Thursday, July 4, 2024

I'm Sorry. Let Me Correct Myself

 In last night's post I stated that the twin babies who were born prematurely were born 26 weeks before their due date. Of course that was wrong. They were born 16 weeks before their due-date. They were born at 24 weeks instead of the normal 40 or so weeks of gestation. 

I have corrected that in the post. Thanks for pointing it out to me. 

Ms. Moon

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  1. I went back and read again and remembered when I was in hospital with my first baby, we were asked to express any left over milk in our breasts after feeding, because emptying the breast encourages the supply, and any milk expressed was sent immediately to the preemie ward to feed those tiny babies (through their nasal tubes) whose mothers may not have enough milk or weren't able to feed for any reason. I remember having SO MUCH milk, like a jersey cow. I was happy to help the preemies and wonder why hospitals can't still do that?


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