Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Color Is The Elephant In The Room?

I haven't commented here on the whole uproar the conservative Republicans have created protesting the speech that our President is going to give to school students on Tuesday in which, purportedly, he will be encouraging our children to work hard, accept challenges, stay in school, and have goals.

I haven't commented because I can't even wrap my head around the opposition's position which seems to center around what they perceive to be Obama's real, secret purpose in making this speech which is to indoctrinate America's children in his socialist agenda.
Those words in italics are from a quote made by my own state of Florida's Chairman of the Republican Party, Jim Greer. He went on to say, "President Obama has turned to American's children to spread his liberal lies, indoctrinating American's youngest children before they have a chance to decide for themselves."

Wow. How much personal power can one man have? Can you imagine what would happen if he were allowed to speak for an hour? Our poor little mindless babies would be marching in the streets wearing blue cotton jackets, baggy pants and Mao hats while chanting quotes from Obama's Little Blue Book.

Or something like that.

And of course, anyone who has the brains of a guinea hen (and believe me- they may have brains but they don't use them for much) knows that this is so full of bullshit and fear and fucked-upedness that it puts the entire health care debate into the realm of Socratic Dialogue.

No. This is all part of something which I cannot understand even though when George W. Bush was our president for the eight longest years in the history of the universe, I hated him and his policies and his minions and and everything they did with the white-hot burning heat of the surface of the sun.
I was angry at him, I feared him and what he was doing to our country and I thought he was more of an idiot than that drunk guy who hangs out by our post office sometimes, probably selling crack. Well, he used to before they put the 24-hour EMT service there.

And so did lots of other people. Lots and lots and lots. But we let him hang by his own evil deeds, his own mangled words, his own natural buffoonery. There was no doubt he would and he did, much to the disgrace of our country and the death of tens of thousands. So we probably should have risen up in the streets but we didn't. We did not.

And now we have this smart president who wants to provide health care for all Americans. Who wants to tell children to study hard and stay in school and the twisted right has gotten themselves into such a lather, such a blithering twisted clusterfuck of hatred and fear and anger that it would amusing to watch if it wasn't so scary.

And I think that all of this is about the fact that this man, Barack Obama, had a black father.

He has been attacked ceaselessly and unmercifully since the day he began his campaign to run for president. And when he actually got elected president, the crazies didn't even stop to take a breath. He wasn't really an American. His health care bill is going to lead us straight to hell and communism and oh yeah, Nazism too. And now his little speech to school children is his evil plan to indoctrinate our young in the space of twenty minutes against everything they have been taught so far in their lives.

And because I take everything down to the personal level, I wonder how he is bearing this.

Does he sit on the side of his bed at night and shake his head in wonder? Does he listen to the insane rambling rants of the Foxers, the Birthers, the anti-health care people, and now the Indoctrinators and is there some small part of him which is that little boy he was, a different color with a different name who no doubt had slurs and racists barbs thrown his way, even when he was that tiny boy with that huge grin on his face, and does that little boy want to cry? Does he have to hold his shoulders back against the onslaught of what can only be perceived as hatred based on nothing but his differences?

When I looked into the faces of Bush, Cheney, Rove, I saw the faces of men with such sick secrets that I shuddered. When I look into the face of Obama, whether the one he wore as a child or the one he wears now, I see only someone who is a genuinely good person.
That's how I see things.

But I am very much afraid that so many others look into that face and see nothing but "not-like-us." "Black." And words so much worse.
See- I don't think people are scared of his policies. Not really. I think they're scared of him.

Nothing else makes sense to me. Nothing. Because Bush did so much damage to our country in every way. Economically, spiritually, morally, and constitutionally and although people protested, although people hated him, there was a basis to the hate. There was a reason.

I see no reason whatsoever for anyone to hate this man. It seems to me he's just trying to do the best for all the people of our country. Not just the rich ones. Not just the employed ones. Not just the educated ones. Not just the ones whose parents were both white.

But many seem to. I think they hate him because not only is he black but he has the GALL to speak well and be obviously very, very intelligent with a calm demeanor.

I shouldn't say this, but I'm going to. I think that in the eyes of way too many, Barack Obama represents one of the most feared of racial stereotypes- that of the uppity nigger. How DARE he get an education at Harvard? How dare he rise up and do well and become president? How DARE he have that beautiful family? How DARE a black man have achieved all of this?

And I fear for him. And I fear for his family. And I fear for this country because we can't afford to be this hateful, this insane.
But listen- just because we elected a president who is not white it doesn't mean we're not a nation who still has a large and very vocal population of racists. And not talking about it doesn't make it go away. It makes it worse. I think that if there's an elephant in the room, this is it.

Racism. Pure and simple. Nothing else makes any sense at all.

And racism never makes sense. It only makes us poorer and it only creates fear. And if these right-wingers aren't fearful as hell, I don't know what fear is.

But I do know what fear is. And I fear them. And I fear them for our president who grew up in a country where there were always reasons to fear, just for the fact of the color of his skin.

I love that brave little boy on that tricycle. I love that face which reflects the love he was given and the love he had for the people who loved him, the intelligence he was born with, the optimism he so obviously had, even then. I love the man he's grown up to be which still reflects those same things.

I hate racism. I hate ignorance and baseless hate.
I hate that we have to talk about it here in America in 2009.
But I think we do.
Our secrets make us sick.
The kind of sickness that no health care plan can cure.
Let's pull this sickness out into the light so that it can be examined and rendered powerless.
It's not going to be easy and it's not going to happen tomorrow. But we have to work on this. We have to stop being so afraid of the "other" whether the other has a different colored skin tone than we do or a different sounding name than we do or who loves people of a different gender than we do.

You know what I think Jim Greer and those other Republicans are afraid of if our president makes a little speech to our school children? That those children will, even in the space of twenty minutes, see someone who makes so much sense, who is so obviously intelligent and kind and who really believes in the power of education and learning and hard work and who is BLACK that they might start to realize that skin color isn't what makes a difference in how you judge someone.

And who knows where that might lead to?

A better world. That's what it might lead to.

And I guess that's the scariest thing of all.


  1. Amen to that. I do worry about him and his family. And the uproar over his address to the kids must be the topic of the day. It was getting a bit heated on another site this morning and rather than engage, I opted out. ;-) Sometimes the only way to restore inner peace after trying to discuss a heated topic is just to get those opinions written down. And being a big fan of inner peace, I felt compelled to write this morning, too. :-)

  2. Bravo. You've just written my Sunday post. I'm linking you to my blog this am.

    You're a beautiful person, Ms. Moon and extremely well-spoken.

  3. K- What you wrote was damn good.

    Elizabeth- Thank-you. This was one of those posts where I wasn't sure I should say what I was thinking. But hell- I'm old. I'm never running for office so who cares? Speak the truth and fear no man, etc.
    What I'm saying is- glad you liked it.

  4. We count on you to name that elephant in the living room, Ms. Moon. I haven't been able to wrap my head around this, but you're probably right...racism pure and simple. I am hoping that his address goes underground and gets shown to kids who were not given permission slips by their parents so that they can have the chance to say, "HUH?"

  5. Hi, I am so glad that you are writing what you write showing that there are people like you ! I'm scared by reading fox news, it sounds and looks like movies about US from the '50ties ! thats scares me !

  6. This is exactly EXACTLY what I've been thinking, but you expressed it so much better. This is the most polarized I've seen our country since Vietnam and Civil Rights.

    I worry so much about the Obamas and am so proud of them for having dignity and class through this. I guess they are used to it, and that makes me sadder than I already am to live in a country that treats its citizens that way while criticizing other countries for violating human rights. I'm glad Michelle is black for several reasons. It's bad enough as it is with racists, and she understands since she's been going through it, too.

    Excellent post! I'm going to link it on my blog and also on Obama's Facebook page comments.

  7. They should fear him. We elected him to tear their dirty little world down. We're going to get it done to, until the last mold spore of the last eight years dries up and blows away. Write your congresspeople and Senators. Wear your campaign t-shirts to the grocery store.

    Let's get it on.

    And I don't mean like Marvin Gaye.

  8. As an outsider, bravo Mrs Moon. Bravo.

  9. Lopo- With every kid in the US able to access YouTube, I doubt any one who wants to see it won't and the damn thing is- the parents who forbid their kids to see it are going to be the ones whose kids watch it on the sly and then thing, "What? Are my parents insane?"

    BibProfessor- I am wearing my overalls right now, writing this to you and what I am saying is- there are many, many Americans who think as I do. And who do NOT watch Fox news and I would advise you not to either.

    Joy- Glad you liked it, honey. Thanks.

    Juancho- YOU ARE RIGHT! Let's quit being afraid to pussyfoot around here. And one more thing- nothing wrong with gettin' it on like Marvin Gaye.

    DaddyX- Thanks to the outsider. Do I sound like a mad hippie today too?

  10. Lopo- Uh, obviously I meant "think" not "thing." First mistake I've made in YEARS!

  11. Hello Ms Moon,

    From Nov of 2008 to Sept 2009 the wounds these powerful and ignorant people keep on inflicting at the core of our country's spirit, while we are all trying to restore it after 8 years of lies and crimes, are to be feared. I fear more what their rants overheard by their children will do to those children's minds than any speech from anyone else.

    The influence of the parents apparently is hereby dismissed while children are brought to the church of hatred not only on Sunday but every single day. I am just as sick as you are,
    and like Elizabeth I have to give up trying to understand because at times I think my head would explode. So, the white gloves are off. I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.

    I love this country, I love the decent, honest, open people who once went to war to save others not to search and destroy their countries after a lie. I am tired of the loudest and most ignorant having a pulpit from which to spew the venom that will corrode the spirit and the minds of their children knowing that their inheritance of hatred and prejudices will be the bastion behind which they will hide from the truth and their humanity.

    Yes, we should have risen but the reason why we didn't was and is still very clear to me: we do respect the Law even when the so called leaders trampled all over and smirked about. "So what?"
    It had nothing to do with being cowards, it has to do with the idea that somehow the racist and the thieves would be silenced by the actions of our Democracy in action.

    Instead they are fueling the fires of discord, hatred and lies, the only power they have left. They don't care about their children or they would think what they may see when they look back at their parents lessons today. In their small minds there is only place for one thing: he is not one of us. "That one".

  12. Ms. Allegra- Yes. Why are we letting these hateful people take over our country? Because we believe in free speech, I suppose. Because yes, we respect the law. Because we think that if given a chance, democracy will work and that it means equal rights for all. The racists cannot come forth with their hatred bared. They must wrap it in a flag of another color and so they do. I say it's time we speak out, all of us, in whatever way we can to expose their true meanings.
    I'm not sure exactly how, but we have to figure it out.
    Thank-you for that long, thoughtful comment. I appreciate it so much.

  13. I know...I know. I just can't believe it, and I live in one of the worst states for the birthers, the foxers, makes me so tired. And a little bit like sticking my head in the sand because damn it, I don't WANT to admit there are people who are that crazy left. I want to think we all flipped an "Ah ha!" switch when we elected Obama in the first place, and that while there may still be disagreement, surely these childish things have been put away.

    But no--they have not. I think liberals are not putting up as much of a fight as we maybe should have to counteract some of this shit because we (I) am just simply tired of fighting. I fought for 8 years. You know?

  14. SJ- But now we can fight FOR something, instead of against. I think we have to.

  15. Every single day, I go to my parents' house to pick up my kids, and every single day, my dad is listening to that assface Glenn Beck, acting as if he is the next Messiah. It makes me sick. It makes me sad. It makes me glad that I am well educated, willful, outspoken (all the things my dad hates about me) and can see through it. And I hope my kids grow up to see how senseless this racism and propaganda is, and how much damage it is doing to this country.
    It's so ironic that my dad has been turned down for private health insurance because of his heart condition, but he's against the idea of public healthcare!!! And he can't explain why, except some crap about higher taxes.
    I could just scream, it makes me so mad. But then, he'd just tell me to shut up, he can't hear Glenn Beck with all the noise I'm making.

    A great post, as always Ms Moon.

  16. We kept our mouths shut for all those years because we were told that to do otherwise was an act of treason. That we were dishonoring our troops in Iraq. Those of us who were around for Vietnam remembered how painful dissent was for the soldiers, so we complied. We were hoodwinked.

  17. Oh Ms. Moon... where to start? Sometimes I think it's far more sinister than simple racism. Sometimes I think those in positions of REAL power are not racist, but use racism to further their agenda. Usually the agenda of more power and greed.

    When Jack was 8 he saw a bumper sticker that said "Smile-you'll confuse people". He thought it was an anti-George Bush sticker because, as Jack put it "when he (W) talks he just smiles alot and confuses people". Kids are smart. They can see through bullshit.

    I do believe that most school aged kids interested enough to sit and pay attention to Obama's speech will see an intelligent, well-meaning, inspiring, damn nice man who will probably say things like work hard, go to school, help your neighbor, respect yourself and others.

    I don't know what people are so afraid of. What has this man ever said or done that is destructive or hateful or frightening? He's NEVER spoken of "the enemy" or been boastful and arrogant regarding war and death.

    Maybe I just don't want to think it's as simple as folks being angry that some "uppity nigger" made his way into the Oval Office. Maybe I'm kidding myself or have my head up my butt or something.

    Sigh... I just don't know

  18. Thank you for writing this, I was beginning to think that I was the only seeing sense.

    I have been trying to write a response to the uproar going on, if only to figure out how I really feel about this. but I was getting too worked up over the ignorant comments and haven't been able to keep a sane train of thought. So, thank you for hitting it spot on.

  19. Yep. Fear, racism, and malicious ignorance.

  20. That's a scary thing. Beautiful post.

  21. ms moon
    well, also (of course!) sitting in my round house overalls, I think I need to write more than two lines, so here are some more lines. Yes, I know that there are many of you in US who thinks like you ! and I read Washington post and New York Times online as my regular info channels on US affairs, but I am also reading fox news, not to get some serious info, but to see how ugly and creepy some folks are still thinking and make it at all possible to have VP like Cheney! to see what we all are up against ! I remember in my youth in the '60ties in Denmark when people believed black people didn't wash themselves etc. etc. now my sister in law is an afro-american and the biological father to my adopted son (I adopted him when he was 1 year old) is an afro-american and my son looks like Obama ! (see him on one of my photos in my blog !) making it all so horrifying to see how some people still react to Obama, what are they so afraid of ???

  22. Rachel- This must just be a difficult moment in your day, every day. I honestly think the asshats have brainwashed so many people. But why? How? I'm sure your father isn't an idiot. So why does he buy this crap? Why do any of them?

    Glimmer- That is so true.

    Michelle- I can't figure out any other reason. But then again, people hated Bill Clinton too and he's white. Maybe it's more the smart thing. It's too weird and too sad, whatever it is.

    J- I don't know if I did, but that's my theory.

    DTG- And aren't all those things pretty much the same? Or at least extremely related?

    Mwa- It is scary sometimes over here.

    Mr. Bibprofessor- I do not know what people are so afraid of. The truth, I would imagine.

  23. Thsnks for the post, and sorry that it had to be posted at all... in that I am sick that this is EVEN an issue. But thank you for telling your truth.

    People of color, especially in our country are having to live with white fury, ignorance, control (or illusion of it), and hatred since the day they were born. This includes Natives or indigenous peoples as well. Don't get me started on the Natives 'savages', PLEASE!

    At some point when you live knowing there is so much against you, you just have to make a decision to live your life the best way you can, or cave in fear. Thank goodness we have a president to perseveres and decided to live!

  24. Oh yea, let's not call it terrorism or persecution, because, you know... white people are doing it! Damn it, I'm starting to stoop here... but I can't help it! AAAAAAAAAAAH!

  25. Oh, yes, Ms. Moon.

    And what a wonderful picture that is there - his arm around his daughter and both smiling while she's holding a book. That is the man I elected president, and thank goodness he's smart on top of being decent!

  26. Petit Fleur- It's infuriating. I agree.

    Nola- I love that picture too.

  27. No, Not mad hippy sounding here, not mad at all.

  28. Daddy X- I think it's filled with mad hippy because this hippy is MAD. But I know what you mean.

  29. I put my head down and go about my day and try not to notice. And that is the problem. Because my son just said, "Guess what, Obama is speaking at Wakefield tomorrow." Wakefield, which is a few blocks away. The high school my son would go to if he weren't in a magnet school, although he does play tennis there.

    So this hullabaloo is going on about the neighborhood school and I don't even know the president's speech is there? Shame on me. They won't let me in, of course, not even close. They cordon off blocks and blocks (red alert) for presidential visits, hours ahead of time. But I guess it is time to get my head out of the sand and start showing up and showing these people that they aren't going to take over the country again because those of us who sat by silently for eight years can't be bothered.

    I'm at ground zero. It's time to witness.

  30. I could hold up a sign anyway: WE LOVE YOU MR. OBAMA!

  31. Glimmer- You could do that. You could. One more positive thing which the media will perhaps pick up on. You know, if more of us showed up at these events who support the president and who are vocal about it, it would start to look different.
    I just don't know.
    But I know we have to do something.

  32. This is a brazilliant post. Abso-freakin-lutely brazilliant!
    And this simple paragraph sums it up quite nciely for me:
    "When I looked into the faces of Bush, Cheney, Rove, I saw the faces of men with such sick secrets that I shuddered. When I look into the face of Obama, whether the one he wore as a child or the one he wears now, I see only someone who is a genuinely good person.
    That's how I see things."

    Thanks for that.
    It made my day!

  33. Bob- Thank-you! And thank-you so much for visiting. Come by whenever you feel like it.

  34. Oh, thank you. I have linked this post on my blog because you have stated clearly what I was just feeling scared and upset about.

  35. Jen- No. Thank-YOU. I am so honored.

  36. Thanks for saying this. I'm disturbed by what's going on too and you put things very well. If I had a quarter for every conservative I heard demand "respect for the office of US President even if one disagrees with his politics" during the years Bush was in office I'd be rich. Kinda makes me wonder what happened to that idea...?

  37. I Love your blog. You certainly know how to nail it on the head. I only wish the truth you've pointed out wasn't so true.

  38. This is honestly the best-written, most poignant article I've read about this shit-storm.

  39. Extraordinary. There's nothing more to add. Thank you for saying what I think is on so many of our minds.

  40. holy crap. what an awesome post. thanks for the wise words.

  41. Wow. That brought tears to my eyes. You are so right.

  42. This is my first visit to your blog but trust me, I will be back.

    I'm scared too. Oh so scared. I sit here and bang my head trying to figure out why people I love and trust, people with good educations and sound minds still question Obama's intentions when they are so obviously good & kind. These people are not racist but I don't doubt that the people they are blindly following are.

    I don't know what to say to them anymore. It's like they aren't thinking for themselves anymore. They have put their trust in these extreme right crazies and just can't pull themselves out of the bullshit. And that, definitely terrifies me. But I'm not giving up. Hell no. None of us can.

    Thank you for this brilliant point of view which I will most definitely link to & share...

  43. amazing post. thank you for it. well spoken and beautiful. And exactly true.

  44. This is exactly what I have been thinking but could not articulate it into words. You hit the nail right on the head. Thank you. Thank you for saying the most honest and scariest thing about it all. It is pure racism and ignorance and it makes me sad.

  45. Beautifully written post. I agree. Thank you for saying it.

  46. I'm so glad I got on Twitter today and found your post. It made me cry.

    I have been feeling and thinking the same thing. I look at what's going on in this country, my country, the country I love, and I'm filled with things like despair, sadness, fear. Some of what the right is doing is politics, I know that, but at what cost?

    Bush & company did more to hurt this country than anyone. Because of their use of divisive politics, trying to effect a positive change in this country is either impossible or dangerous. Talking to my own husband in a restaurant in northeast PA, an area filled with ex-New Yorkers, even I carefully chose my words, my husband said the next table cast him dirty looks as if they wanted to punch me. That is freedom?

    During the Bush years, I used to joke I'd leave the country, but never meant it. Now, I worry someday I might have to.

    Thanks for having the courage to post this.

  47. Bravo!!! You my dear are a rock star goddess for writing this!

  48. Wow! this was a pleasure to read.

  49. A-freaking-men!!!!! I live in GA, one of the reddest states in the nation. And since the day Obama entered the race I've heard about "that N*#@&R". To this day, I hear him referred to as such by otherwise esteemed members of society...Preachers, Law Enforcement Officers, Members of the military. People who should know better and have more respect. Yet all they see is his skin. It's disgusting.

  50. You've got me all fired up, and it feels really, very good. I'm sick of being quiet, I want to stand up to this insanity from the right, and I think you've finally given me the push to do so. Thank you for your brilliant words.

  51. My children's elementary school sent home 'opt out' letters for Obama's speech. One of my children's teachers sent me a note when I didn't return the 'opt out' letter asking me to initial my student's planner twice to show that I had in fact seen it.

  52. I think you are right when you say it's the fear of the uppity nigger and "how dare' he accomplish such a lofty goal.

    As someone who lives in San Francisco far from the right wing, um, activities, I have to say I'm amazed and appalled to hear this stuff! I keep wanting to think it's a small, but vocal portion of the US.

    It is, isn't it?

    I just don't see how someone who is intelligent enough to get themselves elected to a public office, like Jim Greer, but certain not limited to him, can really believe that shlock?

    Having just watched the speech with my 6 month old, who, will grow up knowing, that even though he is white, he too, could be president one day, the speech was NOTHING but encouraging children to stay in school, aim high and be good to one another.

    What will the right wing say now? That he modified his speech at the last second because of their pressure?

  53. Thank you for this wonderful and insightful post. I hope it goes viral. People need to read this

  54. I am so moved by your post that I linked to it on my Facebook page. It's the first time I've visited your blog, and I'm glad to have discovered it. Bravo.

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  56. Thank you for writing so eloquently what I've been thinking.

  57. This is wonderful. It sums up everything I've been thinking about the situation just perfectly!

    I was at a gathering with neighbors this weekend where some moms were talking about the speech. I heard things like "Not everybody loves Barack Obama and wants him speaking to our children. He's evil. He scares me. He's a fraud. Did you know he has never produced a birth certificate? What does that say about him? How hard can that be?"

    That's when I had to leave the room because when people degenerate into conversations like that there's no talking them out of it.

    It made me sad for their children, though. And I very proudly walked up to my minivan with the Obama/Biden magnet still on the tailgate (so I can tell it apart from the dozen identical minivans in any given parking lot) and vowed to never take it off. Ever.

  58. Well said! I have a series of posts that suggest similar sentiments--in my own voice, mind you (I'm not allowed to use some of the language you used).

    One insight I would add that I hope will encourage you. Based on my friendship with Barack Obama when we were in high school, I don't think he's agonizing over what ignorant fearful people think of him. I think he has done so much soul searching earlier in life, that this stuff may be annoying distraction from the good he wants to do, but he wouldn't be where he is if he took it personally.

  59. i found this post through clare and im so glad she sent her readers over here. ROCK ON girl! you said it all far better than I could! Wonderful post!

  60. I absolutely cannot say enough complimentary things about this post. Much the same thing has been going through my head for the past week but I never could've articulated it as eloquently as you did here. You have said what I've been hoping someone would say.

  61. I have waited all day to find time to read is now 12:45am, my eyes are burning in my head I'm so tired...and I'm so glad I stayed up another 15 mins to read your inspiring post and the comments that followed.

    I had not thought of this as a racism issue, how sad to think that could be the case. I am still baffled over the hulabaloo from the conservatives over this speech...brainwashing,Socialism, Nazism? Are you kidding me? I have a three yr old daughter who knows the difference between a Democrat and a Republican, but has no idea people are called "white" or "black". I can't imagine she would be so easily brainwashed...

    Celebrate the voices that are educated, enlightened, caring, articulate, compassionate, respectful, willing...what a refreshing change from the last 8 years. Hopefully soon we can add "insured" to that list.

  62. I agree with you that the controversy about Obama speaking to schoolchildren is nonsense. I think your blind, rabid hatred of Bush severely undermines your credibility (blind, rabid hatred always does), except among those who are just as rabid as you. I completely disagree that the root of this controversy is racism. The root of this controversy is that Obama has been profoundly influenced by Marxism, which people quite justifiably distrust. I respect Obama but did not vote for him. I would have loved for McCain to have been black and Obama white. Just FYI, I am a white conservative and my boyfriend is a black jazz musician (more conservative than I am).

  63. I happened upon your blog today and have to say It made me a little sad. I am a conservative. I read President Obama's speech and I rather liked it. I felt it a message I myself would try to teach my children. I also teach my children that ALL people should be respected, including a president that does not reflect my views.
    I disagree with many of Obama's policies not because he is black. It is merely differences of opinion. Yes, there are crazy people out there, on both sides of the isle, but most conservatives who disagree with this President are not racist. We simply do not agree.
    I feel like the media, again on both sides, feeds us a distrust of one another that could be resolved if we spoke peacefully and with open hearts.
    I appreciate the opportunity to respond

  64. Thanks so much for this, Ms. Moon. I've been resisting reaching the obvious conclusion for weeks now, because it was just too depressing. Of course, I know there are people who are opposed to Obama's policies and not his skin color. I have no problem with thoughtful dissent based on the issues. But I can't fathom what the man has done to elicit the sputtering rage that some people are displaying. As much as I disliked President Bush, it never occurred to me to say horrible things about him to my children or to "protect" them from his messages.

  65. And don't forget the best example of irony: Greer's statement about the danger of sending your kids to school has two misplaced apostrophes.

  66. My goodness! You started quite an uproar! I imagine you are pleased by this;)

  67. Ms. Windy- First off, what are you doing reading blogs? You are sick and should be asleep! Secondly, I wish I didn't have to write about racism but dammit, I do. And here's a funny thing- since I wrote this, I have seen articles saying very similar things everywhere from our local paper to the NYT's. And heard similar views on NPR. It's not just me. I was just one of the earliest ones to bring this up.

  68. I just found your blog today and can't add much more than others have so far I'll just say Thanks for saying it.

    I live in GA and, in spite of who ends up getting elected in this state, I think of us as more purple. I know so many level headed moderates (and I count myself amongst them) who just get shouted down by the racists and fear mongers (for an example just look at Saxby Chambliss - the fool that passes as a leader in this state - and his recent comments on Obama needing to be more "humble" when he spoke to congress. We know humble = quit acting "uppity").

    Oh and I noticed the index entry for the XLERATOR hand dryer in your labels. Have you ever seen the Dyson Airblade?? There is one in the Minneapolis airport? The republicans can have Larry Craig, give me this dryer.My god its the most fabulous thing ever!!! Maybe if these were installed in the House and Senate Chambers our lawmakers could find common ground over ther pure awesomeness of these dryers and then look for common ground on other things as well :-)

    Look forward to reading more.

    Elizabeth in Atlanta, GA

  69. Dear Ms. Moon,

    Full disclosure that I am a conservative , so I hope you don't mind my post. I didn't vote for President Obama and I disagree with him on almost every issue, but with all my heart I could not care less about the color of his skin. I guess I feel responsible to let you know that we are not all racists, I don't know a single Republican who is racist and I know a lot of Republicans, many of them staffers on Capitol Hill. Now, I also live in Washington DC which may or may not be less racist than other parts of the country, I don't actually know how it compares to Birmingham, Alabama, for example.

    It's unfair to blame the media for everything but they certainly like controversial images and stories (I was a journalist, that's what we were taught) so of course "if there's a racist in the crowd let's get a shot to make it more exciting, even if the rest of the crowd does not reflect that image." I also wonder if the extent of commentary about racism isn't necessarily an indication of the amount of racism in the country but more awareness about it? That is also my hope, even though there are still racist people in the US they are small in numbers but they are just getting more press.

    I get that you hated GW Bush, I didn't support him much myself, but just like you disagreed so fervently with GW's policies some of us simply disagree just as passionately about Obama's policies, it doesn't come from a place of hate or racism, but because of different ideology.

    This November I am going to Sudan to volunteer at an orphanage, can I tell you that not once have I thought about all the ::black:: children I'm going to help? I only think about all of the parentless children who need love, support, and encouragement and I cannot wait to be able to provide some of that for a brief time.

    Thank you for your post, I enjoy reading "the opposition" if only to step outside my comfort zone and learn of others' concerns. Maybe one day all of your and my fears will be solved.

  70. Anonymous- I don't mind a conservative commenting here. That would be ridiculous! Thanks for taking the time to do so.
    I am not saying here that everyone who opposes our president is a racist. I am saying that the unprecedented anger, vitriol and bile being directed at Obama after less than a year in office is based in racism in a large part. Yes, I opposed Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq. Many did because there was no basis for need.
    But for people to be crying and carrying on about our country and how it is being destroyed because Obama wants everyone in this country to be able to afford health care is ridiculous. And you know it, too. Then came the "Oh my God, he wants to speak to our children!" debacle.
    Come on. That's insanity.
    Like I said- so is racism.
    I am not the only one to believe this. As I am sure you know, Maureen Dowd put her feelings on this matter in a column in the NYTs last Sunday.
    And you know what? Going off to help ::black:: children as you put it doesn't meant that you're not a racist although really, I doubt you are. But that's just like the old, "Some of my best friends are black" argument.
    I stand by what I wrote. But I am happy to have you disagree with me.

  71. I got attacked during the election for saying that Obama was the "perfect" person to become the first African American president. Why did I think that? Because he gets the white thing and he gets the black thing. And we NEED that for this bridge to the future. It makes me absolutely sick that this man is being attacked for reasons (deep down) that have nothing to do with his politics. Hell, even Bill Clinton didn't get this kind of vitriol and he deserved more of it than Barack ever will. And I voted for Bill Clinton. Twice. The same as I will for Barack Obama.

  72. Very thought provoking. I honestly can't understand. I go home and I see my siblings with small children and no health insurance while simultaneously fearing and wailing about Obama's communism and I have to pick my jaw up off the ground because I just. don't. get it. And I want to shake them and smack them or something and say, "It's you! You idiots! It's you he's doing it for!"

  73. FoundInIdaho- I couldn't agree with you more.

    Blues- Really. I know. Where does this insanity come from and where will it end?

  74. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving this link. We are on the same wave link. Somehow, I feel less disheartened after reading your post. I have to believe that the yahoos are loud and obnoxious, but not a majority. I have to focus on voices like yours. shining a beaon of reason and sanity into the darkness of ignorance and hate.

    BTW, I like your response to anonymous. I hope that he or she listens and understands. It's not about disagreeing with Obama's policies, it's about painting him as being the anti-christ, hell bent on destroying the country becasue of some secret agenda to convert us to socialism. It would be laughable if the wingnuts weren't so serious in their efforts to destroy him.

  75. Sheria- And your post gave me hope. Let's not let the crazies win this one. Okay?


Tell me, sweeties. Tell me what you think.