Wednesday, October 19, 2016

News. Categorized And Everything

Well, after this morning's excitement, I have little to report.

Chicken News:
Mick is chasing Otis away from the hens. Poor Otis. He can't get any. Mick will run across the yard and knock him off a hen if he tries. It's interesting, watching these two roosters co-exist. Lately they've started crowing back and forth as if it's a contest. It reminds me of the time my first husband was in a band and they took on another lead guitarist. I'm glad that there hasn't been any violence because I know that some roosters just won't tolerate another one around. I can deal with the noise but fighting would be another matter and if you've never seen two roosters go at it- trust me- it's violent. I mean, people pay money to watch that shit. I'd pay money NOT to watch that shit. Have you ever seen the spurs on a rooster? They are lethal looking and come in handy if there's a true predator going after the hens but when they turn on each other, they use them to slash the other bird and it's scary as hell.

Kitchen News:
Okay. I made cookies for Mr. Moon to take hunting this weekend. This makes me feel like the very good wife. Oatmeal, raisin, pecan, chocolate chip. He will not starve.
I also just slid a covered casserole dish into the oven with jasmine rice and chicken. This makes it all sound a great deal simpler than it was. Garlic and rosemary and lemon and chicken broth and white wine were all involved. I browned the breasts in some olive oil, took them out and set them on a plate. I sauteed a little chopped garlic and fresh rosemary in the oil, then added the rice and stirred that around to pick up the flavors, scraping the bottom of the skillet. I added about a half a cup of the wine, then the chicken broth and let it come to a simmer. I put all of that goodness into the casserole dish, put the chicken on top of it, added more of the garlic and rosemary to the chicken as well as a little bit of lemon zest, and squeezed the lemon over it. I covered it and I will let you know if is any good. I will say that it smells amazing.

House News:
The guy who detects and treats wood destroying organisms came over to check out the house. I have post hole beetles in the furniture in my office. We knew this. My choices are to either take the furniture (a large book case and a desk) to a place which can treat it OR to burn it.
The desk was my grandmother's and the veneer is coming off of it already and my mother was mad at me before she died because I let it get messed up and I don't know what to do about that piece. The bookcase I bought at a thrift store years ago and although it's a nice, large bookcase, I doubt it's worth the effort.
Jeez. I hate shit like this.
Otherwise, the rest of the house looks good. There's some mildew damage under the house due to ductwork. This house is built of heart pine and termites can't really do much damage. Or at least they haven't in the almost 160 years the house has been standing here. It is ironic that the only real damage the technician found was caused by the modern addition of the ductwork under the house which prevents air flow.
It's treatable, though, and am I willing to give up central heat and air?
I think we all know the answer to that.

Political News:
Are we watching the debate? I feel as if I must. At least until I can't stand it. It's almost as if I need to be there for Hillary. If she can get on that stage and face the orange farce and maintain her dignity, the least I can do is watch. I have to say though, that I am very tired already. I went to town today, to the library, to Costco, to Publix, I had my walk, I washed sheets and hung them on the line, I made up the bed again, and I have made this supper as well as the cookies. But goddam it- this is important.
Or perhaps it's not important at all for me to watch it.
I'll try.

And tomorrow, I am going to Monticello to vote and I think that Jessie and August are going to come with me, just to have a fun time in the little big city. On Friday we may go to the Greek food festival in Tallahassee and on Sunday we may all drive down to Panacea to visit the touch tanks at the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and to have a little walk on the beach nearby and perhaps a seafood lunch.

Look at me- making plans like a big girl.

God, I'm tired. I guess more happened today than I realized.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, I've missed visiting her during the time I've been away. I have much to catch up on, but for now I'll say that I love coming back and hearing that life is going on in Lloyd, that some things in this world are persistently beautiful (your life and how you record it) and that the constancy of your blogging is a gift to all of us.

    1. I always miss you when you're away. Thank you for those sweet words.

  2. Oh, I've missed visiting her during the time I've been away. I have much to catch up on, but for now I'll say that I love coming back and hearing that life is going on in Lloyd, that some things in this world are persistently beautiful (your life and how you record it) and that the constancy of your blogging is a gift to all of us.

  3. I wonder how treating the furniture would work? And I wonder if you pay to treat the desk, how much more it would cost to treat the bookcase too. If you do one, it may make economic sense to do the other. Unusual that your house is fine but your furniture has termites! (Or beetles, whatever.)

    1. You have to haul the furniture to a place where they wrap the pieces in plastic and treat them for several days. This sounds like a lot of work to me. And probably not cheap. The beetles came with the furniture, I'm sure. The guy told us that the larva can remain inert for many years until some trigger occurs. It can be temperature/humidity. Whatever. Ugh.

  4. A lot happened in your day, starting with the dramatic police action in the morning, but you were busy putting one foot in front of the other and didn't notice until you realized how tired you were and isn't that just the best kind of tired.

    1. And still- it took me a long time to go to sleep. That damn debate gave me such anxiety.
      Ay-yi. May this all be over soon.

  5. as for the furniture, if it helps to think of it this way, it's just wood.

  6. My feelings about the furniture from this great distance are: have it hauled away and burned. Don't jeopardise other stuff, and feel lighter. Let the thing that reminds you of your mother's upset be ... gone. Put something that brings you joy there instead?

    1. Yep. And we don't have to have it hauled away. We have a burn pile of our own right here behind the garden.


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