Monday, July 20, 2015


Went out to let the chickens out of the hen house and decided to give them a little extra feed on the ground. Stuck my hand in the bag. Discovered it was swarming with maggots.

Well, things definitely have to get better from there, right? Right?



  1. Okay, yes I hope so. Maggots first thing in the morning is not a good start.

  2. Putting my hand into a bag is one of my (many) phobias. Even if it's a see-through bag, I have to pour the contents out. That, my unnatural fear of snakes, leaving a closet door open, rubbing soap between my hands (must use washcloth!), touching public bathroom door handles, my inability to pee until I have the toilet paper in hand, and a host of many other weird things make my life one big mess! But it's MY mess. LOL

  3. Ewww ... I certainly hope things improve!

  4. I bet your chickies loved those maggots. That would be a feast for them.

  5. Ah for fuck's sake.

    I guess, yeah, still tasty for chickens. Still, I DO hope your day doesn't go downhill from that stellar starting point.

  6. I know nothing about the care, feeding and upkeep of chickens, but it seems to me they would love little tiny worms that don't snap in half when you pull them up. Or, is that robins?

  7. Yuck, but I have to say I was relieved to read it wasn't a snake. Gail

  8. Syd- Not really. I mean, maggots are not the grossest thing in the world but I really do not enjoy sticking my hand in them.

    Catrina- Well, we all have our OCD behaviors. At least you're aware of yours.

    Elizabeth- Think Southern Living would like that story?

    Ramona Quimby- That's what I said.

    Jenny_o- Well, there were no more maggots.

    Manzanita- They do love maggots. Yum!

    Jo- Well. It had its ups and downs. Yes.

    Joanne- No. They like them.

    Gail- God. Me too.

  9. They may not be the grossest thing in the world, but they're pretty close. Plus, I think we're programmed to be grossed out by them. Them and poo and rotten things.

  10. OMG. I would have either thrown up or fainted.


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