Thursday, August 23, 2018

File This One Under "Things I Want To Remember"

Mr. Moon got in this morning and I don't even know what time it was. I'd woken up at 2:30 and between then and whenever he got home I dozed and dreamed and woke over and over. I kept dreaming that he was here so by the time he was actually in the bed beside me, it felt a bit redundant.
But it was good to have him back beside me and when he slipped into sleep, I followed, and all was well.

Jessie wanted to early vote at the library branch nearest me and so I met her there so that I could watch the boys while she did that. Levon had a great time pulling all of the baby books he could reach out of the wooden racks on the floor. He would crawl back to me every now and then where I was sitting a few feet away, reading August a book. It remains to be a deep sense of satisfaction that he knows me and trusts me. He is very much a mama's boy but he comes to me willingly and I can make him chortle and grin and if there is anything more rewarding than making a baby laugh I don't know what it is. Later on in our time together this afternoon, I held him for awhile and he was sleepy and I put him on my knees and gently rocked them back and forth and he relaxed enough that I think he would have gone to sleep in a few minutes more. When I gave him back to his mother I said, "What if this is my last grand baby?" and I teared up, the way I do at almost anything which is even slightly emotional for me. The weight of him, his chunky sturdy body in my arms or on my hip just feels so completely right. I have held so many babies I love that my body is now shaped (some would say warped) by them. And as fast as my own children's growing up occurred this growing of my grandchildren is going even faster. Like "super speed" as Gibson used to say.
"Go super speed, Mer!" he'd instruct me as we drove down the extremely densely populated street where his family used to live.
I could choose then to absolutely NOT go super speed but with the growing of these babies, I have no control. They just keep doing it.
August seems to be very aware that now he is young but that someday he will be older. When we were reading our book at the library today he learned that baby goats are called "kids" which made him laugh and laugh.
"Yep," I said. "Little goats are called kids just like little humans."
"I little," he said.
"Yes, but you are growing every day. What are you going to do when you're big?"
"Help Mama clean the kitchen."
Jessie and I both laughed. Oh, if only! But maybe he will.

Of course after we left the library we had to go to Costco and as always, we had an excellent time there.

Levon is so happy to sit in the seat now with his brother. The better to see all of the samples, of course.  And to eat them too. And there were a lot of samples today. When you give Levon a bite with one of those little plastic forks he insists on grabbing the fork. At one point today, he had four of them clutched in his fists. He also said, more than once, "Nom, nom!" as he chewed his delicious food. This made us all laugh so much. 
"The origins of language," I said. And so it is. 
At the coffee sampling station I asked August if he would like a cup of coffee.
"No," he said, looking at me as if I were insane.
He did ask for one of the tiny servings of half-and-half but we told him that you can't have that unless you get coffee and he resigned himself to that fact. 

After all of the sampling, you'd think we would have been full but no, and so we went to lunch. We are such hedonists. August shared his fish with me and I shared my hushpuppies with him. He really likes hushpuppies. He is a generous sharer. At one point, I told him that thank-you, I'd had enough fish and that he should eat it and he said, "But I want share with you!" 
He is so thoughtful that he dipped the fish in cocktail sauce before he offered me each bite. 
And so that was my day with them and I stopped by Publix on my way home because sometimes you only want three peaches, not a crate of them. I got to see Lily who was working and that was sweet. 

Mr. Moon and I visited the garage when he got home from work to check on Violet and she is still sitting valiantly. Such little Buddhists, hens on the nest are. The rest of the chickens are doing well, all present and accounted for although Dearie and either Viv or Vera insist on roosting outside every night. It's such a relief when I go to open the hen house door and little Dearie comes running up to greet me. Liberace is getting huge and I can see the beginnings of spurs on his legs. He and Ringo are still close friends and indeed, roost together almost every night in the same nesting box. 
How idyllic it would be if this continued. 

It's good to have my husband home and he didn't bring home too much dirty laundry so that's good. He also did not bring home any alligators and that's even better. 
I shouldn't say that. It would have made him so happy to have caught a monster. 
I am just glad that he's safe and well and back home where I have the illusion that I can take care of him. As with the holding of babies, this seems absolutely right. 
And now I will go make his supper. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Pretty glad that no monsters were caught- your baby humans are the wonderful group of littles ever. I always feel cheered when you post their little faces and shenanigans, so thank you, Ms. Mary!

  2. I have a feeling you will have more grand babies. Just a feeling. And if you don’t, you know you’ll adopt a bunch of your friend’s babies. Never feel left - you’ll always have me! Everyone sounds safe and sound. A good thing.

  3. I love the thing that August's hair does on the top of his head. That child is so cute that it hurts me.

  4. I too am relieved that the alligators survived, I must say. Maybe Mr. Moon sometimes hunts the way my grandfather did and Dave's dad does -- it's more about spending time outside in nature than about killing animals. You think? Dave's dad hunts all the time and Dave said he can't remember the last time he killed anything.

  5. Still have May who has not produced any offspring yet. I should have had more than 2 kids (more than one girl to be more exact), more than one daughter. you can't count on boy children to have kids. mine hasn't. sorry Mr. Moon did not get a gator but not sorry you don't have to deal with one.

  6. I guess I am the only one that was hoping he’d catch a gator.

  7. Oh, my heart caught at your question about what if this is your last grandchild. You know, I suspect there will be more. You have the most wonderful grandchildren. And they're beautiful, too, lucky them in this world. But they're especially lucky to be getting the loving grounding, care, attention and humor your family provides.


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