Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dreary, Dearie

 Drip and drizzle and the sky can only be describe as ominous.

I took all that trash and the gates were not open except for one small one and there was no attendent but people were walking their bags through and dumping them anyway and I did too. People on their way to work, dressed nicely rushing through the just-starting rain. Me wearing overalls and not rushing much at all. It's not cold so who cares if I get a little wet?

And the rain came down.

That Stones song came to my brain so I'm giving it to you. Mick wiggles his ass, Charlie Watts smiles if you stick with it long enough, Ron Wood plays guitar, Keith Richards plays and smokes and kicks a TV and pretty people drink and make out and the rain falls down.

Pretty much sums up how I'm feeling today and I better shake it 'cause I gotta be Mer Mer here in a little while and Mer Mers aren't supposed to be singing lyrics like, "Just vomit on the ground." Although Owen did vomit the other night and it was his first experience in memory of that particular body function and as it does, it freaked him out and he cried to his mama, "What wrong with me? I sorry, Mama."
He got over it and was fine as a fiddle the next morning. Who knows where these things come from? He talked about it last night and seems now to view it as a sort of adventure. Adventures In Puking, as it were.

Well. Here's a sky and it's gray. Here is brown-leaf covered earth. Here is a day for us to be in and as such, it deserves respect.

There are also these.

There is also this.

There is color and even glory. And a watchful eye and Keith Richards playing guitar. Just gotta look. Just gotta see.

January 2, 2013. Lloyd, Florida. If you feel like it, tell me where you are and what it looks like there today. This is my window, let me see through yours.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, it's cold and overcast and drippy here for the third day in a row. it must be winter. if things follow the norm I guess we will have about 6 weeks of this and then things will start popping. wish I had some camellias but I've never been able to grow them. My dad did though. roses and camellias.

  2. Ah, Ms. Moon, thanks for the view out your door. Those flowers are wonderful. It's very cold, bright and sunny here, hard crunchy old snow on the ground. I want to be out in the fresh air, but it's 9 degrees. I loved the Michael Moore post about walking. My mood is as dreary as your weather and I'm not sure what else might help. I guess I could just bundle up, the dog would appreciate a romp outside with a friend.

    Wishing you the best for 2013.

  3. I am ashamed to say that although there is bright light coming through the curtain, I haven't opened it to look out the window yet. We do tend to take our bright, pretty days for granted in Southern California. I'll step out now and warm up in the sun. The house is cool still from the night.

  4. It is cold with frost on the ground but the SUN is SHINING! Whahooo

    Outside my window the neighbours are taking their garbage to the curb. It is the after holiday pick-up so it is garbage, recycling and green bin. We have an embarrassing amount. In my back yard a bird just hit the window so I am going to go check on her.

  5. Ah, Dade was exactly the same - and he told everyone about it for months afterwards - I puked! I puked in the kitchen on the chair!

    Other people's houses, restaurants... he shared and shared. He still reminisces about it sometimes :)

  6. It is not gray at all where you are! You are surrounded by beautiful color. Happy New Year. It's sunny and cloudless and oddly cold for the desert. But quiet. Oh my god, my house is quiet. xo

  7. such beautiful things outside your door. thank you for sharing them.

  8. Victoria, Australia. About to enter a week long stint of 40+ degrees days. It ain't gonna be pretty!

  9. snow on the ground, bare branches scribbling in the sky and brisk cold outside the library window. Inside I have a heater at my feet and a box of keenex shaped like library books and my cherry cough drops nearby. Not feeling so hot, but the books need someone to check them out. :) Lovely post, as always, even with the vomiting. I love the Adventures of Owen. And of course, of you. Happy New Year happy maker.

  10. Owen---awwwww.

    It's sunny and there are black and white cows on green hills. But I have no problem with light rain. I like it. Even the words.

  11. It was a proper grey day here in Galway, with a drizzly rain falling and a cold wind coming off the lake - we stayed indoors and lit the stove, hibernating!

    (sticking to my new year's resolution to comment more on my favourite blogs!)

  12. Ellen Abbott- Camellias seem so easy to me. They like shade and acidy dirt. I wish you could grow them. They are so beautiful.

    Mel- Did you walk? I did not today. Damn. I wish I had but it was raining. Snow. So amazing.
    Stay cozy.

    Stephanie- How warm does it get during the day there now?

    Birdie- I hope the bird only got a headache.

    Jo- Hahahahaha! Little boys.

    Rachel- The desert. I can't imagine it in the winter. I have never seen it then. I like looking at it through your eyes, though.

    Angella- I wish I could send you some actual camellias.

    Agnes- I am assuming that is Centigrade, right?

    Bethany- We are the Sick Sisters! I almost went to the library today but skipped it. It was not completely necessary but you know, I always love going there. I always think of you when I do. Happy New Year to you, too, sweet one.

    A- There are different sorts of rain, I think. This one today was not a happy rain. I love the image of cows on the green hills. Thank you.

    Helen- And what a nice resolution it is for me that you have decided to comment! Thank-you!

  13. I love reading about Loyd, Florida. In Drogheda, Ireland this morning is grey, dull, drizzly, BUT... I'm still in bed as my kids have a few more days of holidays, so I'm warm and snugly. I'll get up in a while and take the dog out for a long walk, collect some kids for a play date with mine, make dinner for everyone, set up my ironing board in the sitting room and catch up on my programmes while I get the school uniforms ready for Monday morning.. Then I'll sit with a glass of Rioja from just outside Bilbao, northern Spain and catch up with my hubby who's first day back to work is your words and your space on the tinterwebs Ms Moon.. J in Eire

  14. Someone wrote me the other day that it would be good to have a vomit emoticon. There is a shit emoticon but not one for vomit. Ha! I learn such great things in retirement. Maybe this :(~~~~~~~ would be a good one for vomit.

  15. Love that song, Ms. Moon!

    It's very cold here. I would really like some rain to fall down here...but not cold, icky rain, but hot steamy rain that is good for making sweet love in like the video :-)

  16. Yes, centigrade. 104 according to your measurements I believe! We're one day in with another six to go before it breaks I think. It's gonna be a long haul.

  17. Ooooh! On this day, I was outside with my hubby. We'd built a big bonfire in the firepit and we sat on a swing in our mitts and toques and boots and snowpants and coats and we roasted smokies and drank coffee and Bailey's and we laughed and talked and dreamed about our future together. It was THE BEST DAY!
    And it was only -2C in northern Alberta, Canada which made it extra super-awesome!


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