Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things We Did Today

That is a picture of me squishing Gibson with my love at the Big Lots in a strange sort of basket daybed. Or something. Please note my tights.
Thank you.

We had a good time and went to the Japanica! where we had miso soup and salads with ginger dressing and sushi and tempura and curried tofu and all sorts of delicious foods. FEAST!

Owen pretending to be pensive. Or a poet. Or a pensive poet.

Gibson eating BEANS!!!! He can suck those down. Isn't Jessie pretty with her glasses on?

Two of my daughters. I wish May and Hank had been with us. It is so precious to have Jessie back in our arms, especially with the bonus of having Vergil too. I am such a lucky mama.

Owen in the Big Lots, dressed for St. Patrick's Day. He's ready, y'all.
After we got some stuff there (not the St. Patrick's Day garb OR the basket bed) we went to Costco and bought all sorts of fresh vegetables and cheese and nuts and I don't even know what all. And so, despite the rain and the bone-chilling temperatures we had a most delightful day. 

And now I'm home, waiting for my husband to arrive and I think I am going to try and make a polenta-like substance with leftover grits topped with a sauce made from leftover shrimp and tomatoes and basil and whatever else I decide to throw in. 
If it ain't fittin', the chickens will always eat it. 

Which is one more reason to love them. 

Stay warm, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your children and grandchildren are beautiful. I kinda want that bed thing. I wonder if the big lots here has one. Gail

  2. You all have the best time shopping! I love Owen's outfit. He's quite creative there. He must get that from you with your cool tights dressing!

  3. Well, your children and grandchildren and YOU, for that matter, are all delightful! I love coming here every day, twice a day, and reading about and seeing them. Honestly, ya'll are part of my life!

  4. What Elizabeth said. Exactly.

    And the tights! I noticed them before you pointed them out. You kick ass.

  5. Owen in his leprechaun gear has made my week. OMG.

  6. It looks like Owen has some moves!

    I want that basket bed. If I knew where to buy one I would get it for sure. I love spaces that are covered. I would throw a sheet over the top and make myself a little hide-a-way.

  7. Lisa- I know. You can't turn your back on them because they'll have grown another six inches if you do.

    Gail- Is there a Big Lots online?

    Joanne- This is going to take some getting used to! Yes, Owen got all of his most fabulous traits from me. Ha!

    Elizabeth- As you and yours are part of mine.

    Jill- I love tights.

    Gradydoctor- He's a hoot, that one.

    Peace, Thyme- And delicious!

    Birdie- That's a very cozy idea!

  8. WHAT GREAT PICTURES! And I do love your tights. Wow.

  9. I love the background action in the st Patricks day picture as much as the fire ground. And yes, very cool tights!

  10. A weird bed for sure. You two look comfy though.


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