Saturday, December 21, 2013

Put On Your Scary Pants

Well, it's the solstice, right? Shortest day of the year? Longest night? Or was that last night? I get so confused. Aren't we supposed to run naked over fires tonight? Or is that another solstice? Obviously I am not a Druid. Or a Pagan. Because I know I have fact-checkers reading now, I have to be careful about these things. I don't want to mislead the world with my inaccurate factual reporting.


We have done nothing to celebrate the solstice today. Well, that's not entirely true. We had a little private ceremony, followed by a nap. Does that count?
God. We don't even have a tree to worship. Well, not a cut-down decorated one in the house. We have plenty worthy of worship outside. Which is fine with me.

I got a text from Lily.

So maybe we all just need to put on our scary pants to celebrate the solstice. I myself am wearing some fairly scary pants- what I presume are a dead short, fat man's Levi's that I got at the Goodwill. They look scary but they are soft and comfy.

I'm going to go make a spinach casserole. It's about seventy degrees here. It's the winter solstice and the wind continues to blow, perhaps blowing the change of season in before it and the leaves rustle and the wind chimes make their voices known in the early night's darkness. 
The days will be growing longer. The nights will be growing shorter. 
I acknowledge that and appreciate it. 
I like trees. A lot. 

Solstice blessings on us all. Celebrate as ye will. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My scary pants these days are my last-year's jeans. :) Love that owen.

  2. We did something scary for solstice. We went to Costco which is like entering a foreign country. Sand then we went to dinner. Could not wait to leave that store!

  3. Tell Owen that I faced the EXACT same problem at Halloween, and I wound up wearing my red jeans, which are kind of scary in the fashion sense, but not in the way that would make sense on Halloween.

    It is a serious problem to lack scary pants.

  4. Happy Solstice and Happy Christmas!

  5. SJ- I hear you, babe.

    Syd- Costco isn't as bad as the mall but it's bad. Glad you got out of there alive.

    Steve Reed- Lily said she was annoyed and amused at the same time by his desire for scary pants for a Christmas party. I can never figure out what that child is going to get his mind set on.

    Jenny Woolf- And to you!

  6. I can get behind Solstice. I love long days and short nights, the sun and warmth. Christmas, not so much. Just don't believe in that kind of god, the father in the sky that is supposed to love us unconditionally but will quickly consign us to an eternity of hell if we break any of the ridiculous rules.


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