Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Just A Day

I have taken no pictures today. Well, I did take a picture of a chicken's butt to send to Jessie to show her that Big Mama's Van Gleet seems to have cleared up.
It may not have been Van Gleet because that seems to require treatment and the only thing I've done to treat the situation is to put cider vinegar in the chicken's water a few times. She may actually have had roosteratitus which is only cured by massive reduction in roosterage.

Okay. Here's the picture of Big Mama's fluffy butt. As well as Connie's and Liberace's.

See anything? 
No. No you don't. And that's the way we like it. 

So what have I done today? 
Three more loads of laundry for one thing. Jesus, but that washing machine is a beast. I wish I had some bigger rugs to wash in it! You know what I really like about it? The way it sings a little tune when it's through washing. 
Much better than a loud buzz. MUCH better. 
My refrigerator does the same thing if one of the doors is open for more than thirty seconds. I like this feature. They're the same brand and I have no idea if they're actually dependable appliances but I love the way they're designed. My refrigerator still thrills me every time I open it. 
Here's another feature I really like about the washer. 

See those blue things on top? Those are the dispensers to put the detergent and bleach and fabric softener in. And when you're finished loading up whichever washing additives you want, there's a little lid that slides forth and covers it all up. 


I don't know why I like this so much but I do. It does eliminate some messiness. 

All right. I'll stop talking about my washing machine now. 

I'm making those NYT's black beans AGAIN! I just can't stop making them. They're so good. So yes, we had soup last night and we're having soup again tonight. 
We love soup. 
Every time we eat soup one of us says, "Too bad Jay Leno's not here."
We say that because he said a very, very stupid thing one time which was this:
"Soup is just a way of screwing you out of a meal."
Eh, fuck that, Jay. 
Obviously the poor man has never had a real bowl of soup in his life. Either that or he's just not right in the head when it comes to what constitutes a meal. But each to his own, right? 

So I went to the store today. My big outing. Do you ever wonder if the cashier is judging you on your food choices? I do. Also, do you look at what's in people's carts and judge them on that? Yeah, me too. Sometimes people make me feel guilty with their superior food choices. Sometimes I feel superior. I shouldn't admit that. Also, I just shouldn't do it. Who knows what the real story is? Plus, it ain't my business. 

So there were just two people in front of my house on the sidewalk having a loud argument. We listened to see if we needed to intervene. Also, we couldn't help but listen. The doors and windows are open and the guy, especially, was shouting at the top of his lungs. 
"You don't even kiss me anymore!" he screamed. 
"You don't respect me!" the woman replied. 
It didn't appear that it was going to get physical and they've walked on down the street now. Like with the food in someone else's cart- you just never know. 
I've been with a few men that weren't really the best boyfriends but only once did I date a guy who hit me. He hit me once. 
That was it. We had no more dates. 
And he seemed so funny and normal and intelligent and caring and all that stuff. 
Until something I said set him off. I can't begin to remember what it was. 

I'm grateful, so grateful, that I never fell in love with an abusive man. Well, not that kind of abusive, anyway. One of the things that made me fall in love with my husband is how gentle he was. Okay. Once he did pick a guy up and carry him out of a bar because the man was really drunk and wouldn't stop sniffing me. 
Literally. Sniffing me. 
But he didn't hurt him. 

And I guess that's the daily report. I can hear a hawk calling and a little while ago I heard the "You're sweet, you're sweet, you're sweet" bird. I think it's a mockingbird. 
It's time to go punch down the focaccia. I believe it's done "proofing" as they say on the British Baking Show. 
It's going to be a good dinner, Jay Leno be damned. 
He can enjoy his steak. I won't judge him. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mr Moon...carried a man out the bar who was bothering you? What a man! And that couple on your sidewalk arguing is sort of sad. I can’t help wondering about their story. Did you ever post that black bean recipe? Or link it? I think I missed that. Sounds like you had a busy good day in which your space ship, I mean, washing machine was a star!

    1. I need to post that recipe. If I just put in the link there's a firewall.
      Yes. Mr. Moon did indeed carry a man out of a bar because he was bothering me. The guy kept saying, "Don't hurt me!" and of course, Mr. Moon did not.

  2. we chicken people love fluffy chicken butts........ ! Your washer sounds like something out of this world, literally.....I'm envious...... I'm glad it brings you such needed joy. No person his his/her right mind would ever downplay a good soup.... pox on anyone who does
    Susan M

    1. Yep! Nothing better than a fluffy chicken butt!
      Maybe Jay Leno grew up with a mother who served him Campbell's soup for dinner WITH NO GRILLED CHEESE to go with it.

  3. I love the gentleness threaded all through this. Sometimes, I'm just so filled with the love you've created and given to us on this blog. It's really amazing, Mary. What you've done. All of it.

  4. I always check out what other people are buying for groceries too and I look at what I lay out on the checkout conveyor belt, wondering what other people think of my choices.

    Glad the lady birds are recovering from too much rooster attention, which I'm guessing is bird fucking:)

    Your washing machine looks lovely and they are a wonderful invention. Nobody appreciates them enough until they don't have access to one. Have a lovely day.

    1. Yep. Bird fucking. Or as I was calling it- gang rape. It was seriously horrible.
      I remember getting my first washing machine. It was a used model and I felt like a grown-up woman. I was twenty-one and needed it to wash diapers in. I was expecting my first baby.

  5. I think it would have been a very good thing if Joe Biden had sniffed your hair and Mr. Moon had carried him out...lesson learned a long time ago. I like Joe but he needed to be told he makes people uncomfortable waaaay back when.

    1. I don't know. Joe Biden has NEVER seemed to me someone who would make someone uncomfortable on purpose. I could be wrong. Yes, he may need to adjust how he shows affection but I don't think that he was worthy of bar carrying out.

  6. Jay Leno LOOKS like he enjoys steaks. Too many steaks.

    I love the chicken butt photo. It made me think of"'Guess What?' 'Chicken Butt!'" That would have been a fabulous title for your post, if I do say so myself.

    Our upstairs neighbors frequently have loud family fights, and I'm never sure what to do. I've never seen any sign of physical violence but there sure is a lot of yelling sometimes.

    1. Oh, and is the little song sung by your washing machine a series of three notes, in ascending order? Both our washer and dishwasher do that, and I love it!

    2. I hate violence on all levels. It makes me ill.
      You are right- I should have used that as a title. Dang. Opportunity missed.
      No. This washing machine plays an actual little song.
      Do you have a Fisher Paykel dishwasher and washer?

  7. I don't judge other people's food choices, OK, not much, but I do feel sorry for the kids when I see a cart loaded with terrible choices and four 12 packs of soda. their parents should be making better choices for them.

    I was part of that couple once but we were both drunk, it was after 2 AM, and we were standing under someone's window arguing because he wanted me to give him his keys and I wouldn't seeing as how he was much drunker than I was and whoever's sleep we disturbed yelled at us to 'take it home'. we made it to my car and then he passed out and I liked to never got him in it.

    and you have a chicken named Big Mama!

    1. You're right about the people who feed their kids crap.
      I don't think this couple was drunk but who knows? They were certainly upset and I was glad when they took it down the road.
      Yes. Big Mama! She's a pretty thing.

  8. Living with Laura as the chief cook the last three years still reminds me of nothing, nothing, nothing more than sitting cross legged on a bed eating meals from bowls with another college kid. I still have to reiterated there will be a vegetable with every meal. When we finally graduated from mac and cheese, the meal is still served in a bowl. When she is gone, I probably will send all the flat plates to the thrift shop for want of ability to use a knife and fork. But, hooray, we have healthy, nutritious meals, from a bowl. I should take a series of pictures and write a post.

    1. Bowl meals are very trendy. You SHOULD write a post on that.


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