Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bits And Pieces And Pizza Too

Went and voted this morning. Lightening did not strike the church. I was given an "I voted" sticker which I immediately lost. It's either in my car or in one of the many parallel universes which exist inside my purse. I am pretty sure that purses are proof of parallel universes. What else could explain how you can search and search through one for a specific item, not find it, give up in frustration and then a day or two later, reach in for something else and what you had been fruitlessly searching for comes right to hand? I once lost an entire bag of pot in a purse but it reappeared about a week later.
Ah me.
The days gone by when I would carry a bag of pot in my purse.
I am so lucky I never went to jail.
My Chinese fortune cookie which I broke open after today's lunch was only speaking the truth.

So yes. I lunched with Lily and Loren and Maggie at China First, the big Chinese buffet.

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. And she is really starting to talk on a different level. She discusses things that happened days ago and has a great need to communicate. Lily says that she often points her little finger when Lily asks her to do something and says, "Just a minute!" 
Wonder where she learned that. 
She is also incredibly stubborn about doing things herself to the point of ridiculousness. For instance- if she is sitting in the high chair and you take her out and she wanted to climb out herself, she will climb BACK in and then back out. Herself. 
Oh, she is a wonder!

After lunch I went and did a little shopping at Costco and Publix. Costco really is like Disney World for adults. I only needed a few things and I did not impulse buy anything and so that was a small miracle. No barrels of coconut oil or vats of dark-chocolate-covered dried mangoes or flats of cupcakes or skin care products promising eternal youth. 
Then on to Publix where I checked off everything on my list and did buy some impulse items but not vats or crates of anything. 
Oh, how productive and efficient I felt! 

Miss Violet has completely joined the flock again showing no apparent angst whatsoever about the four weeks of time wasted sitting on eggs. In fact, I think she laid me an egg this morning. It's hard to tell right now who is laying what. I can't wait to start getting some colored eggs from the Americaunas, Miss Pansy and Miss Eggy Tina (I had to recycle that name). There's not a day goes by that I do not send a silent thanks to Kathleen for bringing me my first chicks. How did I live without a flock of chickens? Can less than a dozen chickens be a flock? I think so. 
Here's a question that I pondered today- Does Ringo know that he is about a third of the size of Liberace? 
I hope so. That could help prevent a lot of problems but he probably doesn't. 
They don't call small, hyper-aggressive men "banty roosters" for no reason although Ringo is not a banty. He's a jungle fowl. 
I love saying that. 
Ringo is a jungle fowl. 
You know what? Ten years ago I could never have conceived that I would ever be uttering a sentence like that but then again, I didn't even know what a jungle fowl was until this spring and quite frankly, I'm still not quite sure. I do know that on an episode of "Parts Unknown" when Anthony was in Madagascar, there was a shot of a rooster who looked just like Ringo. Which thrilled me far more than was rational. 

And that's pretty much it for the day in Lloyd. I hope I voted for the right people. The man I voted for for governor is a bit of a long shot but I went with my heart. I mean, any Democrat who might win the election would be such a vast improvement that I can't begin to describe what my joy would be (Florida hasn't had a Democratic governor in twenty years) but this man is the mayor of Tallahassee and when the Supreme Court decreed same-sex marriage legal and many backward ass counties were balking at the actual performing and registering of gay marriages, Andrew Gillum made an announcement that Tallahassee welcomed all to come and get married. That love was love. And he's extremely anti-Trump, very pro-gun control, and environmentally friendly. But it was the welcoming gay couples to Tallahassee that stole my heart and he has worked his ass off, campaigning. 
We shall see. 
And if you haven't seen the video HERE, please watch it. 
Especially is you have given up on hope. This is a man who speaks the truth and shames the devil and bless his heart and I would vote for him for president in a heartbeat. 

All right. That's enough. 
Time to go make the pizza. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. it's been a day. when i was reading you compare ringo to liberace i forgot you were talking about roosters...


  2. I also voted for Andrew Gillum, and I agree with you. I'm starting to understand chickens, too.

    1. Good for you, e!
      I love observing chicken behavior. I learn new things every day.

  3. In 2005 I walked off a plane with the real Ringo! I didn't talk to him. He was much shorter than me - a scrawny little thing like a bantam cockerel. We were walking down to the baggage pick up area at Heathrow. He's only five feet six inches tall. Paul McCartney was the tallest Beatle at 5'11".

    1. And the Rolling Stones are men of short stature as well. Blitz babies, I suppose. They perhaps did not get enough to eat as babies and children. Any thoughts on that?

  4. I need to go to costco but I am terrible about resisting things I think I need/want. the $100 store is what my brother-in-law called it cause it was impossible to get out of there without spending at least that much.

    1. Oh god yes- the Hundred Dollar Store. So is Target.

  5. Thank gawd for kick-ass little girls. They're gonna save us, I swear.
    And thank gawd for chickens, of course.
    And thank you for voting! We're watching you, Florida!!

    1. The whole world may be watching before this is over.
      Maggie is definitely kick-ass. Cheeky, strong monkey who wears a tutu with style and grace. Like Serena Williams!

  6. I'm so thrilled Andrew Gillum won! Thank you for voting for him! And Maggie and that high chair move reminds me of something my son would have done at her age. Strong minded girl—the best.

    1. The word "stubborn" also comes to mind!
      And of course I would have voted for Gillum. He has my heart because he has so much of his own.

  7. happy to read of Florida's election results this morning! Yeah! A ray of hope........
    Susan M

  8. Your man is in. He needs to be governor.

  9. I'm glad to hear more about Andrew Gillum. I've been getting campaign e-mails from him for months but I'm sorry to say I've just deleted them along with all the rest of my spam. In any case, he's certainly got my vote in November, and if he has your vote of confidence that makes me all the more certain he's the right man. (Not that I would ever, under any circumstances, vote for that DeSantis guy.)

    I'm glad Violet has joined the flock and appears emotionally unscathed. I guess fruitless egg-sitting just happens in the life of a chicken.

    I love the story about you losing the bag of pot in your purse. Awesome!

    1. Well, Gillum definitely caught my attention with the same-sex marriage invitation and as far as I know he wasn't running for anything right then. He already was mayor.
      Yep. Violet seems fine as can be. She is one tough little hen. I adore her spirit.
      I wish I knew what had happened to that purse. I had it made by a woman who did leather work here.


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