Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bad Choices Which Taste So Good. Plus, Of Course, Other Stuff

Lily and I made a terrible decision today which was to start our outing at the Indian buffet which we love. The boys don't like it very much but we were flying solo as the boys were home with their Dad so that's where we went. It was late, most of the lunch crowd was gone as you can see from the picture above but we hit that buffet like pros and if they'd had any ideas of breaking that bad boy down, they seemed to let them go when we got out plates and started down the line.
I love this buffet. There are other Indian buffets in town but this one, to my mind and palate, is the best of all of them and everything I tried was heavenly and wonderful and we both ate too much and I'm still so full that the two cherry tomatoes I just ate may well be my supper.
Okay. That's probably not the truth but Mr. Moon is going out to eat with Jessie and Vergil and let me just say- that's fine with me. They called to invite me too but I politely declined. Not only am I still full but the idea of driving BACK to town does not interest me in the least.

After lunch we went to Bealls Outlet, always fun. I got Mr. Moon a pair of what I thought were bathing trunks but was informed by the lady at the cash register are actually "adventure shorts."
They certainly look like they could be worn in the water to me and are made of the same fabric as the pair of bathing trunks he left in the dryer at Panama City so he can just adventure right into the water with them as far as I can see. They have velcro pockets everywhere and if they'd had them in my size I would have bought me a pair too. What girl doesn't want a pair of adventure shorts?

Good lord. Who comes up with this shit?

After Bealls we hit Ross where I got Owen a pair of regular bathing trunks (his too, were left in the dryer in P.C.) and Gibson two pairs of shorts (because he pees in his all the time) and I got the newest new baby a little sleep sac garment with a duckie on it because...well. Hell. I already love that tiny bean of a baby whose heart I saw beating yesterday and he or she will need clothes because he or she is a human and we humans do need clothes.

Then we went to the New Leaf where we got to see Billy which made my heart happy as always and then WE WERE DONE! I dropped Lily off and went by the library, only to discover that they'd just closed which inspired me to decide not to get any library books (to read with my eyes) for awhile because I have a stack of books right here at home to read and I never get around to them because I have to finish my library books and turn them in. Not to mention my magazines. I've just cracked the Oxford American fiction issue and so far, every word has been a tasty bite of deliciousness. If you've never heard of this magazine and you love good writing and good music with a southern slant go HERE and check them out. They only publish four times a year but every issue is a wonder and once a year, it comes with a CD or two of southern music and the entire magazine for that issue is crammed with articles about the famous and infamous and least-recognized musicians the south has produced. It can change your life.

Anyway, came home, took the trash, ran into a woman I've known for at least thirty-five years and we stood there in the broiling sun with the stink of garbage and the buzzing of flies around us and had a delightful (I am not being sarcastic here) conversation about grandchildren and so forth.

This is my social life, y'all. And guess what? That is fine with me. When you like someone so much that you'll spend fifteen minutes at the garbage and recycle depot in the 95 degree heat to chat, you really do like them. Fuck that artificial party chit-chat.

So that's been my day. And it's been a good one.

I watered the porch plants and here's a picture of one of the many maturing banana spiders who has built her web on her natal porch.

Yep. It's summer. More proof.

More zinnias. I cannot get enough of them. Maybe next summer I'll just sow the entire garden with every variety I can lay my hands on.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. Pancakes and the kids and grands will be involved.

And here's my new business idea: Geriatric Home Decor.
Lily and I were talking about the house Mr. Moon and I are discussing building in Apalachicola and I said, "Shit. We're going to have to put all those grab bars and stuff in. I need a geriatric home decor advisor."
There are probably tons of them. They'll advise you not to use scatter rugs. Of that I am sure. Owen's been trying to talk me into getting one of those walk-in tubs they advertise on TV. That may be worth considering for the new house.

Oh boy. Can't wait. Do they make grab bars to screw in beside the sofa? Perhaps with faux wood-grain or bamboo finishes to go with the rest of your furnishings? See? I think there may be a market for this stuff somewhere. We boomers are definitely getting old but we're going to want to do it in our own way. Padded floors like they have at the play ground. Designated walker and cane spaces. Little kitchen greenhouses to grow our basil and pot in. Spice cabinets divided into "culinary" and "medicinal" sections with subsections for sweet, savory, blood pressure and cholesterol. Reading lamps which come with attached magnifying panes. Romantic-looking four poster beds with call buttons wired directly to the hospital for emergencies. Timers designed for nothing more than to make sure your erection doesn't last longer than four hours.


Something to think about.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Adventure pants for everyone! Next up, adventure underpants. Xo

  2. Lisa- They have the underpants sewn in! BONUS!!!!!

  3. "Little kitchen greenhouses to grow our basil and pot in" made me smile!!

    Hey, one is culinary and the other is medicinal, so there you go!! :)

    Your blog is always a bright spot in my day. Thank you!

  4. So funny! But at the same time, kinda horrifying because, hell, I'm a boomer on my way to geriatric home decor-land, too!

  5. "Aging in place" is what they call it in architecture.

  6. Well, if anyone's going to wear Adventure Shorts, Mr Moon's the man for the job.

    Though you could wear yours to the Indian Buffet, providing they're elasticated :)

  7. i decree all pants and shorts worn by any and all readers, admirers, followers and commenters, as well as the writer of this blog, to be hearby now called adventure shorts!!!

    let the wild rumpus begin!


  8. I wilt in 80 degree heat...95 would surely kill me.
    That spider?! Zoinks!

  9. What do I think? Such a lot to comment on, I don't know where to begin, so I'll just say I enjoyed being a party to it all and had a couple of good chuckles along the way, too. You are very amusing and I think you have some really novel ideas for geriatric homes!

  10. Adventure shorts. Hmmmm. That's a new one for me.

    I am sure there are geriatric home decor specialists but you know, you live in the PERFECT state for that, so I say go to town! :) (And possibly move to Miami or Boca, but not unless you can take the chickens.)


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