Monday, December 23, 2013

What A Florida Christmas Looks Like

Now. This.

If there is a more beautiful flower than the camellia, I have yet to meet it.

How can I not be cheerful with all of these riches in my hallway?


  1. Love these. So pretty. Brightens my day cuz all I can see is snow.

  2. Lovely. I won't send you a picture of the barren trees we have up the road.

  3. Hey~~ I have a flat round vase just like that (different color). huh.

  4. The camellias are beautiful and just starting to bloom here. Tea olive is perfuming the air too.

  5. heartinhand- It is pretty stuff, isn't it?

    Jill- I would probably just die if snow was all I could see.

    Lisa- Thank you. Seriously.

    Akannie- I love that vase.

    Denise- Aren't they amazing?

    Syd- Our tea olive is blooming too. Such a beautiful little blossom with such a sweet, strong scent.


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