Friday, December 6, 2013

A Movie. And A Little More

I had a date today with my dear friend Liz. We met up for coconut soup at a Sushi place which was about the best thing I ever ate in my life and then we went to see The Dallas Buyers Club. I've been determined to see this movie ever since I heard about it, mostly because of my fearful fascination with the dramatic amount of weight that Matthew McConaughey dropped to play the role. Which is not a good reason to go see a movie but whatever. I'd read good reviews and I knew it wasn't going to be a light-hearted film and it wasn't but I'm glad I got to see it.
If McConaughey wins an Academy Award for his performance in it I will not be surprised. The scene that did it for me was the one where the doctor tells him he has the HIV virus, virtually no T cells and approximately thirty days left on this planet. His face, stripped of all of his pretty-boy flesh, as he received and refused this information was heart stopping. I was listening to an interview on NPR with Alexander Payne, the director of Nebraska the other day, and he talked about the way the fine actors are so close to their emotions which is why they can portray them so well and as I watched the face of this defiantly-to-the-point-of-disgustingly heterosexual, homophobic man being told he had the "gay" disease, I thought about that and I realized that there is far more to Matthew McConaughey than what we may have thought. And that yeah, he's in the right business.
And frankly, I'd love to see Jared Leto, who played a transexual named Rayon, get an award as well. He was amazing. I KNOW Rayon. I believed in Rayon.
Hell, I believed in all of it.
And it threw me right back to the eighties when AIDS was just starting to be figured out and what was initially figured out was that a diagnosis meant death, sure as hell. It had every sort of stigma attached (and still does, probably) and there was no cure. None.
The FDA does not come out well in the film. Nor does the medical profession in general with a special kick to the pharmaceutical industry.
Anyway I don't do movie reviews but I'd say that this is a movie that's worth your bucks. There are holes in it, sure. It goes on a little too long. But as an editor said to me once, it takes awhile to tell a good story. I was shocked to discover that we'd been sitting there for over two hours when it was finally over. The time goes by quickly.
And it's the sort of movie that'll have you googling all over the place to find out what was true and what was embroidered in for the sake of Hollywood. I like that sort of movie.
I liked this movie.

And now I'm home, waiting on my husband to get here. I have pizza dough rising and I picked two beautiful pink camellias and set them in a blue bottle. You can see them kissing in the picture above.

My boys are back home, safe and sound, and I've talked to them on the phone. Gibson said, "MerMer, gugga?" and oh, how that charmed me. When Lily said, "Say I love you," he told me, "Ya-you." I can't wait to get some sugar off that boy and to see his big brother too. Maybe tomorrow. But for now it's Friday night and I've been out today and I've come home. I think we'll have a martini. The chickens are up safe, two of the hens cuddled up behind Elvis. The parking lot of the Holy Ghost Revival Center next door is filling up and I imagine we'll start hearing the thump of bass and drums coming forth any moment.
Friday night can be just as holy as Sunday morning. I do believe that.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Friday night has always been holy for me. It's a blue collar thing. When you work in factory, people start talking about it on Wednesday. That's what I remember anyway.
    And you put some pink camellias on our Friday night altar.
    Thank you.

  2. The movie was awesome. And the time went by quickly--at points I had to remember to breathe which generally indicates that it is a terrific movie. McConaughey was barely recognizable. And yes, he deserves a nod for the Oscar. Superlative acting.

  3. Life is good today, Ms. Moon. Glad you enjoyed the movie and everything else about your day sounded great too. Take care.

  4. Movie sounds great. Flowers are perfection. Ya-you is adorable :)

  5. Denise- I saw those pretty pink confections and went out and picked them immediately. They make me so happy.
    And I'm thinking now of Bruce Springsteen's song, "Out On The Streets."

    Syd- I completely agree. It was amazing.

    Mr. Shife- I am glad that your life is good for a day at least. And honey, I understand.

    Jo- I know. I sort of do not want this baby to grow up. I mean, of course I do but- you know.

  6. I hadn't seen anything about that movie, but based on your description I'm going to see it first chance I get.

  7. I know exactly what you mean! Dade used to say Kyeh-putch for ketchup, and it was so sad when he stopped.


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