Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Slow And Good Day And Some Links

I've moved so slowly today you probably couldn't even see me doing it but I got a few things done. Lots of laundry and clean, line-dried sheets on the bed. Beans cooking, bread in the oven. A whole lot of yard trimming, not that you could tell. You'd look at my yard and say, "Jesus. Someone needs to clean this shit up." But believe me, I cut and pulled and hauled an impressive pile of dead stuff. 

To me, it looks a hell of a lot tidier and I'm mostly the one who's looking. 

I stuck two of my beloved giant begonia leaves in a blue pot of nice dirt to see if I can start yet another plant. This is like my life's mission. Starting giant begonia plants. There are worse missions. 

Mr. Moon went to a basketball game this afternoon in town after he delivered four fresh, dressed squirrels to Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw but he's also been working on his Cutlass convertible. 

He got it started this moring which is very exciting and maybe by tomorrow night we'll be able to take a sunset cruise in it to the lake which is one of my favorite things to do. It growls as it eats up the road, that car. It's such a big old American beauty. One day maybe we'll drive it across the country. I bought two memory foam pillows yesterday at the Costco in hopes that they would be good to sit on because I am not good at sitting for long periods of time and I refuse to allow that to prevent us from our Great American Road Trip Dream. We shall see. 

I started my little picture-word journal last night. I am using a beautiful journal that my dear friend Lon gave me TWELVE YEARS AGO and which I have never written so much as one word in up 'til now. He inscribed it "To Mary Moon on her birthday for her thoughts." Here's what I wrote this morning.

Maybe in a hundred years I'll be able to draw and you'll be able to tell what it is I'm drawing. Maybe. I don't really care. It is bringing me pleasure. I was inspired by Deirdre whose blog I would link but I think it's private. Which is too bad because Deirdre is an amazing writer and an amazing artist as well. 
But anyway, thank-you, Lon for the gift of the journal and we'll see what I do with it and most of all, thank you for the gift of your friendship all of these years. Lon and his beautiful wife, who is my darling Lis and whom I speak of all the time, have a what's-going-on-in-the-area's-music-news blog HERE. 
It's worth going to just for the artwork. 

I've been listening to a lot of NPR today as I have moved gently from yard to house and back to yard. I heard an interview with David Goldhill who has written a book called How American Health Care Killed My Father. There's an article he wrote for the Atlantic which you can read HERE. 
Ironically, while I was listening to the interview I got a text from Lily saying that Jason had gone to the doctor about his foot but that they had refused to see him saying that his insurance was inactive, even though they are still taking money out of his check for it. If you aren't already convinced that the health care and insurance systems in America are totally fucking nuts, go read the article.
Then weep.

Another thing I heard on NPR was THIS about the death of the founder of PFLAG, Jeanne Manford. I feel a great deal of admiration and even love for this woman whom I had never heard about until today. For those of you who may not know, PFLAG is an organization for the parents and families and friends of gays and lesbians. And transgendered and bisexual, too. She was amazing. She was a mother. She loved her son Morty and he was gay and she didn't think there was anything wrong with that. She was a national hero and I, for one, am powerfully moved by her story and she's one of those examples of how one person can make a huge difference in this world simply by powerful love. 

And speaking of powerful love, I want to tell you that if you haven't been reading Nancy, you should be. She is an incredibly gifted writer and she has a story to tell. Here's the candle I have burning for her and her daughter, Nicole, in my library.

Nicole died five years ago yesterday and Nancy writes with majestic grace about her daughter and her illness, her dying, her death. And her life. Her words have enriched my life. 

Well, I guess that about covers it. The bread is about ready to come out of the oven and the beans are done. I'll throw a salad together and that will be supper. I wish I'd made a pie. For some reason, I am craving pie. Cherry pie or apple, key lime or chocolate cream. Doesn't matter. But I haven't made one. That's about the only regret I have for today and honey,  believe me,  I can live with that one. 


  1. Sounds wonderful :) I'm going to do some cooking tomorrow. I know it's been awhile, but I may text you with questions...k? Love.

  2. Wondering what SJ is cooking...
    You guys are so cute.

    I just remembered you said maybe you might try sending me a cutting when it gets warmer. This thrills me. That I might have an MM begonia to nurture and love.

    Glad Mr Moon got his squirrels all set. And you got some foam for your bum. My bum is sore all the time now since I lost weight.

    I bought a skirt today.
    I wonder if I'll be brave enough to wear it. You don't have to shave your legs if you wear opaque tights, right?

    Your yard looks great. I think you did a fine job.

  3. Oh and I LOVE your journal and your drawing and writing. It made me really happy to see.

  4. Bethany- I'll let you know how the foam thing works as soon as I can give it a good try-out. Yeah. Losing weight is hell on the ass if you have a white-girl ass, which I do. I think I could figure out how to send you one of these begonia leaves that you could start. They are so fat and full of life. Wouldn't that be awesome? Shaving legs? Oh honey- ain't no need. As one fella I met in the early seventies said, "Fur in the winter, silk in the summer." I can't remember his name. Don't you judge me!

  5. Yes, it would be fantastic to get one of your leaves. :)
    Good about shaving the legs cuz I don't wanna.
    Ever actually.
    But people keep telling me no men will stand for that.
    I might just hold out for the one who will.
    It's a waste of time if you ask me.

    I don't judge you. I love that you can't remember his name actually.

    Thanks Mama.

  6. The candle is beautiful, and so are you.

  7. Bethany- I do remember he was very, very beautiful. He gave me a vase, actually. I think he made it. I think I still have it here somewhere. And if a man would discount you for legs that aren't shaved, he is not the man you need or want.
    That is all there is to that. Trust me.

    Nancy- So are you. And that candle is lighting up my library. As your words have given light to my heart.

  8. Thank you for the links, particularly for Nancy. Just, wow.

  9. Nancy's story is so powerful.

    I love the journal! What a great idea. I love the combination of writing and art. I kept a paper journal for years but never dared to try to paint anything in it.

    Your yard looks quite tidy to me!

  10. Your journal is beautiful.

    I can't read about dead daughters today. Reading about Neil Gaiman's dog who's died has ruined me already. PMS this week.

  11. Thank you for your links Mrs Moon. I will have to return to explore further when I am not supposed to be doing coursework! (Which I am now). I am so glad you are using that little note book after 12 years. I always love visiting and reading your blog and seeing the world through your eyes. I did not know that the founder of PFLAG had died but thank her for founding this organisation. I am ashamed to say that I also did not know her name until today. Now I am curious to know about the UK version and how that got started so you've given me another "job" to do as soon as I get this fricking course work nailed!(have I heard the word fricking here? It is not usually one of my words but I like it.
    I wish I could eat some of your bread and beans and salad -it sounds like comfort food to me.

  12. Yes, thank you for the links. I think that it's a shame about Jason's insurance. And your journal is cool. I like what you drew which I assume is a tree of bush. Nice.

  13. Look at that handwriting! It's beautiful! Art is in the eye of the beholder...draw if you want to, who is anyone to judge?

    It blows my mind that the health CARE system in your country can turn people away. That's just wrong.


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