Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ms. Moon Is Not Happy

Not sure why I thought I'd feel better today. I woke up this morning and thought, "Jeez. If I'm dying, I want to do it somewhere sunnier than this."

Drama, much?

All right. Here's something that charmed the cockles of my heart yesterday. Makes me smile everytime I think about it. There's a singer/songwriter named Todd Snider who has a new CD out called Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables and yes, that alone charms my heart but I read a little bio-piece about him yesterday here  and in it there was this:

There’s one happy love song, called “Brenda,” about Snider’s favorite couple, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.
“I admire that relationship a lot,” Snider says. “What Mick and Keith have is real, and it can’t be touched and it can’t be beat. I’ve never met them, but I believe in the Rolling Stones. That’s who I think about at Christmas, anymore. They opened their hearts and gave us so much. And they tried to be true to each other.”

Well. Goodness.

You can listen to it if you want to. I'll embed it at the end of this post. I'd embed it right here but somehow I can't manipulate it properly.
Anyway, obviously Snider has read Keith Richards' autobiography wherein Keith admits that he and Charlie Watts have taken to calling Mick Jagger "Brenda." It's a sweet song. I swear it is. I might just have to purchase that CD. God knows that thinking about The Rolling Stones and watching that pay per view concert was one of the things that got me through the Christmas season.

Okay. I might just go ahead and take a little walk. It can't make me feel much worse than I do now and it might make me feel better. And when I say a little walk, I mean it. A mile or two. That is it. If Jessie is reading this she's going to laugh because when we used to stay out at Dog Island together every morning I'd say, "Let's take a walk. Just a little one. I promise."
And then three hours later we'd trudge back to the house, beat and tired and ready for lunch and a nap. But I'm not at the island. I'm in Lloyd.
I bet it's sunnier on the island than it is here which is good to keep in mind if I start dying.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. I am not fully awake and read your post and got to the end and thought, but why isn't Mr Moon happy? I read the title wrong. Oh a walk is a great idea. I should go on one too, the sun is bouncing off the snow and my belly is full of oatmeal, what more could one want on a Saturday?
    Thinking of you.

  2. The walk, the music, the warmth. Even the drama, you are a gift-giver extraordinaire. thank you xodd

  3. I DID THE SAME THING! I was waiting for the Mr. Moon story too! LOL!

  4. I love the picutre! Great photo.

  5. What a find -- I love this guy's voice and the song and everything that you wrote. I'm joyful, actually, that you'd stumble upon it when you need it. An affirmation of your wonderfulness -- a kindred soul.

  6. Plus, I think Cory The Commenter is spam. Either that or he's trying to save your sinful soul.

  7. A bonus to your blog Ms. Moon is getting to interact with others in comments. I too at first thought the title said Mr. Moon but reread before plunging into the post.

    I think Cory the commenter is barking up the wrong tree.

    Listened to the song and really like it.

  8. The chickens are making a hell of a racket. I'm listening to 'Brenda' !!!!

    You won't die from a cold, I promise.



  9. Bethany- Oh. Mr. Moon is fine. Thank-you, honey. Did you walk?

    Deirdre- I sure am glad I can't give you this fucking cold.

    heartinhand- Easily misread.

    Cory- Go with god, my friend.

    Elizabeth- I have known of him for a long time but he doesn't get much media attention. My dear friend Kati put up a link for a show he was in on FB and that article was there. He's pretty awesome. I really can't believe, though, that he wrote a love story for Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.
    I think you're right about our friend Cory. Bless his heart.

    Jill- I'm really glad you liked the song. Actually, I'm always surprised if anyone listens to the things I put up.

    Beth Coyote- Do you promise? That I won't die?

  10. Good job on embedding the song. I like it. At first, I thought that it read Mr. Moon is Unhappy--LOL. He seldom is though, right?


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