Monday, December 30, 2013

The sun is out again and it could hardly be more beautiful, lighting the golden and ruby leaves into jewels, the birds are calling and happy and fussing all at the same time and how poor my life would be without their voices, their flitting bodies as they come to the feeder every day.

I'm maxed out on anxiety this morning. There. That is as much truth as the sun, as the birds. For me, at least. I have got to go take a walk, see if I can shake some of it off because this is just too much.

I've called the dentist and will go in tomorrow morning. That was easy.

I need to go let the chickens out. The wilder ones from next door are already scratching around my yard, getting the tasty bugs that rightfully belong to my flock. I doubt there is a shortage. When the dogs die, I'll be able to let the chickens into the part of the back yard which is now fenced off and they will help keep my camellia bed weeded the way they now do the little area by the kitchen where roses and banana plants grow. The dogs do not weed, they merely poop and I sort of doubt they'd run away if I did leave the gates open but one never knows. Poor old blind things. As much as they make my life more difficult, I know I could hardly bear it if one wandered into the road and got hit.

Life is so strange.


  1. I love you dear Mary. Hope the anxiety eases. Life is indeed strange and sometimes quite wonderful. I am so glad to know you. I think of this time of year as the anniversary of our friendship because it was at this time that I found you. I clicked and a link about taking out the duck that Maggie May had put up and there you were. Thank you Maggie!

  2. Anxiety is a strange beast, isn't it?
    If the walk doesn't tame it, put the Stones on and have a little shake and shimmy, that ought to calm you down! :)
    I'd kill to see a bug crawling around outside right now.

  3. Dentist means anxiety in my language. Be good to yourself, all will be well.

  4. I feel incredibly anxious today as well, Ms. Moon, and I think I need to shake up my mornings in some way to alleviate it. I wake and lie in bed and brood and all manner of bad things come to my mind, and it's starting to not just make me anxious but bored. I admire your walking and sure hope your anxiety is alleviated a bit by it today --

  5. I know that when you lost old Pearl, it was hard. Hope the anxiety lessens. Been an interesting couple of days here too.


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