Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Biscuits Were Awesome, The Daddies Even More So

Well, we've been celebrating Father's Day around here since about nine a.m.

And I would write a big ol' tribute to the good and great daddies I know but I'm exhausted. 

As soon as all these kids get out of my bed, I think we'll take a nap.

That family bed thing? It never ends.

Love...The Luckiest Woman In The World


  1. Happy Father's Day to the darling dad's in your family! Sending them big love!

  2. I hate that I missed it. I'm still trying to finish up and get out to Jerry Dad's.

  3. What a delightful image...your bed overflowing with kids of all ages...that's love for you.

  4. Tell Jessie it's nearly time to start sleeping on her right side, to make sure that baby stays anterior!

    What a bed full of gorgeous, though.

    Did someone give Mr M a brain for Father's Day?

  5. Joanne- Thank you. You are precious.

    That Hank- You missed some great biscuits and we missed you. Dad loved your FB post. Love you, baby.

    Desiree- When they're not in my kitchen they're in my bed. I love it!

    Jo- She was just getting wherever she could in that picture in order to fit in. That's not a brain, it's a bag of pistachio nuts. I see what you're seeing though!

  6. I think you would be wise to fine another place to nap. You don't want to displace a pregnant woman, let alone two!

    I always thought pregnant women were supposed to sleep on their left side. Shows how little I know.

    Is Lily feeling any better?

  7. Ha! That IS a great picture. :)

  8. Gah, Birdie, I meant left side! I often say exactly the opposite of what I mean, for some reason. I just did it again right there. I'm sure Jessie knows about it far better than I do but it's such a simple thing, it's good to check.

  9. These pictures are all the tribute you need! They say everything.

  10. Jo - It was a very,very long time ago that I was pregnant! I had a 50/50 chance of knowing what side I was told to sleep on. ;-)

  11. my daughter's kids range in age from 14 - 18 and they still want to pile in their parent's bed.


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