Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Stuff

Morning in Lloyd and quiet and clear and chilly. Our heater is not working which doesn't bother me at night because I like sleeping in a cave made of covers and it's not really that bad this morning and of course, what we might call chilly here would barely be bracing where you live but what in this world is not relative? And it will get colder and so the heater guy must be called and we will not die of freezing, I feel certain.

I am being lazy this morning. It feels good, it feels okay. Last week Jessie and Vergil and Greta were here and now they're not and it's just me and my old sleeping dogs and Elvis out in the coop who is calling to be let out. I am going to town today. Lily and I are talking about taking a field trip to Tallahassee's newest stores which both opened a few weeks ago. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and can you believe I haven't stepped foot in either one of them? And Costco. We need to go to Costco for something. I can't remember what. And Publix because I need toilet paper. Good Lord! Does Trader Joe's have toilet paper? Surely they must. Whole Foods probably does too but it's most likely made from recycled and repurposed angel wings or something and costs five dollars a roll. Of course Costco has flats and vats of toilet paper but it's all Charmin usually and I refuse to buy it because the Koch Brothers own that company and so fuck no.
Well. We shall see.

If we do ever move to Apalachicola, our food shopping choices will be narrowed down to the Piggly Wiggly and I am not even kidding you. I think the local residents affectionately refer to it as "The Pig". We have actually discussed buying a small interior lot simply to grow a garden on but I'm not so sure we'll be doing that. I can barely manage to keep up with my garden here and it's about twenty feet away from the kitchen. The lot where we'll build our house doesn't have a whole lot of room and I won't even be able to keep chickens which is a great sadness. We've discussed it but between the alligators and the snakes and the birds of prey and the raccoons, I think it would be one heartache after another, trying to keep hens alive.

Speaking of hens, Miss Ozzie is sitting on the nest so perhaps we shall get another egg today. Wonders never cease.

I really must get off my ass now and move into this beautiful day. There are adventures to be had and grandsons to be kissed and retail outlets to be explored. I just looked up Trader Joe's online and they think I'd like pumpkin butter. I think not. But I do want to buy a pumpkin because it's almost Halloween and there is something I do love about carving a pumpkin into a gap-toothed Jack O'Lantern. The smell of the pumpkin as I cut into it, the tactile sense of reaching in and pulling out the smooth seeds, the setting of the candle inside, the placing of him on the porch in the darkness, the stepping-back and seeing that grin in the night. Yes. I want to do that.

Here we go. Happy Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Trader Joes won't have it :) It's like a cheaper whole foods. And everything is their own brand. I like it! What's really ironic is that I've never once gone into a Whole Foods, but went yesterday. Holy pricetag. Yowza.

  2. SJ- There really is no substitute for Publix, is there? Do you have Publix in DC? If not, I am sorry.

  3. I think you will love Trader Joe's and find Whole Foods interesting but neither for TP. Whole Foods is very pricey. It is fun to walk thru and they have some special items and a great prepared foods section that is also pricey. But I find T J'S's prices better than the regular supermarket. Check out nuts. That is my two cents. Sweet Jo

  4. No Publix in DC -or in Kentucky, either! Have never set food in one of them. I feel I am missing out. :)

  5. We don't have Publix, Trader Joe's OR Whole Foods! All we have is Costco, and I actually don't even have one in my town, the closest one is 45 minutes away. Anyway.

    I woke up soaking wet with a hot flash, then took my dog for a walk in -17C weather and I'm pretty sure I'm going to die from the extreme temperature differences. Hot is hot and cold is cold, get that heater fixed! :)

  6. No Publix here in Cincinnati (where I work) - we live in the land of Kroger. There's a Whole Foods near where I work & I think there might be a TJ's somewhere around here... Let's see... Oh hey there is one not that far away. Cool! I shall check it out.

  7. Field trips with daughters. It doesn't get much better than that. Enjoy. I'm off to Whole Foods myself in twenty minutes. I think of you and enjoy the syncronicity.

  8. I love the T.P. at Trader Joe's... and their pumpkin display was beyond gorgeous. I love their nuts--fresher than others. They have trailmix in single serving bags (pacakaged into a large bag) which is the only way I can be trusted with trail mix. I love their cheap red wine from France--Les Portes de Bordeaux. And they carry Hendricks gin. And, and, and............I go almost every week.

  9. Yes, TP at both TJ's and Whole Foods!

    At Trader Joe's, you may be overwhelmed at first, so let me suggest my favorites: the nut aisle (very good almonds, etc.). The hummus, especially the spicy hummus. The jams made without corn syrup. Their goat cheese.

    At Whole Foods, if you stick to their store brands ("365") the prices aren't bad. I like their pasta sauce and their coffee and their canned beans (all of which I'm sure you can get at Publix or TJ's - I've just never lived with a Publix and never with a TJ and WF in one place). They usually have a nice salad bar which is NOT CHEAP but it's very tasty and I swear I always feel so healthy from it.

    i'm extremely excited that you have a TJ in Tallahassee, because one just opened up in Baton Rouge, and what's right between those two? NEW ORLEANS. It has GOT to come to New Orleans, and then good god I really have to go back home then.

  10. I've just been catching up on your blog after being 'absent' for some time. Glad to see that you're as cheery as always! Have fun carving your pumpkin - I do love this time of year :)

  11. The Trader Joes' house brand macaroni and cheese is really good. We often split one for lunch. Whole Foods is a nice place to visit, but their prices are just stupid.

  12. Damnit, now I may have to roast the seeds when the kids carve punkins this week.

    Does your Costco not have the Kirkland Signature toilet paper?

  13. Do you like ginger cookies? The cat cookies for people in ginger flavor at Trader Joe's are one of my addictions. And the green tea mints. That place is kind of evil. In a good way.

  14. Oh no, I buy Charmin! Or whatever it's called here now. I think, at least. Does it have koalas on it? Who are the Koch brothers? Why is consumerism never fucking simple!

  15. Sweet Jo- I always get my nuts at Costco and keep them in the freezer. I am looking forward to seeing what TJ's has.

    SJ- Well, you know. I live and die by Publix.

    heartinhand- You have my utmost sympathy and I am not kidding at all. I understand.

    The Bug- We'll both check it out!

    Angella- Yes! We were doing research! At the Whole Foods. I hope you had fun at yours. We were mostly just overwhelmed.

    Denise- Wait! Trader Joe's has booze? I am so there.

    NOLA- I will take your advice. I do love a good spicy hummus.

    Wayne- Well, some days I'm cheerful. Some days, well, I'm not. But it's so nice to have you back. I hope all is well in your world.

    Allison- I got that impression of the prices today. Whoa!

    Stephanie- Hell. I don't know. Maybe. Is it good toilet paper? And yes. I love ginger cookies. Why did you tell me that?

    Jo- Google the Koch Brothers. They are evil.

  16. Oh we love Trader Joes - no decision fatigue, and so many healthy choices.
    Whole Foods gave me a headache, too expensive, but if we had one, I'd stop in now and then just to admire the lovely produce displays. Funny, I shop at Costco and never thought to buy the giant TP rolls. Charmin is Koch Brothers safe, so I stay with that brand to be sure. They are evil, indeed. Glad you had a fun day shopping with the clan. :)

  17. Mel- Oh my god. Why did I think that the Kochs made Charmin? Thank you for educating me. I'm an idiot.

  18. We have a Whole Foods here in London, and it's quite popular, though I never go because it's too expensive. Their food IS good, though, and I love the variety. Pumpkin butter sounds pretty yummy!

  19. Mary, the Koch brothers have their fingers in so many pies it's hard to keep track. You are so not an idiot, you're my idol!

  20. Steve Reed- I guess Whole Foods is everywhere. I suppose I will brave it again.

    Mel- I know. But still, trust me- I am an idiot. In so many ways.

  21. The Pig is closing down 22 stores here, including the nearest one to us and they are converting to either Bi-Lo or Harris Teeter. I am not a fan of the Pig, but am a huge fan of Publix. So I drive over to where I keep the boat to a Publix nearby and buy groceries there.

    Who could afford to shop at Whole Foods all the time? I am a label reader and avoid processed foods of all sorts if I can.


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