Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Early Birds

Insane-A-Cat (aka, Maurice) woke Mr. Moon up a half hour before he had to get up at six and of course I woke up too but I don't get up to indulge her sudden needs to go outside but when she meowed outside the door five minutes before I had to get up, I just bowed down to the inevitable and got up.
Five minutes. Whatever.
It's still dark as pitch and birds are singing and it's really lovely and balmy outside. I have to leave in about an hour and I don't know whether I'm being a foolish ass for spending the time and money to go get this little place checked out or whether I've waited way too long and will be dying soon.
I'll let you know.

Some of you know that what Mr. Moon does for a living is to sell cars. He has an office in a bank and yet, he does not work for the bank and people call him and tell him what sort of vehicle they need and he finds it for them. He is good at this and entirely honest and won't buy a car for someone unless it is absolutely faultless. A few weeks ago a woman I know went to him about buying a car and he talked her out of it because the car she is driving now is a better car than the ones she was thinking of buying and etc.
So anyway, I haven't "picked out" a car in decades and I never know what I'm going to be driving and sure enough, yesterday, he texted to tell me that he'd sold "my" car and last night he brought me a different car and informed me that it, too, has probably been sold but that I can drive it for now.
He even put the CD I was listening to in the player and put it on the proper track, not to mention moving my junk over and also Gibson's car seat.
Can you imagine what a difficult time I sometimes have trying to find "my" car in a parking lot?

I'm not sure why I related this story but I think it's sort of funny. A few weeks ago, Owen looked at the car I was driving and asked, "Are you going to keep this car, Mer?"
Even he knows this is not quite the way it's usually done.

I wonder if I'll really go to the Waffle House. That, too, is a mystery I've yet to solve. I'll see how I feel when I leave the dermatologist's office- relieved and happy or needing to go and get my will updated, post haste.
Yes. I am a drama queen. Yes, I am nervous but not overly anxious. Still, I will have my emergency Ativan in my purse, just in case. I think I am getting to the age where I am going to start making one of my children go to the doctor with me, just as I went with them when they were young, just as I went with my mother in her last decade or so. I need a hand to hold even if I do not need someone to fill out the forms.

But I'm not quite there yet.

The sun is coming up, the sky is silvering. Mick is crowing out there in the hen house. So is Elvis. I can't believe Elvis hasn't torn the young rooster up yet, but he has not. He has, however, done his best to make him feel unwelcome around the flock. Such interesting creatures, these birds.

I better go get ready.

If I go to the Waffle House, I will take pictures.

I hope we all have a real good day and that tonight we will lay down again in peace.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I have little dry spots on my back and legs, and had self diagnosed it as cancer. When the dermatologist said they were 'wisdom spots,' AKA age spots, I was a little offended. Sometimes I forget that I'm old enough to get them. A few hits of nitrogen and $300 later, four are gone. I may have to take up an illicit career (Prostitute? Drug runner? Art smuggler?) to pay to have more removed. Or, I may just face it gracefully and say screw it! I hope your visit is uneventful.

  2. I think that is cool that Mr. Moon gets cars whenever he wants. Very cool. I tend to be a gear head. My secret desire is a BMW M coupe. Bad ass. Oh that and a foxbody Mustang four barrel. More bad ass.

  3. I hope so too! Go to the Waffle House and have fun and take pictures, and then let us know ASAP how everything turns out. Does Mr Moon specialize in fancy sports cars or just any old thing that someone has a yen to drive?

  4. Knowing me...if Tim did what Mr. Moon does, and cars kept changing, I surely would wind up in a parking lot wondering where the heck my car is. The panic would set in till the "a-ha" moment of the change in car.

    I've been off the grid of Blogger of late but hope your Dr. appt is minor skin check up....take care Mary and I'll be going back on your blog to catch up with life in your neck of the woods.

  5. Your last sentence is just what I wish for every day and you've put it into words so well. For someone who doesn't like the feeling of worrying, somehow I do a lot of it. And the older I get, the more I do. I think it's partly because I know better all the things there are to worry about. If that makes sense.

    May you have peace tonight.

  6. I hope your appointment went well. I hope the Waffle house is warm. What a sweet man you have. Not many men would remember to put the CD on the same song. That's real love, I think. xoxo

  7. I hope your skin spots are benign. They can be scary. I say Waffle House too. Add some bacon. I love Owen's comment about the car. It's cool that Mr Moon makes people's dreams come true with car wishes. I know he's helped many. Here's hoping your Drs visits are over for awhile and Maurice is nice and welcoming when you return.

  8. I hope you are just fine. I think you are.
    We recently bought a car. That awful mess of haggling and papers and warranties and such nonsense. Wish we had someone like Mr. Moon. Our salesgirl was nice and we liked the dealership enough having leased from them before, but it's just not a fun process really. Not like shopping for books, or shoes.

  9. Well, I certainly hope you've wasted time and money because that's a great way to do it. I have to go to the dermatologist every couple of years. So far, so good.

    I hope a fabulous new car awaits you. My dad was a car dealer. I still remember the midnight blue Chevy Malibu convertible I drove the summer of 1971.

  10. I never get up before daybreak unless I'm already awake because I couldn't sleep. I had a 1984 Volvo sedan that I drove for 24 years. I loved that car. It had a canoe rack on the roof so I never had trouble finding it in a parking lot. and everyone who saw it and knew me, knew it was my car.

  11. Catrina- I have so many "wisdom" spots that I am slowly becoming a person of color. Do I care? Nah. It is what it is. But if it's something that could lead to death, yeah, best get it removed.
    Good luck on the new career decisions! I know what you mean.

    Syd- Oh, you men and your toys. The car I've always wanted (a Porsche 9-11) doesn't have enough leg room for Mr. Moon. As in, he literally can't sit in one. So I'll never get it.

    Steve Reed- Anything. He mostly handles very sensible cars but occasionally someone wants something jazzier.

    Ellen- Nice to hear from you again. And yes, I frequently wander the parking lot looking like a fucking idiot.

    jenny_o- Worry is so useless, isn't it? Why have we evolved to do so much of it.

    Rachel- I DO have a very sweet man. The sweetest, probably. And he's mighty cute. And the Waffle House was exactly as I wished.

    Joanne- You will always be Sweet Jo to me. Because you are.
    And Maurice was so welcoming. She snuggled right in when I wanted to take a nap.

    Crystal Chick- Yes. He makes it super easy for people. That's one of the reasons people like to go to him for their cars.

    Denise- I have driven some wonderful cars. They've all been good ones but some have been more spectacular than others.
    Dermatologists are just part of life as we age, aren't they?

    Ellen Abbott- I love that image!


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