Monday, December 30, 2013

Why The FUCK Didn't I Think Of This First?

Damn you, Thug! 

I can cook and god knows I can fucking swear. 

I'm going to be kicking myself for the rest of my life for not getting there first. It's an honest fact that I could never do what the Pioneer Woman does- she's way too wholesome (although her food surely isn't),  but I sure as hell could have done what this Thug person (or persons, more likely) have done. 

Shit. Cocksucker.

Aw well, it does look like a fine recipe, as may of his do. I'll be cooking black-eyed peas myself. But I won't be sauteing any goddamn kale. I'll be simmering my collards and mustards (and okay, maybe a few kale leaves too) in vegetable broth for a long time with onions and tomatoes. That's the way I do it. And I probably won't presoak my beans either. Black-eyed peas cook quick and the longer I can cook them with the spices, the better they'll taste. 
In my opinion, anyway. 

Oh well. 

I didn't think of it first and that's the way it goes. Day late and a dollar short. Story of my damn life. 


  1. You know, both my boys have New Year's Eve plans, and The Husband is working, so it's just Sophie and me. I think I'm going to make hoppin john and do some sort of sacred dance for good fortune in the new year. I might try Thug's recipe, but it's your spirit that I'll channel as I'm cooking.

  2. I'll be cooking up some black-eyed peas too, but not ala Thug. I like your point about not soaking the beans ahead of time. I hate a too-mushy bean. Maybe I need to adjust my method.

  3. Oo, that looks so tasty. I wonder where I can get the chipotle peppers. What did you not think of first? Foul mouthed recipes? Poo, they're all over the internet already, curse n cook away.

  4. My dad once had an opportunity to invest in Microsoft in its infancy. My mom didn't think it would be a good idea. FUCK!

  5. Lmao, I don't even know where you'd get half of those things in that recipe!
    I'm going on a snow diet starting tomorrow, all it will eat is snow, avoiding the yellow, of course.

  6. Hopping john and collard greens here too. And some roasted oysters!

  7. thug kitchen recipes are even better when you add in some meat/ dairy!


  8. That does look good! There are no extra points for thinking of it first. Doing it well is more important than doing it faster, right? :)

  9. Thank you forever and always for showing me the way to Thug Kitchen. I'm smitten.

    I just bought black eyed peas and collard greens so I'm gonna mix some of that shit up and wish I had some green onions too, but I am NOT going to the grocery store. It's colder than cold and the snow is ridiculous.

    While I was in Venice we went to Snook Haven, my favorite real Florida place I've ever been to, and my blackened fish sandwich came with the best side of collard greens I've ever had at a restaurant. I thought of you sitting along side the river with old trees and spanish moss all around, while the band played country music outside and the locals were dancing away. It was damn near perfect. :)

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