Monday, January 14, 2013

I Am Not At My Best In The Mornings

Well I see that Jodie Foster came out at the Golden Globes last night and I'd watch the speech but it's like fifteen minutes long and so what? You go, Jodie! I don't know. Jodie Foster has never been my favorite actress. That movie Nell? I hated that thing. It was a white-hot mess in my opinion but no one asked. I thought it was embarrassing to watch.

So good morning. It's Monday. I have to go to the assisted living and sign some papers concerning Medicare today. I've spoken to the woman I'm meeting with on the phone about six times now but we've never actually met. The day I first spoke to her she had accidentally (of course) run over her son's foot. He's fine. He ran track that afternoon. In fact, the night we spoke she was late picking him up from track and we were trying to have a conversation while she was doing that and it was a bit confusing in that I would be speaking and then she'd say, "Excuse me," and then I could hear her yelling at her son's team mates asking if they knew where he was and honey, I've been there.
I told her we'd speak later. She'd had a bad day.
Anyway, yeah, I'm going to meet her this morning unless one of us has another crisis between now and then and I'll visit my mother while I'm there. I haven't seen her since Friday but I got a call yesterday that she had fallen again but this time without injury, thank god. I don't think any of us could survive another hospital stay and that's the truth.

So I need to go take a walk if I can still remember how and then get my ass to town. One of the things I am most grateful for in my life right now is that dress I bought the day we were wedding-dress shopping for Jessie. It has become my uniform. I wore it three days in a row, washing it at night, when Mom was in the hospital. I slept in it in the hospital. It's like a nightgown, to tell you the truth and I'm tempted to go buy another one although they only have it in black and gray and I have the black and gray is not my favorite color. Why don't they have it in blue? Or red? I feel like a nun when I wear the black one. A nun in her nunnightgown. I wear different shirts under it so there's some color but still. Anyway, I'll take a walk and put on my nunnightgown and go to town or at least as far as the assisted living and then I'll go to the grocery store because we are almost out of toilet paper and that's a situation we do not need to deal with. I did get far enough into the Jodie Foster speech to hear her say that if they did a reality show about her life it would be incredibly boring. Can you imagine if they did one about me?
Ms. Moon is almost out of toilet paper!
Oh no!

Did I tell you that the hunter from Canada and his wife are coming on Wednesday?
No. I did not.
I think this requires some cleaning.
I am feeling vastly overwhelmed. And then we're supposed to go to Dog Island with them on Thursday. It just occurred to me that I haven't asked anyone to come and stay with the dogs. Jesus.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Can you imagine if something large actually DID happen to me? I'd crumple like a piece of tin foil and weep endlessly. We have all seen this before. It is not pretty.

Good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. oh wow......I thought Jodie came out ages ago or was that the unofficial version.....and now its snowing in london!!x

  2. Hm, Medicaid -- is your mom eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare? If so, she's got several options. Let me know if I can help with anything.

  3. You shut your mouth about Jodie Foster.

  4. My mother found every day a panic but she was amazing in a crisis. I deduced that she lived every day like a crisis because that was the only way she could deal with it. I dunno.

    Could you buy a grey one and bleach and die it?

  5. Young At Heart- She never "officially" came out. Which is fine. Strange that she'd feel the need to do it now though.
    Snow? Good Lord!

    SJ- Medicare. I screwed it up. I changed it. She has plenty of insurance. But thank you. You ARE my go-to gal for all of that.

    Billy- I knew you'd hate that. Sorry, baby. You can say something ugly about Bruce here now.

    Jo-I've thought about buying a gray one and dying it. If I got it at the Goodwill I wouldn't give it a second thought but I have to pay retail for these dresses. Still....I might.

  6. i really luke Jodie Foster - she is a person. I've found her very dignified. She's a person before a movie and I think it must have been hard to not come out publicly for backlash from the lesbian community and th pressure she must have received.. S. Jo

  7. I hate all the paperwork. Both parents are on private pay here. But it is a lot of money to live in an old folks home and have 24 hour caregivers. Oh well....
    We live too long--way after the quality of life has gone.

  8. Whoa, glad mother is ok. Sounds as though it may be time for a walker... at least till the ribs heal up.

    Have fun with the Canadians!

  9. I got news for you: this blog is your reality show and we LOVE it. Your nunnightgown sounds wonderful and if I were you I'd snatch up another one regardless of the color. When you find something that you love that much you have to buy it in as many colors as they have even if it makes you look like a nun. We know the truth sister moon, so don't worry.

  10. I'm in agreement with the Jodi Foster praise-fest. Good freaking grief.

    I would actually find a reality show about you very entertaining.

  11. I thinking of titles for your reality show:
    Full Moon
    Mary in the Moon
    By the Light of the Moon
    Cracker Moon (no pejorative intended)
    Full Moon over Lloyd

    I'd watch it. Religiously.

  12. * I'm * not I.

    Clearly, I'm so excited, I can barely type.

  13. S Jo- I just never really liked her as an actress. I don't know why. As to her coming out or not- it's been her right to do whatever she wanted and I respect whatever decision that has been and is now. It's just such a non-event seeing as how it's been such public knowledge for so long.

    Syd- Amen brother. Double amen.

    Ms. Fleur- She's had a walker for several years now. That bridge is crossed.

    Jill- This blog is a bit of a reality show, isn't it? Sigh. A pretty boring one.
    I think you're right about that dress.

    Elizabeth- Well. Maybe sometimes. Hardly ever. There would be lots of chickens.

    Denise- Personally, I like Cracker Moon. I'll keep that in mind if Hollywood comes a callin'.

  14. The last couple of years of my FIL's life, we'd hired girls to be with him around the clock and he still fell. Sometimes, he'd drag them down with him. He always had a goose egg or a bruise, or a wall to repair. I hope your mom is okay.

  15. On the contrary, I think if something large happened to you, you'd be a lot stronger than you imagine. You already have been!

    This whole Jodie thing is a mystery to me. I like her as an actress, but I thought she'd come out YEARS ago. Talk about an open secret! Good lord.

    I laughed at your mention of "Nell." I'd forgotten about that movie entirely. I remember seeing it and not hating as much as everyone else -- but I can sometimes be way too accommodating to bad movies.

  16. Oh my God,I'm reading backwards again, am at work. Read the last two and feeling the swirl of pain and vulnerability you're going through and then read the Jodi Foster/Nell comment and just start laughing my ass off. You're the best. I love the way you think and process. I love the way you write and talk and live. I just want to give you a huge hug. That may be selfish though, because I know I'd get more back than I give, even if I didn't mean to.


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