Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Springsteen Speaks

Another day, another walk. In the past eight days, I've walked six and am proud of that. Done crunches and stretches too. And I feel stronger.
But just as crazy.
Got twenty pages into the Springsteen autobiography. We all knew the man could bump some verbs and nouns together in a tasty way, as Juancho might say and I am not disappointed with his style, his voice, as he writes. By the age of seven he'd already been fucked up by an overly permissive grandmother, a drunken father and the Catholic church.
I always said that if you wanted to raise true artists, fuck 'em up as kids as much as possible.
Of course I didn't mean that but it does so painfully often seem to be true.

Well, Terry Gross is interviewing the man himself on Fresh Air right this second.

I think I'll listen.

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  1. I once read if you want your children to be creative expose them to eccentric ladies and peculiar gentlemen. It kind of rang true.


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