Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm just about ready to admit that the whole shooting match depends on celestial alignments and misalignments that we cannot predict nor understand and let it go at that.

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day, a glorious day, a day of light and coolness, of naughtiness and hardly a whiff of existential despair. Miss Honey showed up after weeks of having disappeared, possibly into the Chicken Witness Protection Plan. We fed her some oyster crackers (what Owen calls the not-good crackers) and sang our greetings to her pretty little face.

The government is still shut down (and I've written my fourth e-mail to my Republican representative and the dude still hasn't ended his Tea Party stance), the government of Florida is as fucked up and evil as ever and this man is still unbelievably our governor

 I'm still fat, my hips still ache like crazy, and I'll never have a daddy but fuck it. I'm absolutely not unhappy today.

Went for a walk and picked these.

And still left plenty for the birds, butterflies and bees.

Came home and hung clothes on the line and the very sight of them drying in the sun pleases me to a ridiculous degree.

My plans for the day include cleaning the MOTHERFUCK out of the hen house in hopes I can entice the ladies back in to lay an egg or two, and working a little bit in the garden. 

And that is it. And that makes me happy. 

Yes. I'm happy today. For absolutely no apparent reason and perhaps the planets are aligned properly for you too. I would love that to be true. We all need days like this to remind us that there are, in fact, days like this. 

Love from Lloyd...Ms. Moon


  1. I actually did find my happy again last night. It had been missing for a few weeks.

    Lovely to see the sun on the laundry :)

  2. Did you tell us Miss Honey disappeared? Maybe. Anyway I am glad she is back. Seeing the clothes on the line brings back childhood memories. It does look like a beautiful day and I hope you are in for some eggs soon. Do chickens take breaks like this? Sweet Jo

  3. What is it about clothes drying on a clothesline that is such a pleasant sight? I love a clothesline. If I had my way I would never, ever use a dryer. (And in fact we dry our clothes on an indoor/outdoor drying rack 99 percent of the time.)

    I'm glad Miss Honey is back though I hope she has not put herself in danger from the Chicken Mob, or whoever she was trying to escape. :)

  4. Maybe they will be so excited to see Miss Honey that they will be able to lay again and it'll help from missing Trixie. I know they're just chickens, but you know they felt trauma with that if they aren't laying.

  5. Stephanie- I tell you, it's the planets.

    Sweet Jo- Miss Honey just hasn't shown up and hasn't been laying her regular egg-a-day in the nest in the garage that Mr. Moon made her. Since she lives next door, I wasn't too worried but it sure was nice to see her. Chickens do take breaks but not like this, I don't think. Maybe they're just too old.

    Steve Reed- I do not know but clothes drying on the line is just magic for me.
    I have no idea why Miss Honey wasn't showing up but we sure missed her.

    SJ- SOMETHING is going on with those chickens. I wish I knew. I asked Mr. Moon to pick up some chicken vitamins in town.

  6. Those flowers make my heart smile! And your governor looks psychotic in that picture! Of course, Ohio's governor is kinda crazy too, but today I don't care because I lost my wallet yesterday & found it today :)

  7. Oh i'm happy today too! In spite of our really effed up government. And my first home state (Maine) .. now i live in Oregon has a hideous governor too. Paul LePage. Maybe you've heard of him? Yesterday he declared a state of emergency in Maine because of the govt shutdown. He granted himself special powers. Whatever that means. He's as delusional and tea party as they come! But i'm happy, and so glad you're happy in spite of all the wackadoo politicians.

  8. Mary - I was thinking about Paul LePage when I wrote about our Ohio governor - they seem to be cut from the same cloth. Ugh!

  9. That photo of the clothes so cheerily hung makes me happy, too. And as you know, I'm not a happy camper these days.


  10. Sweet Jo is officially spoiled... I came here looking for your end of day writing and it is not here. I don't know whether to be worried about you or grateful that you share yourself with us most every day so how self centered of me to even admit I miss you here tonight... But I do. And I do hope you and yours are all ok. Sweet spoiled Adoptee

  11. What beautiful photos of your life--well, not the one of the crazy-eyed governor--but the other ones. Sweetness.

  12. The Bug- Our governor IS psychotic. I'm glad you found your wallet. What a relief!

    Mary- I heard about that Maine thing. Jesus but that's scary.

    Elizabeth- I'd stand on my head and wiggle my ears to make you smile. I swear I would.

    Sweet Jo- I sat down to write last night and I just felt like everything I was saying was so incredibly mundane and unimportant (as opposed to all of the really profound shit I usually write) that I just deleted it all. Some times it's like that.
    All is well though. All is well.

    Denise- It was a very sweet day.

  13. happy days don't need a reason. I need to finish this model, I need to work out in the garden, I need to get my shit together for the wine fair tomorrow where I'm supposed to show my art work.

  14. Christ, that man really does look like aliens ate his braina and took him over. Scary shit.

  15. Your clothes on the line please me and I didn't even do all the work to get them there, nor did I get to smell the freshness when they came off the line. That's just a nice sight.

  16. Yay to have a chicken return after having been lost in the wilderness. I wish the others would come back too. I wonder if the good ole US is going to default in a few days. The Tea Baggers won't be happy until another Civil War occurs.


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