Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Tiny Movie

MerMer is tired tonight, y'all. The boys and I did it all from puzzles to pretending to searching for dinosaur bones to feeding goats (tip of the day- goats will CLIMB a fence to get to baby carrots which is damn scary) to having snacks to feeding chickens to reading books to discussing many, many things.

I am pondering all your comments on my dietary post and I am thanking you for all of them. Please- add more as you like. It's a good discussion. We are all different and what we can live with, what we feel comfortable with and what works is probably unique to each of us but it helps to share ideas. For right now, I think I'm just going to try and go to a less processed foods/less wheat sort of thing with my usual low fat protein sources, whether beans or venison or chicken or fish and a hell of a lot less cheese although that breaks my heart and I don't eat that much to begin with. Tonight I've got some chicken breasts in the oven with garlic and lemon juice and olive oil and oregano and they smell delicious. I'm heating up turnip greens that Mr. Moon brought home from Georgia and I'm going to make some quinoa and just not worry about the fact that carbs are killing my brain.
Or...not killing my brain. Whatever.

Mr. Moon will be home soon. I've tidied the house a little and shut up the chickens and I am feeling good. There is nothing like having those boys and their loving and funny ways to make me happy. Worn out but happy.
And tonight we shall sleep and get up and do it all again.
And so it goes and so it will until it does not.
Here's a little video I made today. I love the way Gibson holds his palms up and shrugs when he doesn't know the answer to something. He is growing up and learning the ways of The Humans. And Owen is obsessed right now with being the Hulk. He has worn his green pajamas for three days in a row and the Hulk mask is never far away.

My boys.


  1. That is such a wonderful age, the first 5 years or so.

  2. Distilled preciousness. Better than bourbon!


  3. I like your boots, too, Hulk Cowboy!

  4. Such very nice little boys! And yes, I think dietary needs are somewhat individual, and if one takes all proscriptions into account, there's pretty much nothing left to eat that's healthy and moral. Too much kale interferes with vit D absorption. And the quinoa (I cooked a pot of it last night)that signals our trendy, conscious eating choices? We're taking too much of the crop away from the people who grow it and depend on it as a staple. Maybe we can drink water if we're lucky enough to live near some that's good. Your dinner sounds delicious.
    It always does. Bless all our hearts.

  5. I LOVE the video and your sweet voice. More, please.

  6. Sweet boys, sweet voice. Sweet Jo

  7. The hulk cowboy! Mary, I just love your voice so much :)


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