Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You want to know what my favorite thing was yesterday?
Taking Owen to pee in a a little bush-lined island in the parking lot of the Costco. We got out of the store and to the car and he had to pee and I was going to take him back to the store and way, way back to where the restrooms are which was about a mile in distance and then I looked at those little islands with no one parked around them and I said, "Come on."
We stepped over the bushes and I taught him the word "discreet." Well, sort of.
I love the way little boys can pee anywhere and I am not a firm believer that all pee-pee must be delivered into the Great White Toilet. It's just a little pee. We were...discreet.
When we were walking back to the car he said, "I so tired. Hold me." So I picked him up and hoisted him onto my hip, his great long legs dangling down. "Only to the car though," I said, which was stupid- I mean, did I think he was hoping I'd carry him all the way home?
I don't ever want to not be strong enough to pick up and carry a tired child. Ever. I know that day will come.
Not yet, though.

I should not have gone to trivia last night. Usually, when our family gets together to play Trivia we kick some damn ass. Last night we barely made it out of the bottom three. I'm not quite sure we did. It would have been embarrassing if I had actually cared. But it was a sweet time, being with Lily and Russell and Chuck and Mr. Moon and I do love love watching Hank being the Trivia Master. He is a firm Trivia Master. Do not get caught holding a cell phone. Just don't do it!

I love that design. He did it himself. Of course. Hank is a graphics genius.
Last night's hint was Civil Rights. Not quite four years ago, Hank posted an incredible and well-researched piece about Stonewall which you can read here. 
If you didn't know why our president mentioned Stonewall in his inauguration speech, go read that post of Hank's and you will. I linked it when he wrote it and I'm proud to link it again now. I was proud of Obama for mentioning Stonewall. It should be taught in our children's history books.
Maybe one day.

Well, there's business to attend to. I need to get moving here and go to town and attend to it. It's cold as hell (yes, cold for Florida- it is below freezing) and I am going to try and force myself to wear something other than the black dress because honestly, this is getting to the point of not-normal. No matter how comfortable and easy a dress is, there is something wrong with wearing it every time I leave the house for two weeks. I mean EVERY TIME.
Black dress, some sweater or shirt under it, tights. My black Mary Jane Crocs.
Okay. Maybe I'll wear it again today. It's the essence of comfort.
I don't even wear a bra, okay? I wear a stretchy camisole thing with a shelf bra in it.
Hey. I started this post talking about taking Owen to pee in the Costco parking lot.
I guess that's where I am today. It's all about the basics.

And I'm going to make vegetable and venison soup for dinner. And I'll try not to pee in any parking lots and if you get real tired I might be able to carry you as far as the car.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm still carrying my 7 year old to bed when she's tired and every year I say, after your birthday I'm not going to carry you anymore. She's heavy and I struggle sometimes but I figure I'll really know when I can't or when she won't want me to. Until then, they are only little once.
    I love that little boys can pee anywhere too! Girls are so much more maintenance. Have a good day Ms. Moon.

  2. i love this post, every word. it is all about the basics. and i will be back to read hank's stonewall post, but i have to go to a meeting at this moment. but i too am so proud of the president for including stonewall with selma and seneca falls. thinking of you, dear mary. xo

  3. I am only commenting on this one but I have just now read all your most recent posts and just-you are in my thoughts. That is all. And I love you. And miss you. you wrote so beautifully about your mother, and death, and family-you amaze me.

  4. I think you'll have to buy more of the dresses.

    You do carry us.

  5. In our house in Pennsylvania, the boys had a patch in our back yard completely overrun with weeds and a poor cedar tree and it became their pissing garden. I'm sure I would love to pee outside too if it didn't completely give my thighs the squat shakes and splatter all over my feet.
    They make it much too easy to be a man. =)

  6. Pee Pee, bras, Costco, trivia and black dresses.

    It is all about the basics. :-)

  7. Love Hank's graphic.
    Love the image of you crrying O with his long legs.
    For some reason I dreamt about you all last night. I don't know why as I hadn't read the blog in a couple days. Jessie was there and was super nice to me. You too of course. We were at my grandmother's house. So I imagine it is something about needing a grandmother like you.
    But it was about children and fmaily and love too because Owen and Gibson were there. I was playing some sort of drawing game with Owen and it was fun.
    I don't know if this dream means my life is so empty I have to invade other people's families in my dreams or if it just has to do with how powerful and connecting your writing is. Yes, that.
    How you can feel so close and involved with someone you've never met because she shares herself and her world and her loves so selflessly, so brightly, so securely really, with such sweetness.
    Also maybe I dreamt it because I've been meaning to tell you I donate Jessie's CD to the library, no because I didn't want to keep it for my very own, but I thought she'd think it was pretty cool (and I do too) that the whole state of Rhode island now has access to it, it's cataloged and everything. I hope she likes that idea anyhow.

    And you do carry me sometimes.
    Thank you.

  8. It is all about the basics. And you know what? It sounds goofy, but your words carry us everywhere, and when you're too old to physically carry anyone, you'll still have your words.

  9. LOL on Owen. Don't let him get arrested for indecent exposure for pissing on a bush though.

  10. Kelly- I love the image of you carrying your seven-year old darling girl to bed. It tugs at my heartstrings. Thank you.

    Angella- I am always thinking of you, sweet, thinking woman.

    Kori- Wow. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much.

    Jo- That second sentence knocked me to my knees. Bless.

    Rachel- I do pee outside on my walks. Mostly I am good at it.

    Ms. Fleur- Exactly!

    Bethany- I will tell Jessie that! She will love it! And you know what? I dream about blog people. I do. I dreamed about Elizabeth's Sophie the other night. She and I carried on a nice conversation. And that was not the first time, either. I think we are very real to each other here in our community and as such, why in the world wouldn't we dream of each other? We know more about each other in many cases than our neighbors know about us.
    I adore you, by the way.

    Elizabeth- Oh, I so hope so my dear friend!

    Syd- That's why I tried to teach him about "discreet." We do talk about how at Mer-Mer's house it's okay to pee outside but mostly in town it's not. He'll figure it out. We'll help.

  11. I think you shouldn't hesitate to wear that dress every single day if you like it. People 100 years ago wouldn't have thought twice about wearing the same clothes day in and day out. I don't think we should do everything the way they did 100 years ago, but I think they were right on that count.


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