Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, it's a Monday.

Mr. Moon did get the heat working. It wasn't a pilot light. We don't know what it was. He hit it with a hammer. It began to work.

My yoga teacher is back and so I will be going to class this morning for the first time in weeks.

My dogs (why is it that every time I go to type "dog" I type "god"? I don't dyslex other words like that) are going to go see Miss Beverly, their groomer woman. This means I have to take them.

And I'm going to town because I haven't seen Owen since Friday and this is not right.

The blender broke when Mr. Moon was trying to make the smoothie at six a.m. I don't think a hammer was involved. I suppose I need to get a new blender. There are smoothie-dregs all over the kitchen.

There is also hunting laundry and assorted laundry all over the laundry room. The Lloyd water system was down last night for awhile and I didn't get to it in a timely manner.

I still can't fit into my jeans. Well, I can but it's not fun.

And such a tiny day of tiny things and I feel completely overwhelmed already although I think Lily and Owen will be going to the library with me and this will be a big thing and I already suggested to Lily that he should get his own library card. I mean, he'll be a month old next Saturday.

I wonder if my medication is working.
And if so- how well?

I hope your Monday is going smoothly. At least I'll get to kiss a baby and you can't beat that.
I will hold that thought in my mind.


  1. Deep breaths, Ms. Moon...deep breaths.

  2. Hey, maybe you could do weight watchers with me, I lost 6.9lbs last week.
    I hope your trip to the library is fun. I tried taking Farty to Barnes & Noble yesterday...big mistake.

  3. 6.9 pounds!? WOW! Now I want to do WW!

    Love the hammer method of appliance repair. :) That, with the duct tape method, is pretty much my repertoire.

    I got a library card the instant I could write my name - it has backwards letters in crayon - it's awesome. So you're just a few months or years early. :)

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. I love Mr Moon's fix-it skills.

    Hope you have a good day at the library with Owen and Lily. I agree it's time for him to get his own card. I can't wait to hear what books a 1 month old checks out. :)

  5. Good morning, mama! I wish I could come hang out with y'all!

  6. My husband fixes things like that. His fix-it skills are limited to that one thing. Hammer-hitting...

    I'm sorry you feel "off" and I hope it lifts soon.

  7. Robin- I remembered to do that in yoga. Now if I can just remember in real life.

    Rachel- Damn! That's great! I like to think I sort of live my dietary life by WW properties but obviously, this is not true lately. Sigh.

    Nola- Ah- the big moments in our lives.

    Mel's Way- I think we should start with picture books. What do you think? Or maybe The Owl and The Pussycat. Yeah. That would be good.

    DTG- ME TOO!

    Ms. Trouble- As you know, Mr. Moon is pretty good at fixing, even beyond hammers. I am lucky.

  8. Baby kissing and yoga sounds perfect. I hope it helps!

  9. Library card for Owen, hooray. Can't start too young, I agree. One of my favorite things to do at work is make up Liubrary cards for children (and read the children's books when no is watching). Enjoy your Monday. Hang in there.

  10. oh, and maybe look for
    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane at the library?

  11. God/dog - clearly you're the original athiest dyslexic from the joke.

    Meds: time to go talk to the doctor? It seems like this is a shifting thing, better to monitor it.

    Kiss own from me. Snorgle his little tummy for me!

  12. Hmmm, maybe I need to go to the library today....

  13. I am glad the heater is now working; I HATE to be cold, so when I read your post about being cold it made me feel bad for you. Never underestimate the power or a hammer and balck electrical tape; I try those two things before all others.

    Kissing the baby and going to the library sound like high points; enjoy the sweetness.

  14. Glad the heat is working. Kiss Owen once for each of us :)

  15. Glad the heat is working again.

    Enjoy Owen. I know you will!



  16. If it helps, you seemed organized & happy to me yesterday.

    Twas a PLEASURE meeting you and visiting your chickens. My girls LOVED it even though they seemed out of sorts.

    Thanks for letting us stop by. :)

  17. hi, jet lagged from my US-trip with new thrifted a little big sized overalls, what about that instead of jeans :), yes, yes, I know I am too much into overalls but anyway, baggy overalls are not that bad solution ! have a nice Monday night !

  18. Ya know... it's just not fair. In the summer, the heat stalks us and wraps us in it's flaming clutches... and when we actually need it, poof! There must be a better way to regulate this shit!

    HA! I love that Mr. Moon. I'm one to try a hammer to anything as a starting point. Except maybe Harley.. and my puter. Ok, and Marc too. :-)

    Hope you are feeling better. It's a glorious day! xo pf

  19. You need to get yourself some seasons over there.

  20. I wonder the same thing about my medication every single day, all day long. When I'm having a good/less anxious day (actually, make that moment) I obsess over how long it will last. When I'm having a very anxious day, I obsess about it just the same...

  21. That's a good thing to keep in mind.

    I don't think smoothie all over the place plus hunting laundry plus water trouble is little things. Those would overwhelm me. I'd be out of that door to see that baby and ignoring the rest, hoping it will go away.

  22. He can't be a month already, can he? Has it been so long?

  23. I love the fact that hitting the heater with a hammer made it work again. I hope it keeps working for you! I'm going to snuggle my little nephew tonight, and he is SIX months old now! No fair!

  24. Elizabeth- It totally did.

    Bethany- Unfortunately Owen wouldn't stop nursing long enough to sign up for a library card. Darn! He's so immature!

    Jo- I snorgled, I kissed.

    May- And I am so glad you did. Do you know how beautiful you are? Probably not. But guess what? You are a stunning woman and the beauty is within and without. I love you so.

    Kori- I did. Thank-you.

    Stephanie- I believe I gave him at least that many kisses. Maybe more.

    Ms. Bastard- Me too and I did!

    Angie- It was really lovely meeting you and your family. Your girls are just strikingly beautiful. I have a real love for girls that age- not babies, not grown yet, all legs and hair and eyes. They were sweet and I loved all the hugs.

    Bib Professor- The problem is- jeans keep us honest with our weight, overalls are way too forgiving! Which is why I wear them all the time.

    Ms. Fleur- Yes, probably best to keep the hammer in the drawer when it comes to sons, husbands, and computers.

    Daddy X- Oh. We have seasons. Freezing ass cold and sweat your ass off. That pretty much covers it.

    Lola- Well, exactly. Although I can't actually remember the last time I felt that everything was good and that I didn't feel anxious. Okay, maybe a fleeting second or so. Why are we like this?

    Mwa- It didn't go away but it was easier to deal with after being with the baby. He's so damn sweet.

    Marsha- Three weeks, two days.

    Ginger- Six months is still awesome.

  25. Part of what I love about your blog is that you have the perspective of an artist about life. You see the little things little, but they're big if you're close to them. And the big things big but they're little if you're farther away. And you see it all at once.

    And today I loved this giggle of an opening: "Mr. Moon did get the heat working. It wasn't a pilot light. We don't know what it was. He hit it with a hammer. It began to work." Life is simple and complex at the same time.


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