Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today's Script Plus Menu

Gray, chilly, raining.
This is what depression looks like.
Throw in a side-order of anxiety and you've got the perfect meal.

To eat in hell.


I'm such a whiner.

Hey! The sun'll come up tomorrow!

Unless it doesn't.

(Little redheaded optimist slinks off-stage, left.)


  1. Ugh. Well, there's always Monday, at least.

    (We're having the same weekend here weather-wise, but colder!)

    Hope you feel better...hugs!

  2. For a change it is sunny in NY. Hang in there, my love. As Steve says, Monday is on its way.

  3. I'm beginning to think those 5 days of spring we had were just a cruel joke.

  4. I had a bad day yesterday (wind, rain, 50 degrees), and could have slept all day long. Instead I cleaned some closets and bitched about the weather. Today was fractionally better, and the sun is finally peeking out. Why does weather affect me so much???

  5. Gray can weigh on the spirit. It's just begun drizzling here. I've lit the fireplace.
    Wishing you prettier skies soon.
    In any case, there will be pancakes!

  6. Looks like our big break will be Monday through Wed. here and for you as well. Not like 81 F but at least 70. I am ready.


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