Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I Think I Need A Road Trip

Dearie inspects a map of Florida to determine where she should take her next vacation.

I wake up every morning these days and I just do not want to get out of bed. It's been cool in the mornings and my cozy covers comfort me with their weight, their warmth, and the sheets feel like silk. I begin an internal debate about the radical idea of just not getting up. 
I deserve a day in bed, I think. 
There's nothing I have to do, I rationalize.
Just stay here, my bed whispers, and I will hold you in comfort and in peace. I will keep you safe.
And then I get up. 
Thank god for coffee.

I'm just not feeling spring this year. I mean, sure, it's been great, what with the flowers and all. Birds doing it, bees doing it. 
A bounty of eggs being laid. The delightfully temperate weather. 
It's all good. 
And yet...
Oh fucking sigh. 

Somehow the overwhelming abundance of it all is simply too much for me right now. 
Remember when it rained here for days and days and days?
That matched my mood better than this cheerful berry-bursting, bird-chirping, blue-sky sunshine that's going on now. Well, it did rain almost all day on Monday and that was good. Supposed to rain again on Friday and Saturday. 
That would be excellent for staying in bed all day long. 

What in hell is wrong with me? 
I don't know. 

I drove over to Lily's today and we went into town together with Ms. Maggie. She's such a hoot. The new thing she's saying now that's so damn cute is her use of the word "fridger" for refrigerator. I took Lily two dozen eggs and she put them in the fridger. 
I think I'll start using that word. 
We met up with Jessie and the boys at Midtown Pies where May works. I couldn't get my brain in gear enough to even know what I wanted to eat. It's like I was a lump of gray play dough. I did take this picture. 

Bebes eating pizza. They were both wearing Mer-Made dresses. That made me happy. I hear that Magnolia wants me to make her an Elsa princess dress. 
I think I'll buy her one. I mean, how do you get all those jewels on the skirt? 
Okay. I just looked up the pattern for an Elsa princess dress and found an image of the fabric and notions requirements.
Yeah. I'll be buying that dress. You might as well ask me to knit the Eiffel Tower. 
Not gonna happen. 

It was great to see my beautiful May and I gave her a dozen and a half eggs which she can now put in her fridger. What a relief to give these eggs away! I was drowning in them. After lunch Lily took this picture. 

I'm their grandmother and that is almost too much cute for me. 

When I got home I got out in the garden a little bit. Would you look at the size of this mustard green leaf? 

"What do you want for supper?"
"Oh, how about a mustard green leaf?"
They're starting to bolt too. I hope they stay edible until Easter because I think we're going to have the annual They Crucified My Lord And He Arose From The Tomb But Looked So Bad That His Own Disciples Didn't Recognize Him celebration here. Our friend Mark is coming which means that I will be making a ham which is actually the reason I celebrate Easter which is the official day to eat ham and deviled eggs. And greens and maybe some challah. I can make the hell out of some challah. 
Don't bother pointing out how dirty my hand is in that picture. I am aware of it. Be assured I have washed it and its mate quite well since then. 
Also don't bother pointing out that it would seem to be ridiculous that we eat a food which Jews believe to be absolutely forbidden, to celebrate the death and resurrection of a Jew named Jesus. 
Maybe I'll cook some shrimp and crab and scallops too. Stuff 'em and wrap 'em in bacon. 
Sound good?
Oh yeah. 

I was going to talk about one more thing. What was it? 
I told you my brain was in gray play dough mode. 

Was it Trump and how he kept saying "orange" instead of "origin"? 
I don't think so. 
Was it him repeating the lie that his father was born in Germany instead of the Bronx? 
No. I don't think it was that either. 
But I will say that it's pretty obvious to me that the man is not in the early stage of dementia. He's in the sure-as-hell stage. 

Dammit. I can't remember. 
Depression brain? 

Well, if I think of it I'll let you know. 
Meanwhile, I'm going to go open up my fridger and get some leftovers out of it and heat them up. 

God, what I'd give for a thunderstorm right about now. 

By the way, that was not a prayer. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. re the dress for maggie- cut down a thrift store prom dress??? that sounds very princess like.


    1. Have you priced thrift store prom dresses lately? I think it would be cheaper to order her an Elsa dress online. But you did remind me to start looking out for fun things to dress up in for kiddies. Thank you!

  2. That picture of two littles is the cutest, cutest little picture in more than an age.
    As for getting up in the morning, me, too. I hope it reverses when the weather gets warmer and blankets get lighter and the feathers are shoved back in the closet. But right now there is no overcoming. Even when I sit on the edge of the bed at night and snarl to myself, Get Up In The Morning. Get Up In The Morning!!

    1. Ha! I just get in bed and burrow and think, "I'm never getting out of this bed. Not ever."

  3. So much in this post! Those adorable children in their Mer-Made dresses. I think that would be an amazing name for a whole line of boy and girl dresses! And do I ever know what you mean about the forced cheer of spring. Give me a rainy day any day. And fridger is a mighty fine word. And I think I glimpse August’s bigger boy face in that second picture of him with Maggie. And I absolutely hooted when I read your sure-as-hell assessment. I hope you will allow yourself to let the bed hug you for longer tomorrow morning. No one will judge. Hopefully not even you. ❤️

    1. I'm always the one who judges!
      I like "fridger" too. It's a good word. I believe that August's face is changing. He's growing into his boy self.
      I heard that Joanne's fabric has been sold to Hobby Lobby. If this is true I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I hate that company but Joanne's is the only place in the area to buy fabric. DAMMIT!

  4. You mentioned the weight of your blankets and I am wondering if you have ever tried a weighted blanket for those anxious days. Or for every day? It makes a huge difference for some people.

    1. I've thought about it but it gets so hot here that I'm afraid that might not be a good option. I'd have to turn the AC way down and that seems so wasteful. My winter covers are pretty heavy as is though and I do love that.

  5. I love that you said the overwhelming abundance of it all is just too much, and that is exactly how I have been feeling. Overwhelmed.....don't know what to do or what to do first....or what to do at all? Your grands are just too cute....and that mustard leaf made me smile. Yep, that would darned near be a meal!
    Susan M

    1. That mustard leaf and one piece of bacon would definitely be an entire meal! And not a bad one. Add a piece of cornbread and I'd be happy.

  6. That photo of August and Maggie is priceless! You make me smile almost every day. I hope things will lighten for you. Anxiety and depression are terrible.

    1. I'm pretty good, actually. Some days are harder than others but mostly I'm just flowing with it all which is wonderful. I'm so glad I make you smile, e!

  7. OK. that very last made me laugh. I thought I'd read early but it's late and my eyes were glazing over and then the brows lifted and I laughed. omg Mary, you barely snatched that one back in the nick of time.

  8. the chook, the babies, the large leaf...and a fridger! Even the orange wonderment! This post delights me! My baby called the refrigerator, the foodgerater.We had your thunderstorm today...a downpour that kept me in my car in the drive for twenty minutes! We need it.

    1. Foodgerater makes perfect sense.
      We got rain all last night and it's cleared up this morning but I hear thunder off in the distance. What?! Spring is crazy.

  9. I still can’t figure out why somedayscit says I can comment as Google Joanne and other days joanne is just left off and I can comment. Maybe Stevecwill set me straight again. Anyway the kids dressed in their dresses is best. Stay in bed. I’m sick and need to and it would be supportive to me. LOL I REALLY THINK YOU NEED TO DO IT WHETHER ITS RAINING OR NOT. You deserve to do whatever you wish!

    1. I'm always glad when you can comment, Joanne. I wish Steve would help straighten all this out.
      I can never stay in bed but yesterday I did take a nap. It was nice.

  10. Fridger!
    Dearie looks like a device you use to choose your next adventure. Point your destination chicken at the map to decide where to go next, then load up the truck :)

  11. The kids are so cute it hurts me! Love the dresses and the way they're smiling. I have always wished I had cousins.
    My other favorite pronouncement from the great orange was that windmills cause cancer. Where do these words come from?

    1. Those words come from a place we don't even want to contemplate. Ugh.

    2. Those words come from a perfectly calculated 'What will move my legion of fuckwitted, hate-filled voters to support my evil agenda some more, no matter what the truth really is?' place.

  12. That is an amazing picture of Maggie and August. LOVE it. And that mustard green leaf is incredible, too. I miss mustard greens -- and by this I do not mean London mustard greens, cabbage with mustard on it!

    Trump may well be demented, but I think he also seriously believes he can single-handedly redefine reality. He has no sense of objective truth. There are no facts in his world -- just his own beliefs, which are obviously (to him) correct.

  13. Cabbage with mustard on it is okay but it's not mustard greens. I don't know why you couldn't grow them there. I'm sure you could. Should I send you some seeds?
    As to Trump- you're right. And he just makes shit up as he goes.


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