Tuesday, October 22, 2013

There Is No Script

Town was fine with my girls and my boys and I could only hang through the mall and then lunch which we ate at an Indian buffet, Gibson saying, "Picy!" meaning spicy but it didn't deter him and he and his brother were so happy to have both Jessie AND May-May, both of their beautiful beloved lady-aunts, and even Mama and MerMer too, and in Sephora, I touched up Owen's current tattoo which Hank gave him (a spider) with glittery waterproof eyeliner and if I ever go back to Cozumel, I am buying some of that eyeliner, it is the color of mermaids and the water of the Caribbean and I will wear it to dinner every night.

Meanwhile, here we are in Lloyd, tomorrow those boys are coming, tonight Freddy is filming a movie in my backyard in the drizzling darkness.
"Action," he says.
I am quiet, Greta is laying by my feet (Jessie has a rehearsal in town and Vergil is with her) and she is quiet too. She has become my shadow when her true humans are gone. She is a good shadow. I let her lay on the bed with me this afternoon and will probably go to hell because she is not allowed to do that but grandmothers, well...grandmothers. Next thing you know, I'll be baking her cookies.

It is a strange life sometimes. Fuck if I can figure it out.
Don't really even feel the need to try. Not tonight, anyway, with the dripping of the rain off of the leaves in the darkness.


On to the next scene.


  1. It has to be your eyes Mary. You are gorgeous! Really, I mean it. I get that we see ourselves in the harshest of light sometime but the picture of you and Owen, wow. And this has nothing to do with sweetness either. Sweet Jo

  2. If I ever get a tattoo, it'll be made of eyeliner.
    If I ever get another dog, I'll let her lay on my bed.

    Wonderful photos. You hair looks so pretty.

  3. I want a spider eyeliner tattoo! Actually I really want a ladybug on a daisy tattoo, except for the part where they put actual needles & ink & stuff on my actual skin.

    That sounds like just the right amount of shopping to me...

  4. there is no figuring out life. you just deal with it on a day by day basis.

  5. Sweet Jo- My eyes feel so tired and old. But thank you. You ARE sweet.

    Denise- I gave Gibson a "tattoo" of a heart on his hand with the eyeliner and he loved it. "Too?" he kept saying, offering his plump beautiful paw to me for kissing. I recommend eyeliner tattoos.
    I have good hair. I HAVE hair. I am grateful.

    The Bug- It was enough. I don't mind the idea of the pain of the needles. I just can't think of anything I'd want permanently on my skin. I already have enough going on there with all the hideous sun damage. Maybe someday, though. Never say never.

    Ellen Abbot- Amen and yes.

  6. A glittery eyeliner spider tattoo! Now THAT sounds awesome. I want one too!

    As for life, I'm not sure there's really anything TO figure out. It just happens.

  7. LOL on the spider tattoo. Best kind to get is the one that washes off.


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