Friday, June 26, 2009

Okay, L7, Part II

Here's another thought I have about Michael Jackson:
The ridiculously gifted and amazing song-writer/performer he was back when he was young was one person.

And for some reason that we'll never understand, that person disappeared and was replaced by someone else. Someone who wasn't quite male, quite black, quite as gifted. He shape-shifted.
Not by spells or magic but with knives and scalpels and transplanted pieces of plastic.

The whole world watched as this happened. As his face melted and was shaped into something neither whole nor happy nor human. I can't say this enough- he was not quite human anymore. And that part of him that was human was so deep inside of him, so lost, that we never saw it again. We never heard it again. He became a persecuted soul who, if he had not been Michael Jackson, would have been living not in the most beautiful hotels and houses in the world, but in a prison or a psychiatric ward.

The Michael Jackson who made us dance until we melted, who made us all so proud to be human because only humans can write and sing like that from the heart, can dance like that from the soul, died a long, long time ago.

And that Michael, I hope, was released yesterday.

I keep thinking about his children. Prince Michael? Blanket? What are their names? I think of them as being like those changelings, left in the nests of strange birds, fairy-children hidden among the children of the people. How will they exist now? They had no mothers and the not-human being who was their father is gone. The veils from their faces have been ripped off and I am not sure their eyes can stand the light of the real day.
I cannot quit thinking about the children, those changelings, those strange little people who have to live in this world now.

I dreamed last night that I was in a car that had gone off a cliff and I knew I was going to die. Instead of being frightened, I relaxed completely as the car (and it was dark green and the seats were velvet) soared through the air and I thought to myself, here we go. I wonder what it will be like, and I was so curious and not afraid at all.

I hope it was like that for Michael Jackson. I hope he soared and was not afraid.


  1. Beautiful post, Ms. Moon. Thanks.

    Have a great weekend.



  2. I agree, this was a beautiful post. I think you're right. We have all been mourning the loss of that Michael for a long time now.

    I was such a huge fan of his when I was little. Thiller was the first record (yes, record - for my Fischer Price record player) I ever pleaded with my parents to buy for me.

    I hope whatever form Michael is existing in now, is better, too.

  3. Out of all the MJ posts I've read today, yours is my favorite. Nice job!

  4. Ms. Bastard- Thank-you, sweetness.

    Lady Lemon- That is what I was saying. You understand.

    MoxieMama- Came from the heart.

    Kori- Appreciate it, dearie.

  5. Oh Ms. Moon, you put that into words so much better than me. I said to my husband last night that I hoped that he was overtaken by light so bright that it made him gasp with joy and that he is finally free from the prison that was his family, his fame and his mind.

  6. once again, beautiful ms. moon.

    i have had that dream as well. and the car i drive is dark green. beige velvet seats.

    do you remember the color of the upholstery?

  7. PalagiGirl- Exactly. Me too.

    Adrienne- They were beautiful hunter green like the car. All green and I was soaring over blue water.

  8. Yes, for a long time I've been torn in two about MJ. Just blown away by his talent, but at the same time concerned as hell and knowing something wasn't right about him. I'm sad he's gone, but it's true that he was going in stages all along.

  9. You're very kind Ms. Moon.

  10. Wow. I couldn't put my fingers on it before, but this is it. You have it square on the nose, Ms Moon.

    Er... no pun intended. Really.

  11. Lora- I know. He sort of disappeared right in front of us.

    Magnum- Not really. But thanks for saying so.

    Laura Lee- No pun accepted, either. Thank-you.

  12. That's exactly how I feel about it. 2 different people in the same body. That must have been an awful, exhausting life.

  13. I think a lot of people were unable to reconcile the MJ of the past with the MJ of the present. They forgot his genius in music and dance, and only knew the weirdness that surrounded him. I was shocked to hear the news yesterday, but honestly felt that maybe now he'd have some peace.

  14. Yes, I think many people had mixed emotions. But I bet nobody was happy except Gov. Sanford - talk about shoving his affair from the headlines!! :)

  15. YEA! Finally! Someone (you) was able to say F OFF and Good Riddance to the freak while still paying respectful homage to the boy king. Perfect. Thank you.

    I'm so intrigued to hear what happens to the children. I'm sure that crazy family is all-a-stir right now dealing with grief, greed, and great confusion. But at the end of the day, there are 3 small children that miss their dad.

  16. Aunt Becky- Yes. He was worn the fuck out.

    Ginger- Wherever he is, is not sleeping with small boys.

    SJ- No kidding.

    Windy Days- As always, it's about the children.

  17. Nice work MM. I agree.

    Bless them all.

  18. That's beautiful and compassionate, Ms Moon. You're exactly right.

  19. Thank-you, Ms. Fleur, Ms. May, Ms. Jo.

  20. Is it weird that I've had the same dream of going off a cliff in a car and being okay with it?
    By the way, Kathleen was great as the grandmother cat!


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