Thursday, October 31, 2013

Walking This Path Today

Blooming Firespike

Rooting Firespike

Yesterday when I said that I got up and thought that maybe I shouldn't blog anymore, I was in my morning membrane of despair and within that membrane, there are feelings of great inadequacy and despondency as well as despair. And my words about not blogging any more came from that place, and a feeling that everything I write lately is filled with ennui and is of no use to anyone.
It was truly what I was feeling, was thinking. 

But. I cannot give it up. It is my joy and whether or not it means anything to anyone but me, here it is.

One aging woman's message in a bottle, flung out to the universe, of no more importance than the footprints I leave on my walk. And yet, even as I walk down that dirt path, I do take note of what has walked there before me. The coon prints, the fox's dainty paw prints, the sharp, pointed, cleaved print of the doe, the thin, slithery trail of the snake. 
We are all walking together, aren't we? 
Here are my footprints. Here are yours. 

I am going to town to go to Target with my daughter and grandsons. We will buy Waylon a birthday present. It is Halloween. This is my trail today. Thank all of you who took the time to stop and tell me that you walk with me. There is no way to describe how that makes me feel. 


  1. Is that a firespike on your blog of are you just happy to see me?
    Heehee! I crack myself up.
    Have a happy day, it sounds like you are well on your way.

  2. I am so happy to be walking with you on your path.

  3. Regardless of the state of your mind (and we are all a bit crazy) you are a writer, a true writer. And I am glad you continue to blog.
    I learn from you and I appreciate what you have to say.

  4. Glad your bottle floated its way to me. And vice versa.

  5. A message in a bottle from an aging (aren't we all!) mermaid in the faraway land of Lloyd. What a rare and precious gift. I am glad to be sharing the road with you. Your footprints somehow validate my journey and make it less lonely.


  6. Heartinhand made me laugh out loud :)

  7. I am so glad you cannot stop and you won't stop this blog because you can see all the people who come and read and get a little sustenance from your words each day. You are so loved. Sweet Jo

  8. heartinhand- Ha! Both!

    Lulumarie- Oh my goodness. Me too.

    Theresa- Thank you. So much.

    SJ- It was fate!

    Angella- Good!

    Invisigal- Here we are. Isn't it something? Grab me if I stumble.

    The Bug- Heartinhand is a salty woman. I love that.

    Sweet Jo- Well, you know. You know how hard that is to believe. Thanks, darling. As always.

  9. Thank you for your footprints, your messages in bottles. And your comments on my blog.

  10. Glad that you are still here. Even if I stop, I would still read and comment here. You are such a part of my life now--you and your family.


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