bereft. Of course we'll go and visit but...
Well. Obviously I need to pull up my big granny panties and get over it. 
Or at least stop crying every time I look at August. 
And summer will go by so quickly and then they'll be back and it will be time to start getting ready for this new baby that Jessie is growing. 
She's already arranged for a midwife in Asheville to do her prenatal care this summer which is a very good thing. The woman is Vergil's sister's midwife and when she talked to Jessie she said, "I'd love to get my hands on your belly!"
Which is funny and cheering and all will be well. 

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. They come home and they leave and they come home again and we weather it, much as we miss them when they are away. At least the new baby will be born after they return. Another eventful year in the Moon family.

  2. I think it is hard because babies change so quickly in such a short period of time. Hopefully Jesse will send you plenty of pictures to keep you in the loop. He is such a cutie.

    1. So true and I'm sure Jessie will report in regularly.

  3. I just had peas but not from the garden. Too cold still and seeds aren't happy about it.

    Boy my old knees are, well, old. And crabby. I sit in the hot tub and contemplate the brevity of life. And the babies continue to roll in.

    XXX Beth

    1. Knees. Part of the reason I cannot believe in "intelligent design" although babies are a good argument for it.

  4. I've been so lucky that my grandkids lived next door.

  5. I'm sure it will be hard to have August and Co. leave. But as you said, you'll get to visit, so it's an opportunity, too! And the summer will be over before you know it. Time passes so quickly.

    1. Time DOES pass so quickly. And every year- more and more so.


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