Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rambling Continued

My phone went out this morning. It was a neighborhood event. For some reason we still had internet so I was fine. But Lily and I had to carry on our morning communications via text. She was going stir-crazy in her house with the two boys and I said, "Y'all are welcome to come out here," and she said she would like that and could she take a bath?
"Of course!" I wrote her back.
But then Owen threw a wrench in the works. He did not want to leave all his new toys today. He cried and said he did NOT want to go to Mer's but we all compromised and I went into town and we went to a late lunch which was fun. On the way back to their house Owen said, "Now I really want to go to Mer's."
"Well, it's too late now, Buddy Boy," I said. "You should have figured that out earlier.
"What was I THINKING?" he wailed.
He cracks me up.
He also told a woman in the grocery store that he got "a hundred" presents for Christmas. She was impressed.
He just about did.

Anyway, it was a nice afternoon although I ate an entire "individual" pizza and I'm still so full that I'm fairly certain I'll never eat again. My neighbor brought over a pretty tin with a card and I said, "I sure hope there's some carbs in there because I really do need some more."
Which of course is a flat-out lie and though it's filled with homemade beautiful dark chocolate toffee cookies even the idea of one bite is enough to make me want to weep a little.

Well, the hunter is returned safely and I am glad of that. The washing machine is already going with camo clothes. There's a crockpot filled with venison chili in case I ever decide I can eat again and the sky is almost gone from gray to black. The chickens are already tucked up and the cat is fed and here we are. My anxiety has been better today although I skipped my late afternoon shot of espresso. I mean- come on- that's just asking for trouble. I can feel myself scootching a little too close to the edge of the crazy and I'm aware that caffeine might just toss me over the fence.

It's starting to rain a little, just a misty sort of falling from the sky, and the air is still. It is Saturday night in Lloyd which is not much different than Tuesday night in Lloyd unless the church next door is meeting and they are not. I haven't seen them much in the last two weeks and I'm a little concerned. Maybe the pastor went out of town. I do not know. The house is cozy and warm, I got to see my grands today, I picked fresh camellias and some sprigs of tea olive to put in vases.

My husband is home. We'll have a martini. Garrison Keillor will be on the radio. The telephone is working again.

All right.

All right.

Night-night, sweeties. Night-night.


  1. Good night Mary Moon. Glad the day turned. That Owen is a hoot. I adore how authentically you capture his voice. I can actually hear him. He loves you so. And the hunter loves you too.

  2. Ah, it's a good night, isn't it? I just ordered a "real" book from a "real" bookstore. (Ann Patchett's "Bel Canto" from her bookstore in Nashville – Parnassus. Feeling very happy about that. There's only so much Amazon and ebooks that I can stand till I crack.)

    As for all the laundry you do, is it hard to put cammo clothes and such, in with all the "nice" clothes? I'm so crazy, I'd probably want three separate machines!
    Pleasant dreams, Ms. Moon.

  3. I am with 37p up there. She said pretty much what I was thinking.

  4. Sweet dreams, Mary Moon.
    I've been feeling that same way about caffeine lately. I could use the boost, but fear the adrenaline tipping towards crazy.

  5. "What was I THINKING?" he wailed.

    That had me laughing hard enough for the whole neighborhood to hear!

  6. Oh I love this: "scootching a little too close to the edge of the crazy". Aren't we all?

  7. Maybe you should start drinking green tea?

  8. I love the 'we'll have a martini' part of your life. Did you get a package from me??

    XXX Beth

  9. Angella makes a great point -- you DO really capture Owen's voice on this blog. (And the voices of everyone else, too, for that matter.)

    Hope you're able to enjoy those chocolatey treats sometime! And glad the hunter is home. It sounds like everything really IS all right.

  10. I know what you mean about carbs, yesterday for lunch I inhaled 6 wings and chased it with 6 pieces of fudge. I paid dearly for it. Heartburn so bad I was clutching my chest like Red Foxx.
    Anyway. Green tea sounds good but I'm thinking of trying to catch the flu. I could use the weightloss.

  11. Angella- Owen is SUCH a four-year old. I love the things that come out of his mouth. He loves to talk, I swear. He's as bad as his MerMer.
    And it is nice to be loved.

    Sylvia- I love that book. I have read it once with my eyes and listened to it twice in audio version.
    Nah, the camo clothes are actually newer than most of our regular clothes. And they don't have blood on them or anything. So it's no big deal.

    Jill- Thanks, sweetie.

    Denise- It is NOT fair. I love my coffee and yet sometimes, yes, it makes me crazy.

    NOLA- As he grasps his head in his hands. He's so dramatic.

    Ashley- Uncomfortably so, too often. Yes.

    Elizabeth- And I could also try positive affirmations.

    Beth Coyote- Yes, yes! And mail is waiting for you!

    Steve Reed- I managed to eat a few of those cookies last night. They were awesome.

    Heartinhand- I'm sorry for your pain but you made me laugh. As to the flu thing- desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

    Ellen Abbott- And then it all starts up again, dammit!

  12. LOL about Owen and his statement--What was I thinking? He is funny.

    Glad that the day went well. And the hunter is home from the hill.


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