Sunday, April 28, 2019

You'd Think That Grocery Stores Hadn't Been Invented Sometimes

I wonder how many pictures I've posted of Maurice in the garden. Y'all may get tired of the image but I never do. I'm not sure why but it just charms me to pieces to have her stretched out in the shade of some vegetables, alternately napping and opening her eyes to check on me and then occasionally stretching and getting up and coming over to get some love. I feel much safer giving Maurice a good overall scratch when I'm wearing gloves for obvious reasons.
She and I spent some time in the garden today. Mr. Moon went fishing out on the Gulf for grouper and so I had the day to just putter about as I wished. Mostly I weeded, and raked exactly one cart full of leaves to mulch with. I am really not getting a lot done this year in the garden. But I did get a row of corn planted and another half row of arugula. I was finishing up just as Mr. Moon pulled into the yard so that was good timing. Only one grouper was caught but the friend who caught it gave us a piece for a meal which was very kind of him. We gave him a dozen eggs but of course, that's a favor to us.

And...speaking of eggs- no sign of Dearie today at all. I'm so sad about that. Dearie's been my favorite hen for quite a while now with her funny, wily, jungle ways. Darla is still sitting on a nest. She is definitely brooding. I guess I'll just let her. What can it hurt?

And honestly, I don't have one other thing to discuss this evening. It was another perfectly beautiful day and not too hot and it's going to be cool again tonight. It is SO wonderful not to have to run the air conditioner. Having the house open this late in spring is heaven. It is supposed to get up to 90 tomorrow though.
Well, I can't complain.
Although I probably will.

Mr. Moon's taken off again, this time to go do something involving a wild sow.
NO! We are not getting a wild sow. Well, not a living one, anyway.
Okay. The less said about this the better, I suppose.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Actually, Miss Dearie excepted, it seems like a decently uneventful day. They are wonderful, too.

  2. you get more done in five minutes than I do in a month, glad the weather is nice enough. I can not even imagine 90 degrees. Still cold up here but the sun is out. Mr. man has a plan for planting in pots on the deck, I do not even try to butt in.

  3. 90? Boy, am I glad the AC is working...I do hope Dearie shows up and you're right, Maurice looks very peaceful in your garden.

  4. That photo of Maurice is delightful. It's like a fairytale illustration, or something from Beatrix Potter.

  5. Wild sow? That's no way to refer to Mr Moon's Latino mistress.

  6. we're hanging in the mid to low 80s. I know it won't last so I'm trying to take advantage of it and just enjoying being outside. I hope Dearie shows up. It's happened. maybe today.

  7. They say light rain on and off all week. Wild sow? We raised pigs on the farm and pork was a large part of the freezer larder, but I've never eaten wild bore. Mr. Moon gets to have the most fun it seems...

  8. Your life sounds so idyllic. What everyone dreams of when they fantasize about going to live in the countryside. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. A Wild Sow, now that sounds interesting!

  10. you and Mr Moon make me feel positively slothlike. You are so industrious, both of you. I love you dearly and am holding you close to my heart.


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