Sunday, August 12, 2018


Mr. Moon wanted to take the flats boat which he'll be using for gator hunting out on the river today and so he asked the Hartmanns if they would like to go with him and they said they would. Turned out that the boat will only hold so many people and so I offered to stay home and let everyone have a ride on the Wacissa. While they were here, getting ready to go, my Magnolia fell down about four stairs- my worst nightmare coming true- and she cried and cried but she was okay although she's going to have bruises on her beautiful little just-like-her-mama's nose. That staircase in my hallway is gorgeous and I love it but ever since the day I first saw it I could just imagine a child falling down it or a grown up for that matter. Up until today no one to my knowledge had and I am so sorry that Maggie did. After the fall Jason informed us that once when he and Lily were living here he himself had fallen down it but I had no knowledge of that and I am glad he survived.

I felt much better today although I've had some anxiety and I got out in the garden and worked a bit, pulling weeds and the squash plants which are done and spent and a few tomato plants which are the same. It was hot and I was filthy when I was done but I did feel a small sense of accomplishment and also, I got a picture of this little guy.

Can you see him? What perfect camouflage!
Here's another picture of him (or her!) which shows off his markings better. 

Pretty creature. 

While I was working I listened to some podcasts from Mormon Stories. 
What? You may say. Ms. Moon? Really? Why? 
Because the Mormon religion fascinates me, that's why. Endlessly. 
And the series of podcasts I was listening to today were interviews with a very noted archeologist named Michael Coe who is an expert in the field of the Maya. 
So. Mormons and the Maya. 
And to make a very long story short, Dr. Coe does not believe that Jesus or the Levites came over to the New World to bring their message to the heathen Maya. 
At all. 

Anyway, so that was interesting and there was the sweaty work in the sun and the little toad and a new broom which is so springy and nice and Mr. Moon fixed my toilet and besides all of that I am about to cook some grouper and make some oven "fried" squash and okra and one lone green tomato and some eggplant if any of the ones I picked recently are still worth eating. 
In chicken news I saw Miss Violet off the nest today for a broody break and I went and checked and she is sitting on eight of her own eggs and I have to wonder if any of them are actually fertilized. I hope so because there is nothing in this world that's sadder than seeing a hen sit on eggs for weeks and weeks to no avail. 

All right. That's all. 

Talk amongst yourselves. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I know not a thing about hunting for aligators so you have to tell me what on earth Jason is doing in the water.

    Poor little girls, both hen and Magnolia.

    1. Lol, I guess he drew the short straw and he's bait :D

  2. No! They're not hunting gators, Birdie. They're just taking the boat out for a run to see if it's fit for hunting gators. I'm sorry. That sentence was clunky as fuck. But I will say that there are plenty of gators in that river.

    1. I know that, so I also wondered what the hell he was doing in there :)

  3. I'm sorry your little Sweet Pea fell. That must've scared her. As for Miss Violet, how long does it take for those eggs to hatch?

  4. An ok day then. Ours was pretty good too.

  5. Stairs scare me a little bit now, so sorry she fell. Luck that kids are mostly rubber.
    I have a ton of mormons in my family , I know too much to think that they have a fascinating thing going on. Weird cult!

  6. Wow, Mormon Stories. That sent me on a little research whirl. That sounds like a good podcast.
    I'm glad digging in the dirt makes things a little better. xoxoxo Love you.

  7. well, it's a good thing kids bounce. a neighbor asked me the other day if I had planted my garden yet. what?! is it already time for that? well, the answer is, hell no! but apparently another neighbor did plant something in his garden. mine is still the scene of serious neglect.

  8. Well, you know I have the same fascination with Mormon stuff. You MUST read the memoir "Educated" by Tara Westover. I could not put it down. I think you will love it, and I imagine listening to it would be incredible as well.

  9. That's a wonderful family photo of Lily and family. But Jason in that water makes me hope there are no gators in there. I supposed he'd know if there were.


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