Sunday, December 29, 2013


Dear god I can see blue sky and it rained all night and thunder and lightening woke me up and this weather is just so strange. Warm on top of everything. Bizarre winter but the birds are at the feeder in hoards and the camellias are budding and blooming and the Bradford Pears still haven't lost all of their leaves and I feel buzzy and strange this morning and I should go for a walk although it's been so long I'll most likely get lost in the woods, having forgotten my way, my path, my purpose.

Sundays can fuck off.

Although I do appreciate, more than I can say, seeing the sun.

And even as I write that, it slips behind a cloud again.


  1. Good morning. Sunny here--but so windy that half of the vendors at the farmer's market took down their canopies and fled. I hope that sun comes out for you again.

  2. I need to get out and say hi to the sun

  3. It's snowing AND -20C here so count your blessing! (And your fuzzy things)


    I have to go out in this crap to volunteer. Me and my big mouth.

  4. Sounds like the weather here in Alabama.
    Rick, your latest follower.

  5. Denise- Weather. We all talk about it but none of us can do a damn thing to control it. That sort of makes me very happy.

    Maggie May- Vitamin D in the form in which we are supposed to receive it.

    Heartinhand- What the FUCK were you thinking, woman?

    Rick Watson- Damn, man. Glad to meet you. Thanks for stopping by. Come by any time.

  6. A messy day here too. But then the sun came out. Thankfully.


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