Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Deja Vu All Over Again. Plus Chickens.

I am back from a walk and there is nothing new to report from Lloyd.
The summer's last roses are blooming, the birds are happy at the feeder, the boys are coming after lunch.

In "real" news, the government is in a mess and I can't help but feel that a small faction of very, very powerful men are so filled with hate for something I can't even begin to understand that they are actually trying to bring down our country and make it appear to be the fault of a president who simply wants better health care for all of us. I wrote a post four years ago which I think still holds some truth although I have to believe that at this point, there is more than racism involved and I think it is money.

Here's a little video I made of my chickens. They are scratching in the pecan leaves, they are looking sad and bereft of feathers. I hope that as their feathers return, their melancholy will lessen.
Am I anthropomorphizing?
Yes. And why not? Are they not fellow creatures with fears and aches and worries? Ever since Trixie got killed, they have pulled into themselves. They sleep huddled together in the nesting boxes instead of strung out along the roost as they used to.
Well, I love them as they are, scraggly and non-productive, perhaps sad and afraid.
Tiny Tyrannosaurus Rexes, my soft, dear chickens.

I am grateful to have such good, small things to fill my good, small world.
I am grateful for all of you.


  1. And I am grateful to be able to come here and hear your chicken report and remind myself that the world is good and a few raving yahoos can't change that. Hugs.

  2. You Ms. Moon are a Chicken Whisperer. You can tell they love you. I bet they think you are their Mama.

  3. A chicken video! I knew you could do it. I knew it! I was going to comment like Birdie pointed out - you are the Chicken Whisperer.

    Those poor sad chickens - maybe they need a party to cheer them up. I bet Owen would decorate.

  4. Mary, your voice is very soothing and so is watching the chickens.

  5. Oh, the Republicans. They hate Obamacare but even more than that, they can't stand the idea that Obama has had a resounding success, a success that might just put him in the same pantheon of greatness as Roosevelt. They're so afraid that he will be remembered for passing a landmark law making things BETTER for people that they're willing to make everyone suffer in a vain attempt to make it go away.

    Which you know already. It just drives me crazy.

    There is something very soothing about the sound of those chickens scratching in the leaves, though I notice they did not answer your question about the eggs. :)

  6. Up here, people's hens haven't been laying, either. Is it moulting time or something? Although I'm told they are starting to lay, again, now.

    Nice to hear your voice!

    Who are these misled people who vote so many Republicans into office? Surely after this debacle, they will hoof them out in the next election? If not ... well, I guess it won't be the first time I've been surprised by the foolishness of people and politicians.

  7. Angella- Mostly. Mostly it's good. It's just an obvious truth that a very few complete power-hungry assholes can fuck it up for the rest of us.

    Birdie- Haha! They think I'm an automatic food delivery system. But I love them.

    Jill- Owen WOULD decorate!

    Nancy- I could watch the chickens for hours. Oh wait. I do. Sort of.

    Steve Reed- I think you are completely right about the governmental situation. I wonder what other countries think of us right now? They're probably laughing their asses/scratching their heads in wonder at our stupidity.
    No. The hens do not wish to discuss the eggs.

    Stubblejumpin' Gal- I have no idea who these Republican voters are. I know a few but I choose not to deal with them if I can get away with that.


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