Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Good News In Pictures

Picture of the blue sky and tufts of Spanish Moss, hanging from its branches this morning.

What a beautiful day. This is going to be mostly pictures because it's getting late and I have to cook supper...on the Thermomonster!

The guys did come today and Mr. Robert spent hours and hours getting everything just right. He and Mr. Morris (of Morris Propane, LLC, Monticello, Florida) were the most polite and fine gentlemen you can imagine. While they were working, I was walking around taking pictures of bees, mostly. So many bees!

Bee on camellia.

Bee on bok choy bloom.

Bee on faded azalea. 

And then, if all of this wasn't joy enough, Lily brought the kids over and there were hugs and kisses and books and wandering through the house remembering and reclaiming and finding a good place to put Cloud Rainbow and his heat light and crickets because the little lizard guy is staying with us for a few days. Lily and Lauren are taking the kids to North Carolina to stay in a cabin in the mountains for a few days. It was joyful. 
And loud. 

Ratty got some love too. 

Gibson is the most enthusiastic of huggers. 

Magnolia June was not in the mood to be photographed and so I respected her wishes. Luckily, she was in the mood to snuggle while we read books. 

So it was a very fine day and I'm so excited to go cook on that stove. 

Both Mr. Robert and Mr. Morris (of Morris Propane, LLC, Monticello, Florida) said that Thermadors are "top quality" and Mr. Morris (you know who) said that he's had a Thermador cooktop for twenty years with no problems. 

Happy sigh. 

I don't have time for the pintos tonight so we'll be having a nice meatloaf and maybe some potatoes and of course a salad because I picked a huge basketful of gorgeous greens. 

Am I just the luckiest lady in the world or what? 

Yeah. I am. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I was impressed that the burner is a star-shape! How cool is that and it makes me believe that you are an all-star chef!
    Gosh, I need my vaccine so I can hug grandkids too!

  2. that star shaped blue flame is a gorgeous thing!

    1. PS.....as are your bees and your grands!!!!! LOL!
      Susan M

    2. That star shaped flame is just the coolest thing. I've also got to say that your house seems to over flow with joy. It's wonderful to see, even in pictures.

  3. WOOHOO! Now you're cooking with gas!! Imagine you will be spending the coming weeks thinking of all the things you want to make on Thermione (for some reason the stove name reminds me a couple of terrific British actresses of the last century--Hermione Badderly and Hermione Gingold).

  4. That is one sexy stove! And star shaped flames! Congratulations!

  5. Yay, you! What a glorious thing, new stove and grandchildren to hug! Yes, Ms. Moon, you are one lucky lady! The bees knees, as it were!

  6. it is a big shiny monster! where do you put your spoon? and star shaped. that alone would have sold me.

    Sunday I had the door open and then I had to trap and release 4 bees that came in.

  7. A new era in cooking. How can you not love a stove that cooks with stars.

  8. WOW , a work of art right there! Amazing cooker! Congrats, i could not appreciate your enthusiasm before this very minute- I understand! That is one sexy babe of a stove. Hugging the children...how delicious.
    Your bees have found the right place, They are so cute!!

  9. I like that cooktop. A burner that really goes.

    And those lovely kids, too. Happy post.

  10. Is that the Lloyd Memorial Band and marching girls I can hear outside? Look! The whole community is gathering by your fence in honour of the Moon Thermador and they are singing...
    Forget the old oven that you had before
    Because now you are cooking on a Thermador!

  11. Yay! I'm so glad Mr. Robert and Mr. Morris came through for you, and the Thermomonster is finally functional! I love to see the bees -- we saw one in our garden yesterday and it was such a joy. Where do they go in winter, and how do they know it's time to re-emerge? The mysteries of nature.

  12. Love your bee pics ... you really got some great shots and we need those bees as much as we need a working stovetop!!
    Nothing like bright and shiny stainless steel to draw us into a cooking frenzy in the ole kitchen! LOL

  13. Getting your new cooker up and running AND getting to see those grands - well that's got to be the best tonic in the world hasn't it!

  14. Getting your new cooker up and running AND getting to see those grands - well that's got to be the best tonic in the world hasn't it!

  15. Woot! What a fabulous day! Grandkid hugs and snuggles AND a Thermonster AND bees!

    Chris from Boise, late to the party

  16. God, that thing is gorgeous. May I come over and bake a cake?


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