Friday, October 4, 2013

My Teacher

Dark and quiet except for a truck's engine and squealing tires as it downshifts for the railroad tracks, one lone rooster already calling for daylight next door.
Crap sleep. Heartburn (where is THIS coming from?) and dreams that are a fool's meanderings. Brad Pitt was involved but I was in prison. Not a good prison, either. A tropical storm possibly on the way, the husband about to leave to go hunting in Georgia for the weekend.
Well, fuck it.
Those boys will be here soon in the deep darkness, eyes bright and shining, even though.

This is what I want to remember from yesterday:
Elvis approaching Gibson, as he does, for food and when no food appears, wanders off with Gibson in pursuit because Gibson wants to pet that rooster with all of his baby heart. Suddenly, Elvis stands tall and flaps his mighty wings and crows his mighty crow, ear-splitting and he's as tall as Gibson and the poor child dissolves into tears and before I can get to him, his brother races to him and crouches down, enfolds him in his arms. "It okay," he says. "It okay."


  1. Y'all are raising dear and gentle boys. Love your stories about them. I had a crappy night of sleep myself and woke up in a cold sweat. What was that about?? Better night tonight for both of us! x0x0x0 N2

  2. Oh my soul, I think my heart just burst with sweetness. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Owen is such a wonderful big brother. If only Elvis wanted to be petted! Sorry you get to add heartburn to the list of maladies. I'm stuck taking prescription acid reducers or I'm even more miserable. All systems are haywire and I'm so tired lately I'm trying to embrace this as the new normal.
    We've got dark and dreary weather moving in too, I'm trying to pretend it's not coming. I was really enjoying all that sunshine.
    Hope you have grand adventures with those beautiful boys today.

  4. I know about that waking up in the night and not going back to sleep routine. Sometimes it's heartburn ("Gaviscon" is my go to remedy) and other times something just *hurts*. This morning at around three it was pounding rain, and then that was it.
    There was a time when I didn't quite get that, "it must be going to rain, my knees (or insert other ailment) are bothering me", thing. I do now, that's for sure.
    Sure hope you enjoy your day.

  5. Those boys. Bright shining eyes indeed. Damn. And I am so grateful you have the ability to show us.

  6. I think I said it yesterday, but those boys are stunning.

  7. Oh, just lovely. Happy Friday dear MM. Shake off those dreams. You are not in prison.

  8. Those boys are being steeped in love, and it shows. I am so glad you are recording these moments for them, for us.

  9. "It okay"

    Oh, my heart is melting.

  10. Oh, the sweetness. The sweetness. Lay me low with it.

  11. "It okay Mary, it okay." Never to be forgotten. Sweet Jo

  12. Dear little boys... and being raised so beautifully.

  13. N2- God. Who knows? May we all sleep tonight.

    NOLA- It really was the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life.

    Mel- We were all pretty tired today. Our adventures were more petit than grand but we had a few.

    Bob- Oh, that pain before it rains is real. It lets us know all the places we've insulted our bodies with this injury and that one. Hell, isn't it?

    Jill- I feel so lucky to be able to set these things down as they happen.

    Elizabeth- Yeah. They really are.

    Bethany- Well, I was getting out but I couldn't find my bicycle. Dreams!

    Angella- Me too. Oh yes.

    lulumarie- Mine melted four years ago and I doubt it will ever re-congeal.

    Denise- I promise you, it was even sweeter than it sounds. That little boy holding on to his big brother, the tears. My heart.

    Sweet Jo- For all of us, words to remember.

    A- The first reaction- love and protection. Says so much about Lily and Jason.

  14. There are billions of people that could learn a thing or two from Owen. But then again, compassion like that can't be taught.

  15. So nice of Owen to love and protect and comfort Gibson. Good for him.


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