Friday, August 17, 2018

From Here To The Infinite

I got a text this morning from my husband along with that picture. The text read, "Good morning sweetie. It is a beautiful morning here in Cash Creek. I hope you slept well."
I texted back, "I slept like the baby Jesus was holding me in his arms."
Mr. Moon replied, "He better leave before I get home."

This made me laugh and I was already in a mood to laugh, my funk from last night blown away like the tattered remains of a gauze curtain caught in a tree in a windstorm.

I found a new egg this morning which added to my cheer. It was laying right on the ground and I feel certain that it was Dearie's, my friendly not-black jungle fowl, as she did not roost in the hen house last night and so did not have access to a nest to lay in early this  morning.

The one on the left is either Viv's or Vera's (I think) and the one on the right is the one I found this morning. A little larger, not as pointy, a little paler. I brought it in and did a float test, just to make sure it was fresh and as it did not even try to stir from the bottom of the bowl I knew it was and it makes me happy. 

I texted Lily and asked if she wanted to go to Monticello for lunch and a visit to Wag the Dog. She did. And so she and Magnolia arrived at my house just as I had gotten dressed and put in my earrings. Here is Maggie. She looks sad because she had a boo-boo on her leg. A scratch which she said came from a cat but I don't think it came from my cats. 

Her mommy doctored it up with bandaids and antibiotic ointment and then we switched Maggie's car seat over to my car and drove to Monticello. We ate lunch at a place called The Rev where we've eaten before many times and it's a fine restaurant and the best part about it, in my opinion, is that they keep Wiki Stiks for children to play with. Yes, yes. I have discussed Wiki Stiks and The Rev before but here I am, doing it again. 
We made Maggie some glasses. She liked them. 

I am fairly sure that I am more enamored of Wiki Stiks than the children are. As I told Lily, "Wiki Stiks bring out the artist in me!" 
We both laughed. I also made Maggie a baby with Wiki Stiks (she asked me to do so) but when I was done she pretty much said, "What in hell is that?" and refused to recognize it as a baby. 
Haters gonna hate. 

I wanted to get a chicken salad sandwich but forced myself to go for a salad. I will admit that when Mr. Moon is gone, I eat far fewer vegetables than I should. I'll be honest with you- if I thought I could get away with it, I'd probably subsist on proteins and breads and grains. Well, onions and garlic and tomatoes would have to be involved. And oh yeah, peppers. Arugula when it's fresh. But I did get a salad with shrimp on it and chomped my way through it and only stole a modicum of french fries from my grandchild. And it was good. 

And then we went to Wag the Dog, the humane society thrift store. Someone had given them some beautiful pieces of antique furniture and although they were reasonably priced, they were hugely expensive for Wag. We did not buy any but I lusted after a dresser and a sideboard. Maggie found a Melissa and Doug wooden fishing game with all pieces intact which retails for $20 which we paid $1 for and several nice wooden puzzles which we also paid one dollar for. Lily got some T-shirts and a little overall dress for Maggie and I got Levon a plaid button up shirt like his daddy wears. I also bought a jar of buttons because nothing makes me happier than a jar of buttons and Lily bought what probably amounts to several hundred dollars worth of china for...FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!
Score, baby. 
Very pretty Noritake. A pattern discontinued in 1921. 
Oh, how I love thrift stores run by good ladies who probably do not know how to use the google. 

And that was mostly my day although I did some sewing and am getting close to finishing Maggie's dress and I watered porch plants and I washed the sheets on my bed and oh! I got this picture. 

August at a lake. I am posting it to remind us all of how very hard-working August is. 
I cannot wait to get my hands on those boys again. Like it or not, they are going to be kissed to within an inch of their lives. 

On one last note, listening to this book by Michael Pollan has reminded me to be more mindful and to remember as much as I can about what psychedelics taught me about the sacredness and beauty of each moment. Today I took Maggie in my arms, as I often do, and held her tight to me and she held me back with those beautiful little arms of hers, her head resting on my shoulder and I thought, "This. This is what it is. To feel this warm, precious, so-very-alive grandchild in my arms." 
And I closed my eyes and made a promise to myself to try the very best I could to remember just that moment and how it felt. 
As if I was holding the entire universe in my arms, each bit of both of us connected in all ways to each bit of the rest of it all. And the pure undeniable force of its very origin and energy which was love. 

Is love. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I do enjoy your posts about your gaggle of grandchildren. They are interesting little humans, aren’t they?

    Buttons! Buttons have always been one of my favourite things.

  2. Baby Jesus gone yet? hilarious- and you absolutely are holding the universe. You have such a beautiful life, Dear Mary!
    The pointy eggs are such a thrill. like finding gems! Your posts always make me use too many of these (!)- I am enthusiastic about your posts!!!
    It is so easy to forget those days that taught us well- but , in your core, it all sits solidly- at the ready for a tap into at any time you need or want. I am pretty sure the grand babies feel it every time they are near you.

  3. oh my! a beautiful message from Mr Moon early on to light up your day.....then grands, pointy eggs, Wag the much better can it get? A martini, and another restful nights sleep! A wonderful day, sounds like
    susan M

    1. PS . WHERE did Magnolia get those beautiful curls? And I think August may have some too, but not to that extent. Did you have curly hair at one time? Or Mr Moon perhaps? It makes me smile...... those curls

  4. IS love...that’s for sure ~ your whole family is illuminated by it!

  5. as if you were holding the entire universe...that's because you were.

  6. I love that picture from Mr. Moon! Glad the thrift store yielded some treasures. That Noritake sounds like a great find!

  7. You are truly blessed with all that you have there. Enjoy all the love! And I love the picture of Miss Maggie with Wiki stik eyeglasses on, that is just too cute!

  8. A grand child is the universe and love all wrapped into one small package.

  9. A happy weekend to you and all the boys and girl(s).


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