Monday, February 22, 2021

Le Sigh

So it's been one of those days. I woke up from crazy dreams of getting lost on a campus in the most bizarre sort of ways and then it was Asheville I was lost in and then it was a campus in Asheville and the leather purses at the leather kiosk on campus were way too expensive. 


Mr. Moon had to go into town for work and I stayed home all day which I probably would have anyway, and watched the rain and felt the gray-dreariness and waited for the gas guy and he never showed up and with each hour that passed I grew a little more disappointed until I've finally settled on some emotion directly between Oh, who gives a fuck? and I WANT MY NEW STOVE!
For some reason we've gotten the scheduling all confused and out of whack due to misunderstandings or something or maybe the gas people are just not listening or maybe they're not communicating properly or maybe we're not communicating properly who knows not me. 

And so tonight's meal will be brought to you once again by the old black beast with holes in the bottom of it, warped oven racks that sometimes come crashing down and burners that often require the help of a match flame to come alive. 

Oh well. This really is a first world problem if I ever heard one and a silly one, even for that category as it's not really a problem at all, just a minor disappointment. A grown lady wants to play with her new toy. Oh, boo-hoo. Light a candle. 

I actually did some ironing today and chose to watch a movie while I smoothed the shirts with the hissing iron and the movie I watched was delicious. 

A woman named Radha Blank wrote the screenplay, directed it, starred in it and co-produced it. She is a mighty force and I want her to be my best friend. I also want the character of her agent to be my best friend, a man played by actor Peter Kim, and for the sake of decency I shall not mention the love interest (Oswin Benjamin) except to say...oh dear. 

And that movie alone made the day worth getting up for. I do highly recommend it. It's on Netflix. I suppose I should mention the fact that if profanity offends you, this might not be the movie for you but since you are reading this of your own free will, I'm guessing that profanity does not offend you. I am of the opinion that profanity is the very salt that makes life savory, the crunch that makes it satisfying. 

I see that the number of deaths from Covid has reached the horrific number of half a million. I did not foresee this happening a year ago. Not at all. I suppose that the pandemic experts did but the rest of us were so, so innocent and ignorant. 
Funny how those two things go together like a horse and a cart. Like a pea in a pod, a taco on a Tuesday, a dog and a bone, Keith Richards and a guitar, a virus and a bloodstream. 

Lily texted today that her battery died while she was waiting for a grocery pick-up and Maggie asked, "Are you out of petrol?"
Has the child been watching Brit Flics? (Sorry Jo. It had to be said.) 
Children. I love them so. 

Off to cook on a good-enough stove.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. well darned. I was anticipating your new stove right along with you! Old reliable will do, until the gas man cometh! Maggie and asking about petrol? What a smart little princess she is! And I will look for that Netflix film you watched.......sounds intriguing
    Susan M

  2. Thanks for pre-watching that movie.
    I've watched so much British lately I'm close to petrol myself.

  3. Ha-ha! and Boo-hoo!
    Ha-ha! Because I love the idea of Magnolia calling "gas" petrol! Soon she will be calling the hood of a car a bonnet and sidewalks will become pavements. Great stuff!
    Boo-hoo! Because I anticipated wrongly that this post would be singing lyrically about your newly installed oven. Oh dear.

  4. My two year old grandaughter was soaking in her bubble bath while my son kept watch. She said, "My mom want my hair up. I don't want my hair up. I want to be a mophead." Dylan just about fell over laughing. No one is quite sure where she heard the word 'mophead' but it has turned into a goal for her.

    1. Careful of that one. It's not kind, and I think it's often used as a racist insult. I hope no one said it to her in a nasty way.

  5. Those numbers are scary...I heard from a broadcast in the UK that people with disabilities are three times more likely to die than are others if they contract COVID and more likely to die post-vaccination. I am trying to find out more information about this and when I sleep, the dreams are weird...I hope you get your stove installed soon.

  6. I'm so glad to hear it, given that their diet of youtube has my kids speaking in American :) It's nice that it's working the other way round, too!

  7. Dear Mary,

    the COVID numbers everywhere make stark and frightening reading. As you say, who could have thought just a year ago that things would be quite like this? It all serves to remind us of how life is fragile and needs to be treasured. We do so hope that this will be remembered when the pandemic is consigned to history.

    We are eagerly anticipating your great reveal of the new cooker and the star dish of the day. We have to confess that we are not in the least bit interested in cooking [ we love eating] and could not begin to fathom how your new cooker would work, but are fascinated to see what gourmet delights you produce for us all to drool over and wish we lived closer to be invited.

    Patience is a virtue they say....:):)

  8. That movie looks good. I'll have to look for it as we don't have netflix.

    Sorry about the oven. I'd be pissed, I'm not the most patient person and when people say they are going to be there I expect them to show up. Fingers crossed for today.

  9. So, the gasman faileth. Oh well. Or something.

    I still have a bit of a Brit accent though I speak American fluently after all these years. But anglophile friends occasionally drop a britspeak word in conversation with me, probably because they're expecting me to break out in Brit. Cracks me up.

  10. Communication with places like gas companies, electric companies, etc., etc., are all too often like a Monty Python skit. Just not funny. Here's hoping for better luck...or better weather, should it become necessary for Mr Moon to grill the next round of dinner. More salads?

    Since I grew up in the UK (had a British mum), I am fluent in Brit and had a British accent when I was young; can still drop into one. Had to relearn many a US term and still find myself using Brit hiring (not renting) a car when I was on business trips. Or using car terms like bonnet (US hood), boot (US trunk), windscreen (US windshield). Pavement, not sidewalk. Could be Ms Magnolia has been watching Peppa Pig.

  11. Ugh! That's a drag about the gas man! But at least your old stove is still working. Imagine if you were sitting there eating cold baloney sandwiches!

  12. I think the miscommunication was probably somewhere at the gas company. I spent yesterday cutting all the mushy icky stuff so that the bulbs underground can get some light and heat. It got up to 80, albeit briefly, yesterday. a week ago we were all suffering high temps in the 20s. Texas weather.

  13. I just finished reading "A Whole Life" by Robert Seethaler, a short, fiction book about a good man living in the mountains and the simple life he lived. It just made me think about my life and all that I have and all that I think I "need". I recommend the book.
    Hope you get your stove soon - so close, yet so far!


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