Saturday, April 13, 2019

My Babies

We had a tea party on the front porch with mulberry pie, whipped cream, and real tea. With a great deal of sugar stirred in. Of course the entire sugar-bowl's worth of sugar would hardly be enough to sweeten one real cup of tea.

I'm afraid the day hasn't been nearly as exciting as the children had hoped. No ponies, no bounce house, no magic show.
Just old Mer's house with eggs to look for and the bamboo jungle to explore and Wii to play and puzzles to dump out (all 750 pieces) and put back in the box and baby dolls to play with and Jack the Cat to pet and a porch swing to swing on.
Right now Gibson is drawing pictures, Maggie is playing with something in the Glen Den and I do not know what Owen is up to at the moment. Last I saw him he was eating carrots he'd picked from the garden. I do know that he wants to watch The Great British Baking Show while we eat supper which charms me. Good thing he ate some carrots. We're having pizza and roasted broccoli for supper and he claims that broccoli is the devil.
Maggie and I have made up her bed right beside our bed. She seemed to be excited about that but I think there's probably about a .01% chance she'll actually sleep in it.
"Cuddle me, Mer!" she will say after she's climbed into our bed.
I could be wrong.
She's taken off her dress and is running about the house with nothing on but her underwear. This is what children do. At least the children I've known and loved. With that head of tawny curls she reminds me of a sleek little lion.

A lion who likes pie and tea and whipped cream and baby dolls and kitty cats and cuddles. Who claps her hands two times together when she is satisfied with something or making a point, a quick, crisp exclamation of approval. 

Time to get to the evening portion of our programming. 

I'll report in tomorrow. 



This is what Owen was up to. 

Clever lad. 


  1. So beautiful, the whole thing. Mulberry pie, just once in this life, I have to try it. No mulberries around here, I'm sure.

    XXXXX Beth

  2. the first picture of Owen...he looks just like his mom. and Mer's house sounds plenty exciting to me.

  3. Sounds like fun to me. Enjoy the Baking Show.

  4. Love those kids. It's easy when their Mer lets us know them with her writing.

  5. Sounds lovely and maybe a little tiring:)

  6. The kids are still superkids! Mary, v is the Great British Bake Off!

  7. MerMer? Are you turning into a Mermaid with a scaly, fishy bottom half? I bet you are good at swimming and attracting sailors to the rocks.

  8. Glad to see everyone is happy and healthy! It's funny how little kids love to take their clothes off, isn't it? My nephew used to do that too. I guess clothes probably DO feel a bit unnatural when you're not used to them yet.

  9. I envy you for having children in your life. Because I had no children, I now have no grandchildren or great grandchildren, and I have no nieces or nephews either. That top photo of the couple with their children certainly illustrates how we humans should relate to animals.

  10. My I bet they love coming to your place! I would have. I still have happy memories of my grandma's house .

  11. I love it that the older boys were happy to have a tea party.I hope they keep that sweetness all their lives.

  12. They're all growing and developing interests and personalities!

  13. They will remember these days spent with MerMer always. They will be part of their foundation, the memories that have them never questioning how much they are loved. Lordy, they're adorable. Every one.


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