Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lord. Lord. If I had a dollar for every time I've said that or "Oh god," or "Oh Jesus" in the past three days I could fly to Cozumel and have a lovely vacation. 
Unfortunately, no heavenly monetary bounty has fallen with my words. 
This is not to say there have not been blessings galore. 

I cried today watching Obama take the oath of office again with his wife and daughters. The Bible he used today belonged to his wife's family- a family descended from slaves. The Bible he took his first oath on belonged to Abraham Lincoln and the Bible he'll swear on tomorrow belonged to Martin Luther King, Jr. On Martin Luther King day.
His family is so beautiful. You gotta love a man who'd take on a six-foot tall woman and love her the way he seems to love her. And then their babies....

Everyone came out today. Chuck and his wife and kids and father-in-law and sister-in-law and Hank and Taylor and Mark and May and Matt and Lily, and the boys were already here, and we ate and ate and all the kids ran around like crazy and yelled, "May! May!" and she ran around like crazy and we passed Gibson around like the wriggling smiling Buddha he is and I couldn't concentrate on one thing. One thing I've learned about death is that after you experience one you cannot, for the life of you, multi-task. Go ahead. Try. 
Like if I'm carrying Gibson and someone wants a glass of water I don't even know where the glasses are.

When it came time for Lily to take the boys home, Owen did not want to go. He cried and cried. He pleaded to spend the night. I finally said, "If you spend the night you have to sleep with Uncle Russell." He thought about that for one red-hot second, looked very distressed, and started crying again. He did talk me into letting him take a bath here.


My beautiful, beautiful boys. 
My beautiful, beautiful children.

I can't multi-task. I am telling you. Which means I can't think and write at the same time. I'm sorry.

When I went to kiss Owen good-bye before they left I said, "Give me a kiss." 
"I already kissed you." 
"Too bad. You have to kiss me again."
He did. 

I did the traditional turkey gobble and explosion sound and he said, "No thank-you."
What? All of a sudden he's mature. 

Gibson turned ten months old today. Time is flying. 

Sweet dreams.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Babies in the bath took me right back. Oh, I love that.

  2. Awe hell... I can't multitask on a good day. You're doing just fine.

    Yes, the chilluns and the grands are beautiful. I hope you enjoy your visit with your brothers too.

  3. Oh hell, I forgot that part about no multitasking - but you are so right, the brain has limited interest in details right now. Breathing, eating, sleeping, loving - all the rest are hazy for a while. Thank goodness for those lovely boys and your kids to distract you.
    Time does fly. My my.

  4. You're still processing -- that's why you have such a strong urge to write, as you mentioned in your previous post. Sounds like having the boys around was a welcome step toward normalcy.

  5. oh my that baby boy is growing up fast....its snowing in London which I usually love but this morning hope seems to be buried under a drift!!

  6. Be patient with your self and just be. What you're going through is hard.

  7. Such great photos and a good time. That's important right now. Hold on to the good feelings.


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