Friday, August 10, 2018

Evil And Goodness

Well. I learned something today. Something that is incredibly frightening.
Did you know that D. Trump has created a task force for the single purpose of denaturalizing citizens in order to deport them?
I didn't. I had no idea. I didn't even know you COULD be denaturalized. And in fact, this has been a reality for a very long time but not since the McCarthy era has there been much denaturalization going on. For one thing, it's incredibly difficult and for another thing, there have been very strict rules governing the process.
However. Yes.
Under Trump the task force is looking for people who may have committed crimes before they were naturalized citizens or if fraud was involved in one way or another in the process of becoming a naturalized citizen. And of course, since they are the government, they can define crimes and fraud just about any way they want and we all know that when it comes to getting people of color out of our country or preventing people of color from entering our country, this particular administration can get extremely creative in the way they play fast and free with the rules.
Here are some links.
New York Times. 
The New Yorker.
USA Today. 
And even good old Snopes.

Fuck. The evil never ends, does it?

And where is this going to lead next? How about people who have expressed anti-government sentiment? Like, uh, me? And probably you. What in hell is going on and where is our constitution in all of this? Is the ACLU able to keep up with all of this shit?
I don't know about you but I feel like I need to write them a check. And we need to stay awake. I know that the continual onslaught of unbelievable horror coming out of the White House dulls us into complacency and that, my friends, is a fucking tactic they're using.
You can bet on it.

Well, anyway, that's my Trump Administration Horror Story of the Day.

To change the subject completely, look at this.

The egg on the left is one of Dottie's eggs. She is my only reliable layer these days and the one on the right is what I call a maiden egg. The first egg laid by one of the young hens. I have no idea which one. As time goes on, her eggs will become more ovoid in shape. I was so thrilled to find that in the nest this morning. It is the color of coffee ice cream. Was it from one of my small jungle fowl? Viv or Vera? Will all of them start laying soon? What colors will the eggs of Pansy and Eggy Tina, my Americaunas, be? Blue? Green? 
For me, this is all simply thrilling. To go through the whole process of raising those baby chicks and then to finally start seeing eggs is like a miracle. And honestly, the egg is a miracle in my opinion and so is the chicken. 
But you knew that. 

I have felt better today although I think I may actually be a little sick. I did go to Joanne's Fabrics today to get some material and a pattern to make my Maggie a new dress. I need a sewing project more than Magnolia needs new clothes. There were three ladies at the pattern table where I was sitting. Two were older Southern ladies of the church variety and one was a beautiful young woman from Jamaica who has a business making African-inspired clothing. One of the churchy type ladies has a business of her own which is selling a type of essential oils. I got to hear her whole testimony about how they cured her of her sinus problems after she'd had about umpteen surgeries. It was a real testimony and I was rolling my eyes before it was all over but hell- who knows? Maybe essential oils are indeed the magical thing which will cure all of our ailments. 
And, of course it's NATURAL! 
I wanted to point out that opium is natural but I restrained myself. 

Anyway, that's what's been going on here. 
Time for me to go peel shrimp and make rice and a salad. 
When Owen and Gibson and Maggie were here last week we had a salad and Owen said, "You guys are salad people, aren't you?"
Well yes. Yes we are. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think I'd probably prefer the opium to all those "natural essential oils".

    I'm with you on the check to the ACLU. Well, I will be when things quit breaking around here. Last week it was the washer and dryer; today my husband went to cut the grass and the lawn mower CAUGHT ON FIRE. Sigh. Another expense. But as to Trump: we need to keep awake just like you said, and keep in mind, November is coming. Take heart.

    Beautiful eggs, too. Lucky you.

  2. Look at those eggs; that maiden egg is fraught with possibilities. Hemlock is natural too.

  3. This whole thing about de-naturalizing American citizens is just more than a body can stand, and he has a TASK FORCE. I've never seen so much concentrated evil in one place.

  4. A lot of those essential oil companies are “Christian” and “Mormon” based. Like Amway. Buy this and God will bless you. It’s fucking pathetic. Which reminds me. I still need to do a post on my month in the Amway Cult.

  5. I have sent a fair share to the ACLU, will send more, you can count on it. Special TASK FORCE...Space Force,,,f**ker force, where is that heart attack looking like it is waiting to happen. Listened to an interview with Paul Ryan Dud Head, they are disgusted at the RUMP's hijinks but are delighted to get their bills introduced and passed, so they carry on. They do not care one little bit.
    Glad you made it to Joanne's, after all. Sewing will keep you from going entirely mad.
    Opium is natural, and I do wish I had some...

  6. My ex-husband is Swiss and has a green card. He is not a citizen, but he was recently hassled for three hours by Homeland Security about something or other. He is a white professional with no criminal record. It's some scary shit going down, and yes. The ACLU is doing the work. I donate monthly to them, and I think it's money well spent. If we all go down, I will do so knowing that I did what I could to help.

  7. Thank you for this, Mary. It’s a clusterfuck for sure. But your eggs are beautiful, and I am endlessly fascinated by the many colors of them. I wonder what governs their colors? I learn so much about chickens here. Love.

  8. Yes, there are conditions to naturalization. If you lie on any of the questions during the process, for example, it can be voided. Some other stipulations too. But no president found it worth while to ferret through the vast vast majority of perfectly fine naturalized citizens to find any such issues. Like disrupting and poisoning a household to kill every single bug that might be there. Not worth it and hurts everyone there.

  9. Cyanide is all natural too but I wouldn't take it. Just saying:)

    The US is becoming a very repressive state. It would seem that the constraints placed by the founding fathers are not working. I want to visit my cousin in Florida but will continue to hold off until Trump is out of office.

    The eggs are lovely. I wonder why the first one is shaped differently? Before her lady bits are stretched? I don't know. I wonder if laying eggs is painful?

    Nothing much going on here. Rain today which will be a huge relief. Last night my eyes were stinging from the smoke in the air when I walked the dog. The garden is starting to look quite straggly and the first leaves have started to turn yellow and drop. Fall is coming.

  10. yes, I had read about that. I didn't think it was possible but I guess it is, or I guess Trump thinks anything is possible. he is one evil bastard. not only that but three of his unappointed buddies from Mar A Lago are basically running the VA now. saw s headline, something like why do criminals gravitate to Trump. why? because he is the biggest criminal and as president is protected so of course they are gravitating to him. besides, all his favorite people are criminals. I'm just trying to keep my blood pressure down and get some art done.

  11. I've always known about de-naturalizing because my Mom was a Resident Legal Alien but if she had ever commit any kind of Crime she could have had deportation in spite of having American Kids and an American Husband. Wonder if when all his 'crimes' have been revealed we could request de-naturalization of 45? Just a thought! Those Eggs are Cool!

  12. This country has sunk to a state below "third world country." It is so demoralizing. To say nothing about the shit going down in SF, by which my family is being affected every day.

    I am a salad person, too. So there's that.

  13. In relation to Trump's immigrant purges, it is interesting to note that Viktor and Amalija Knavs, the parents of first lady Melania Trump, were granted US citizenship on Thursday. It seems that normal rules did not apply to them.

  14. I'm beyond disgusted with this administration's obsession with immigrants. Thank goodness you have interesting egg pictures to distract me. Owen's salad people comment cracked me up.

    In other news, your header photo is so evocative. Have you heard Brandi Carlile sing The Joke? She has a PBS special from the caverns we visited and her version of that song makes me think of your picture. That song kills me, I hope she's right....
    here's the link, hope it works. the concert is amazing, the song The Joke is about 21 minutes in. xo

  15. Beautiful eggs! And yes, the evil never ends. I did hear about this policy and I am just astounded at the terrible shit Trump and his minions come up with over and over and over. I haven't read those linked articles but I think Stephen Miller has had his hand in this.


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