Sunday, June 14, 2015

Politics, Now And Then

We've had our eggs, our grits, our bacon, our biscuits. We've read the paper. The column that seemed the most telling about our state government can be found HERE if you've any interest. All of you who live in states which have less assholiness going on, be grateful. All of you who live in countries with universal health care systems- be proud AND grateful. There may be problems but at least people are not afraid that if break a leg they'll be bankrupted. Let's not even talk about what happens if you get a devastating diagnosis although if you have no insurance, the chances of getting any sort of diagnosis is pretty moot unless you end up in an emergency room.

But hey! Those politicians sure showed Obama, right?

And it's Sunday. A good day to take pictures. Don't ask me why.

Begonia blossoms. One I took with the real camera. One with the iPhone camera. Which do you like best?

Happy phlox. Happy yard.

So many figlets! Oh, the potential! 

Mick at watch under the bananas.

Elvira in the border grass. John Gray- if you are reading this- do you see hen or rooster here? Anyone else? 

Nope. Not a dead chicken. A sunbathing beauty- Miss Trixie. 

Look at those gorgeous feathers, that outstretched leg! Ooh! The glamor! Miss Trixie's laying days are virtually over but who wouldn't love a pretty pet like that, especially one who croons such a sweet song? 

And there you go. The goings-on in a Lloyd, Florida yard on a Sunday morning. We're talking about driving down to the river to take a dip after Mr. Moon does some mowing. I think I might confound the whole entire universe and NOT do any outside work today. Or inside either if I don't feel like it. Fuck it. 
It's the Sabbath and I must just keep it holy. Or wholly. Better that than assholy. 
Speaking of holy, I'm listening to Blood and Beauty: The Borgias, by Sarah Dunant which is basically about the Papacy in the last days of the fifteenth century and I had no idea that back in those days it was completely acceptable, nay, expected! that the Pope would have illegitimate children and that those children would be used as pawns in the Game of God as I am going to call it, but which was nothing more than politics, for the most part.
As the Pope was considered to be the King of the Church, his "bastard" children were its princes and princesses. 
Well. There you go. You probably knew this but I did not.

I still remember the shame I felt when I wrote a short story in the sixth grade, set back in times before, which started out something like, "My father was a priest and my mother was a nun," only to be told by my teacher that priests and nuns did not marry and thus, did not have children. 
Ha! Take THAT Mrs. Carr!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So so funny the way some folks need to believe the stories of purity and righteousness... We wentout to a coffee shop for brunch, so stuffed now with home fries and spinach/goat cheese omlette and latte. That Mick has matured into a most gorgeous bird! My cat Jack whom we have Buddha-fied with our love over the years has decided he must be so close to me as I sit here that his butt hole is surely pressed right onto my arm and I must type this one handed...

  2. Oh dear, what a lack of imagination your teacher had. That is an inspired first sentence to a short story! And in sixth grade, no less. Pity Mrs. Carr couldn't wrap her mind around it.

  3. Goodness me. I have never seen a sun-bathing chicken before! Not that I have seen many chickens at all, but.........

    Of religion or politics, which do you think harms mankind the most? I think it is a toss-up. The whole world would be better off without either. (although I must say that I sometimes like the way this pope thinks when he is not thinking of religion but of the plight of people.)

  4. Celibacy came long after the Catholic Church, though I can't remember the date. Apparently it was a cost saving measure, so they didn't have to pay for priests' wives anymore. Must have been an odd transitional period, eh?

  5. Big Mamabird- Oh. Spinach and goat-cheese omelets. Maurice and I respect each other enough not to bring butts too close. I swear- she is a prude. So am I in some ways.

    Angella- Isn't it funny that I still remember that? I think it was because of the shame. Which sucks.

    Ms. Peace- Thyme- I am not sure which is worse but when you combine religion with politics, it's the absolute WORST. Which is what the Republican party is trying to do today.

    Jo- I had heard that too. According to this author, it was not allowed for church men to marry but it was certainly expected that they would procreate. I would say- "How crazy!" but I don't think it's one bit crazier than anything which probably goes on today.

  6. The fact that priests and nuns don't marry doesn't preclude the possibility that your parents were a priest and a nun! That's what you should have told her. She would have sent you to the principal.

    Love those chickens! Iphone cameras are really good these days. They can take some great shots.

  7. Steve Reed- Well, those were more innocent times. Couldn't get married? Couldn't have children. I did not point out the obvious to Mrs. Carr. You are right- I was afraid.

  8. Two of my best friends are an ex-priest and an ex-nun who got pregnant while still a nun and priest. Their kids are angels and devils in equal measure, gorgeous family. So there.

    I love both of the begonia pictures, the sun peeking through is lovely.

  9. Sabrina- Human nature is human nature which is animal nature which means sex is gonna happen. Angels and devils- I love it! And I do love begonias.

  10. I live vicariously through your chickens. and I want some of those tall phlox. do you collect seed? I could send you some love-in-a-mist seeds to put out next November.

  11. I love that start of the story. And I HATE teachers who won't encourage and applaud. I met TOO MANY of them as well. Most of them 'Catholic'.
    I wanted to say something else urgently, but the thought of the teachers got me.
    Ah, yes - chickens! In spite of my dirt phobia you have actually convinced me that we need some when our cats die. How crazy is that?

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