Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I feel sick to my stomach this morning. It's the anxiety queasiness. It's the something-is-very-wrong-in-the-world nausea. I have written two e-mails to the Republican representative to Congress from my district. I keep telling him to be a man and do his job. He isn't listening. He's an undertaker. He believes in the protection of all innocent lives (i.e. preborn lives). He's married to a girl he's known since the first grade. He's an avid sportsman and thus, really cares about the environment. He has four daughters and thus, really cares about education. He has parents and thus, really cares about senior issues.

Yes. I have been to his web site.

What a load of crap.

In my e-mails I also reminded him that while he is getting paid (by the taxpayers) and he is getting very adequate health care, he is risking the very lives and well-being of the people of his district. His auto-response assures me that he is "humbled and honored" that he has been afforded the opportunity to represent me in Congress.

He can bite my ass.

I'm so sick of this shit. I'm so sick of thinking that a small segment of crazy people are trying to bring down the entire US government so they can blame the ensuing chaos on Barack Obama. I've never been one to believe in conspiracy theories but I truly believe this is what is happening. Because nothing else makes sense.


  1. The republicans conspired, complained, and state by state attempted to dismantle another law in very similar ways: the Civil Rights Act. The same rhetoric, the same percentage of voters opposed, etc. etc.
    They really should just come out and stand on their true platform, that of greed and bigotry.

  2. This is a hostage situation, and it's really fucking sad and scary. Living here blows sometimes.

  3. I hear ya Ms Moon. Sad thing is that if it were a conspiracy theory you'd expect more secrecy - but this thing is so frickin' transparent and obvious.

    I'm starting to get scared this won't be quick. Thankfully I can apply for unemployment which will help me that area.

    The rest of the fallout - good grief, it is too much.

  4. It's happening, all right. Completely sickening.
    Try not to face north. Point yourself toward Cozumel, and maybe the feeling will pass.

  5. "He can bite my ass!" What a great summation!

  6. I think you - and your brilliant commenters - are all correct.

    From here, my little dot in the ocean thousands of miles away, it seems so bizarre. A Brecht play chock full of absurdity that deliberately tries to alienate the audience.

    And then I start to worry, because I would like to come home. What about a job? Healthcare? New Orleans, the city I love so much that is a cesspool of violence and getting worse each day?

    Shit's getting real, but it seems too absurd for reality.

    And I really appreciate your stance, speaking up when people want to just be quiet and suffer silently. I'm not a fan of the silent suffering, but I want to figure out how we can mobilize and make things happen to end this tyranny.

  7. I agree with you - what else is there to say? Sweet Jo

  8. I agree with you and he can bite my ass too.

    Although we live in the same state I have a different Congressman and he seems to be just the right kind of crazy to call out the republicans. This is what I got when I googled him.

    Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) did not discount what he called “public reports” that Republican lawmakers were drinking on the job, telling Salon that it was affecting their job performance.

  9. Magnum- Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

    SJ- No shit.

    Jill- I keep thinking about all the medical research. They can't just put that shit in the refrigerator and come back to it when the government opens back up again. Christ!

    Denise- Mexico. Where they have universal healthcare.

    Nancy- I thought it was more lady-like than, "Fuck that cocksucker." Right?

    NOLA- If I were you, I would consider staying in Yap as long as possible.

    Sweet Jo- Thanks. Always.

    Gail- For some reason, I have just recently become aware of Grayson. He sounds awesome and incredible and how in hell did he get elected in FL?

  10. after all of this crap, i am not sure how i can ever look at anyone who voted for the republicans who did this and not think of them as a bunch of motherfuckers.

    stupid hurts. this version of stupid is hurting A SHIT TON of good people and those motherfuckers are still getting paid in full.

    all y'all take care now.


  11. I think you're correct. Republicans have been obstructionists for some time but this takes things to a whole new level. They just want to smear Obama any way they can, no matter how many people it hurts. I saw a show the other night (Maddow) that asserted this is partly a result of their redistricting -- they drew districts to be more and more securely Republican, but by creating such heavily conservative districts they've made themselves more vulnerable to being primaried by the extremists on the right.

  12. Yes, it is enough to make one want to puke. I saw the video about the Congressman with the flag in his pocket berating the Park Service Ranger. What a low life that man is.


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